Woven Imitation Linen Fabric Characteristics Are Introduced

  • Characteristics of Linen Fiber:

    1. Clothes that made by linen is comfortable to Use: As the woven imitation linen fabric is a natural vegetable fiber it has huge amount of Air Porosity hole. So, the air can go in and out while wearing these linen clothes and which make these clothes quite comfortable.
    2. Linen Fiber is stronger than Cotton: Another reason behind of the linen fiber popularity is – you will get the same comfort like Cotton in the Linen fiber but the strength of the Linen fiber is twice than the Cotton fiber. Maximum sportswear where the strength is a matter, there the Linen fiber made linen clothes is widely used.
    3. Hand Washable & Dry Cleanable: You can not only wash the clothes linen but also clean the lien clothes by drying. So, making linen clothes by using the linen fiber is a wise decision for the Textile Industry owner.
    4. Crisp feeling: If you touch the linen fiber, you will feel that it’s a simply crisp fiber which has distinctive outlook and feel.
    5. Tailors Well: One textile weavers or textile knitter can easily make the Linen fabric by using the flexible linen fiber and the tailors of the Garment Shop, even can easily make Dress and suits by using the Linen fabrics.
    6. Absorbent: The absorbency of Linen fiber is quite good and this is why linen can be dyed well.
    7. Dyes & Prints well: Along with the optimum efficiency in Dyeing, one can easily print the Linen cloth except any kind of problems like print paste saturation, discolored surface etc.
    8. Lightweight To Heavyweight: Any kind of linen fabric or linen fibers are available on the market which can be achieved in any weight as per the Textile buyers’ requirement.
    9. No Static & Pilling problems: If any fabric produce the static electricity during wear, then nothing can be worst than that. People like to wear the fabric that is flexible and comfort to wear. Linen is the perfect fabric in this regard which has no static electricity and pilling problems.
    10. Good Abrasion Resistant: As the linen fiber is good in strength, then it is supposed to have the properties like Good abrasion resistant.

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