I will destroy you

  •  Suddenly China Chemicals his eyebrows and eyes brightened He clapped his hands and stood up and said "Opportunity absolute opportunity" A word fell falling feather excited Her Buddha Immortal Yishui and Demon Fire were not affected There is a lack of necessary materials and raw materials for life in the land boundary of the next three clans She has the water of the Buddha immortal and the fire of the devil In the last three sects there is a lack of spar and ore for the cultivation of fighting spirit She has the water of the Buddha Immortal and the fire of the Earth Demon and she has it in the Wumen People say that when immortals fight mortals suffer But no one has stipulated that ordinary people can not take this opportunity to become rich overnight She has what the upper and lower three don't have They don't give each other she does They look down on the land and boundaries why doesn't she take advantage of the chaos Quickly put forward their own meaning cloud kill day and Huang Yu listen to words eyes are bright Heroes are born in Polymer Materials troubled times If take advantage of this east wind take advantage of the situation nibble everything then they Brilliant and compelling smile bloomed between the lips of three people what is better than to take advantage of the chaos what is better than this opportunity Smiling like a flower Luoyu touched the misty scepter in her arms and the wealth inside was the cornerstone for her to rule the roost and forget Sichuan Ups and downs in troubled times the world is not a man's world Wind and clouds converge let's see who is the master of ups and downs in this life Wind and clouds throb the phoenix flies nine days Rival Rival 1 The beacon smoke rises and the clouds move all over the world The six major clans broke up and the first wave of offensives brought about by this instantly there Detergent Chemicals is no news fell into the abyss of suffering and the territory of the mainland of Sichuan There is no wolf smoke billowing with iron and blood military forces However such a bloodless confrontation the same three points to the bone Really is to ignore the lives of the people all over the world However the six major sects are powerful who can say what who can oppose what who And hostile Summer is very hot but it is cold in the bone However in the hostile offensive of the six major clans which ignored the situation of the people on the mainland some people some potential began to stir up The summer wind is flying and the hot people are sweating from their hearts Non-Feather Kingdom Pharmacist Association Chairman someone wants to see you In the Pharmacist Association Fu He-yu was immersing himself in studying his elixir when suddenly there was a call outside the door Not seen When pondering the elixir everyone disappeared "Well chairman the man said you should look at this thing first and if you don't see it he turned around and left" The man at the door hesitated Fu He frowned when he heard this But in that case there should be something when he got up and opened the door with a calm face At the door stood an intermediate pharmacist of their pharmacist association holding a box in his hand at this time When he saw the crane coming out he immediately handed it over Fu He-yu looked down at the black spar box in his hand but there was no sign of strength and he did not know what it was At that moment I opened a corner slightly and looked at it The impatient face changed at once The box was colorful and colorful and the rich fragrance and shape of the medicine even if he only looked at it would never be wrong God unicorn fruit Flowers in the clouds This This globalchemmall.com