We Recommend Decoration Fabric


    The Decoration fabric and finishes play a very important role in any good project of interior design and decoration. Therefore, they are one of the most fundamental elements when it comes to achieving a specific presence and style, getting them to define the character of the space that we want. However, doing so is not always easy, because factors such as colours and textures that need to be combined come into play in order to ensure that the result is "simply the best".


    Currently in the market, there is a wide range of colours that gives us a lot of versatility when it comes to choosing the colours that best match the furniture, the floor, walls or with the accessories of the room, or indeed for any room of the home.

    According to the tonalities that we choose we can get two totally opposite sensations: hot or cold. Warm colours are all those headed by reds or oranges; while the colder colours are those in which we find blue, green or turquoise.

    Choosing one option or the other will be the decisive factor when transmitting warmth or coldness to the style. If for example, we want to decorate a sunny or clear room, we can play with the cold tones in the fabrics, since the natural warmth of the sun will achieve a very nice and refreshing contrast.

    If on the other hand, we start from a dimly lit room, decide from the warmer tones, since with them you will achieve a more welcoming effect.

    Important: do not confuse warm or cold colours with dark and light colors. If we have a poorly lit room, it is important to choose light colours so that they bring more light to the whole space. If on the contrary, we are facing a bright room, we can take more of risk by using darker colours.


    But we do not live just for colour... Fortunately, today we also have infinite textures and types of fabrics: wool, cotton, canvas, jasper, leather, velvet, silk etc.

    Thanks to this variety available on the market, we can play with the softness, the roughness, the consistency, the hardness, the fragility, or with the combination of them to achieve the desired effect in our home.

    For classical environments it is advisable to use fabrics with a more noble cut or with greater consistency and sophistication. For example, velvets and silks are ideal for this type of space. Tapestries with brocades are also a good idea, and accompanied by geometrics and embroideries will give a very special effect to the finished look.

    In spaces of a more rustic style it is advisable to give a certain ethnic air through fabrics such as linen or canvas, fibrous textures that give weight and character to the rest of the decoration.

    The most contemporary and modern styles have the advantage of being more functional, so the choice of the type of fabric is apparently simpler. You just have to look for that natural and clean touch with fabrics such as cotton which also have a unique versatility.

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