Introduction Of Cut Pile Fabric


    What kind of fabric is cut pile fabric? What are the advantages of cut pile fabric? Cut the loops of ordinary towels so that the surface of the fabric is covered with smooth piles. Cut pile towels can be cut pile on both sides, or cut pile on one side, and the other side still has piles. It can also be partially cut pile to form pattern pile loops to coexist and print on each other. Cut pile towels are soft, comfortable to use, and have stronger moisture absorption and softness than ordinary towels. After cutting the pile and then printing, it can increase the decorative beauty of the towel and improve the product quality. Cut pile towels are similar to terry cloths. The piles are cut and trimmed by cutting piles and the fluff on the surface of the fabric is shortened. The fluff is shorter than the pile cloth and is similar to the fluff on the surface of velvet. Many consumers like the exquisite luster of cut pile towels.
    So sometimes we at Yifan will use this fabric as Decoration fabric . If you are interested in it, please feel free to consult.