We Tell You Cut Pile Fabric Choosing Skills


    If you’re a newbie or an amateur, you might start working on your cut pile fabric selection skills. You might struggle a little at the beginning, but practice makes perfect. Here is how to choose the right fabric.

    1. Think About your Project

    There are different ways to choose a sewing project. You can look for online inspiration, check out a pattern in a magazine or find a tutorial where the tutor makes suggestions. Next, you should examine the design and think of the simplest way to execute it.

    2. Check Suggested Material

    You can always find the suggested material in online tutorials or printed magazines. But if you can’t then look at the design when it’s executed and try to pick a similar fabric.

    3. Choose the Right Drape

    This is the way the fabric hangs when you hold it. Some fabrics like silk and chiffon hang or drape softly. They are suitable for models where you want to have more movement like skirts and dresses. Heavier materials might not be suitable for these models, but they will work perfectly for a model where you want some structure like pants and suits.

    4. Check the Width

    Make sure that you have a conversion table that will help you assess the amount needed of each width of the fabric. This will guarantee that you will have the right amount of material to work with.

    5. Choose the Color

    If you can check the color in person, then try to look at it in natural light. Online stores also have clear images that allow you to see the precise color before you make a purchase.

    6. Now Picture your Finished Project

    Now that you’re almost done, it’s time to think about the finished project. Does the material provide the right stretch? Do you need a heavier material? Does the fabric suit your body shape or do you need a heavier material that accentuates your figure? This will help you make sure that you’ve chosen the right material.

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