Folding Chair Manufacturers Are Widely Used

  •         China Folding Sofa Bed Manufacturers were commonly seen on large seaside beaches in the early days. When they were tired after swimming, they lay flat on the beach bed, blowing the sea breeze and soaking in the warm sunshine. In the later period, its unique folding method was not limited to the beach, but more extensive. The application is in various fields, and it is most commonly used in camping and expeditions.


    1. After being folded, the volume is small and easy to carry.
    2. The plastic-sprayed steel pipe has high hardness and is not easy to bend.
      3. The bracket is tightly combined, effectively clamps, and the whole is firm.
      4. Waterproof Oxford cloth feels comfortable and wear-resistant.
      5. The outer packaging bag is exquisitely designed and has a strap for easy carrying.

            The folding structure of the Folding Chair Manufacturers beach bed is very simple and practical, and the volume is small after shrinking. It can be used for summer lunch breaks, hospital beds, temporary lodging, travel, outdoor exploration, and geophysical team camping.