About Cut Pile Fabric


    There are many types of rugs, which makes it difficult to remember the specific name and details of each rug. But that’s okay, because in the end, you really need to be familiar with two types: cut pile and loop pile. We are here to help you interpret the two and choose the right style for you.

    What is a carpet pile?
    Fluff is the surface layer of the carpet, so it is the part you see and feel every day. The carpet weaving process involves winding the fibers back and forth on the backing, so the fluff depends on whether the fibers have been cut or kept in looped form. The pile of the carpet has a significant impact on its appearance, comfort, durability and ease of maintenance.

    What is a cut pile fabric carpet?

    Cut pile is the most popular carpet style. It is produced when the fiber loops are cut, hence the name. When they are cut, the result is an upright pile with the ends of the carpet fibers exposed. Cut pile carpets come in various lengths, thicknesses, and colors, and are usually made of polyester and wool.

    Cut pile also contains a twist that can help it stand up and resist mats and crushing, which is one of its advantages. Another advantage is that they are softer underfoot than loop rugs, making them a great choice for most parts of your home. However, cut pile can be more difficult to clean and maintain because loose fibers can spread dirt and liquids into the carpet.

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    What is a loop pile carpet?

    Loop pile carpets are the pronunciation of their names. They are kept as loops instead of being cut off like cut pile. They come in many different weights and thicknesses, and are usually made of nylon, wool or olefin.

    The advantage of loop carpets is that they are very durable and can withstand a lot of traffic, which makes them ideal for corridors and stairs. Ring piles are also trackless, so no vacuum or walking tracks are displayed. Unfortunately, these fibers can become entangled and pulled loose by sharp objects and pet's paws. Although this will not affect its service life, it will make the looped carpet look messy over time.

    The most popular terry rug style is sisal, which has a variety of beautiful patterns and textures. Berber is the most popular type, known for its durability, splash resistance and versatility.

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    Cut pile carpet combination
    We know that this name may be difficult to understand, so we will explain it. This type of carpet is a combination of cutting and loop pile, ready for it. Yes, it is difficult!

    This combination has a variety of unique and abstract geometric design patterns, which will definitely add visual interest to your space. However, it is best not to install it in areas with heavy traffic.


    We hope you now feel that you have a better understanding of the difference between cut pile carpet and loop pile carpet, and can identify the four common carpet styles (Saxony, Frieze, Berber and sisal). Let's review it! Cut pile is just the carpet pile that is cut, and the pile is the pile that keeps its natural state. It’s time to stop by one of our locations to see them for yourself to further help you make your decision!

    Carpet is one kind, meanwhile, cut pile fabric is also the fabric that many curtain fabric manufacturer want to use.