Tangli couldn't hold back

  •  Tang Li was stupefied There is nothing wrong with saying so as has been said recently Since she asked for leave at home Zhou stopped to take the sugar taro seedlings to her home saying that she should take care of them by the way but in fact let the sugar taro seedlings play with her During this period the sugar taros seedlings have always been in her place But it's yours and I just- "" "There is no difference" Zhou stopped to say the radian of the corner of his eyes deepened and hung a soft smile "I don't like cats very much either" Tangli didn't react and asked subconsciously "Don't you like it" What do you like to raise The clear deer's eyes were wide open and the moonlight was full of stars The opposite Zhou stopped and laughed This He reached out and rubbed the top of her hair in a calm and profound tone "Guess" Together like a question but the first half of the sentence is too sure the second half of the sentence is too gentle too meaningful Tang Li did not know what to understand blink suddenly red ears After playing with the orange for a while and taking the next step the two of them went home China Chemicals When I came out of the parking shed in the community the sky was as dark as splashing ink and the street lights were more and more like small stars Tangli took a few steps slowed down bent down and rubbed her legs gently Zhou stopped and frowned "Does it hurt" Tangli bulged her cheeks and smiled shallowly "It doesn't hurt very much just a little bit" Although I walked very slowly just now and stopped and walked all the way my legs were not all right and the pain was a little more obvious than usual Let's go Zhou did not move He lowered his eyes slightly The girl's skirt is neither long nor short just showing her knees and her legs are white and straight but if you look carefully her knees are still a little red and swollen He licked his lips changed the position of the bag in his hand squatted down with his back to her and his voice was deep "What are you going to do I'll carry you" “……” Tangli pinched her finger Come here He turned his head sideways and smiled at her and his voice was tender in the twining of the night "Hurry up" Endure or did not hold back "Tangtang" Tangli couldn't hold back a little smile She licked her lips choked back the jumping emotion in her heart and walked slowly over her arm over his shoulder and her body leaning forward Zhou stopped as if there was no laugh hand around her leg with a little careful force to carry people up The moment she stood up her knee hurt a little but because the person carrying her took care of her feelings the feeling passed quickly On the contrary the close touch of the body makes Tangli's face hot Zhou Ting carried her on his back and walked steadily Obviously is a little nervous but listening to his heartbeat listening to the orderly footsteps slowly relaxed There was an indescribable sweetness in my heart In the line of sight the Cosmetics Materials stars swayed slightly and the boy's soft hair flickered gently in the night wind stirring the road lights Tangli's heart suddenly itched She lowered her head gently and slowly leaning against him Zhou stopped for a moment and quickly recovered He tried not to turn his head but the girl's shallow breath was on the side of his neck and his whole body seemed to be warming up Week his Animal Extracts school uniform stop Tangli suddenly opened her mouth Uh Tangli's cheeks were red and her curly eyelashes fluttered like the wings of a butterfly She said a word in silence and then she blushed But the people in front did not hear can only feel a slight breath blowing over What Tang Li exhaled slowed down his expression smiled faintly and opened the small pear vortex with a sweet voice "I said thank you" No it's not The heart beats like a drum The teenager's not particularly generous back gave her a full sense of security for no reason and the emotion of petals blooming in ignorance also overflowed with it Not on impulse not on a whim just like the waves brewing at the bottom of the sea surging up layer by layer breaking out of the sea -Weekly stop I like you very much Thank you The author has something to say Coming! With a little pudding that I don't know if it's sweet or not! The next chapter will take you to the start of the time machine Don't get airsick Good night globalchemmall.com