Niceway Portable White Plastic Folding Table Fold-in-half Round

  • In recent years, more and more high-quality Niceway Plastic Picnic Table wholesale Picnic Table has appeared in dormitories, offices and restaurants. It can be formulated into many different types of furniture products based on steel as the skeleton. In fact, the number of people who pay attention to and consult steel-wood furniture manufacturers with good reputation is endless. Now I will give you a brief explanation and analysis of which is better, steel-wood furniture or solid wood furniture:

    1. Steel and wood furniture reduces the use of panels and the release of formaldehyde

    The vast majority of steel and wood furniture are made of bright seamless tubes, hot-rolled tubes and square tubes. Therefore, compared with solid wood furniture, it greatly reduces the amount of board used. In the past, many families worried that the use of a large number of boards may lead to an increase in formaldehyde emissions, and the use of steel pipe materials instead of boards for use can greatly reduce the release of formaldehyde. .

    1. The surface finishing of steel and wood furniture is more colorful

    According to a large number of market research studies, steel-wood furniture is relatively more colorful than solid wood furniture. This is because most steel and wood furniture are sprayed with polyurethane powder and coated with vacuum titanium nitride or titanium carbide. On the contrary, solid wood furniture is mainly made of wood, so it is slightly inferior to steel and wood in terms of color. furniture.

    1. The combination and matching ability of steel and wood furniture is stronger

    Compared with solid wood furniture, steel-wood furniture has a stronger ability to combine and match. It can be used to make bedroom and living room utensils, and it can also be used to make dining chairs and stools. It is also very pleasing to put a complete set of steel and wood furniture in the home, while the solid wood furniture is relatively monotonous.

    Steel and wood furniture has won the widespread love of many consumers with its simple color performance and simple geometric structure. For the Niceway portable White Plastic Folding Table Fold-In-Half Round Table 12 Seater Out Furniture manufacturers, which also quickly topped the new search list, and the reason why steel and wood furniture is better than solid wood furniture is not only because of steel and wood. The furniture reduces the use of boards and the release of formaldehyde, and also because the surface coating of steel and wood furniture is more colorful and has a stronger combination and matching ability.