Mad God

  • The mustard seed bag was really useful to me, so I was no longer polite and stuffed it into my arms. Tanaka suddenly turned around and said, "Yes, I have to tell you one thing. Mustard seed bags can only hold things, but not living things, because there is no air in the magic world inside. If living things are taken in, I'm afraid it won't take long for them to suffocate and die." I nodded and said, "Thank you, I know." We went out of the underground tunnel carefully and returned to the water altar. I was surprised to find that it was already dark. It seemed that we had stayed below for a long time. After this underground treasure, I have a deeper affection for Tanaka, can watch others take away their family's most precious treasure without looking for reasons to stop, such quality is also very rare. Tanaka has been sent us to the door of the mansion, Ziyan surprisingly said: "Tanaka, thank you." Tanaka was in a daze and said with a wry smile, "Take care of these things. I will bet with Brother Lei again and win these treasures back." Zixue said with a smile, "With Ah Xiang protecting us, who can take it away?" Tanaka nodded and said, "There are only a handful of people who can beat Brother Lei in the city of Xilun. I'm worried about myself. My brother doesn't know how to explain it yet.". You can go. Looking at his appearance, I couldn't bear it for a while. I took out a piece of ink crystal from my bosom and handed it to him. "Do you know what this is?" As soon as the dejected Tanaka saw the ink crystal, he immediately got up and grabbed it. He said excitedly, "Is this the ink crystal produced by the Demons?"? You? How could you? I smiled and said, "I got it by accident. I only know that it can be eaten, and it should be good for practicing dark magic. You can try it." Ink crystal can change people's constitution, not only broaden the meridians, but also practice Tianmo Jue. Dark magic is far worse than dark magic. If Tanaka eats it, dark magic will certainly be greatly improved. "You mean, give this to me?" Tanaka said dully. I nodded and said, "Let's make up for your loss." Tanaka still couldn't believe it and said, "But I lost to you. You don't have to give me such a precious thing." I said with a straight face, "Brother Tian, although we haven't been together for a long time, I think you are a good friend worth making. This is a gift between friends." Tanaka eyes some red, holding the ink crystal murmured: "Thank you, this is simply too good, with it, my dark magic will advance by leaps and bounds, brother Lei, you do not know, I like dark magic since childhood, perhaps, I should be born in the Demons." Looking at his appearance, I was also very pleased and said with a smile, Cold Drawn Steel Tubes ,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, "That's it, brother Tian. It's getting late. We're going back." Tanaka's eyes are full of gratitude, "Brother Lei, you can come to me where I am useful in the future, I will certainly.." I raised my hand to stop him from going on and said, "I treat you as a friend, so don't say that. A gentleman's friendship is as simple as water. I didn't ask you for anything to send you Mojing. Goodbye." With that, I took Ziyan and Zixue's little hands and turned to walk in the direction of Xilun College. Tanaka, who was still somewhat confused, was left behind. Ziyan and Zixue were very happy to get what they liked. Passers-by on the street saw me holding the hands of two such beautiful girls, and they all looked at me with envy and jealousy. Walking along, Zixue suddenly said, "Xiang, do you know?"? When my sister told me you were an orc, I felt very sad. My eyes darkened and I said, "I know I don't deserve you. After all, I'm not a race. Although I have human blood.." Zixue covered my mouth and said, "Fool, how can you think so? I feel bad because you didn't tell me the truth, not because you care about your identity and race.". Do you remember? You once asked me what I would do if one day you left the Dragon God and never came back. I answered you at that time that I would follow you wherever you went. What I love is not your identity, status, martial arts and magic, but you. Don't you understand? I stopped and stared at Zixue. Her words moved me very much and made me very uncomfortable. I really couldn't bear to hurt such a girl who loved me deeply. However, I had to tell them about Moyue. I nodded heavily: "Purple Snow, I understand, I understand everything." Zixue grasped her hand tightly and said affectionately: "Later, my sister enlightened me that you also had difficulties. You were in a foreign country and could not reveal your identity at will. I thought about it and forgave you. Hello, I secretly chased my sister. Hum, what do you say?" In the face of Zixue, I had no temper at all. I turned around and looked at Ziyan's eyes when she asked for help. But she looked like she was watching a good show. She smiled and said nothing. She looked at how I answered. I sighed and said, "Whatever you say, whatever you say, OK." Zixue grinned and said, "I won't tease you. In fact, I'm so happy that you can catch up with my sister. I've had the best relationship with my sister since I was a child. This time I don't have to separate. It's too late for me to thank you. Ha ha, you've been cheated." I am stupefied first, understand in a twinkling of an eye come over, pretend to be angry: "Well, you little girl, dare to play me, see I forgive you." Said to send away the hand to go to her itch. Zixue gave a cry of surprise and dodged. In this way, we returned to Xilun College with laughter. Ziyan suddenly stopped and said, "Xiang, my sister and I will go back first and wait for you in my sister's room. You go to see Feng Wen first. Since you disappeared, your friends are very anxious, especially Feng Wen. He goes to the military headquarters almost every day to inquire about your news. He should wake up now." These friends in Tiandu College were all very kind to me. Hearing Ziyan mention Feng Wen,side impact door beams, I felt warm in my heart and said, "Yes, I should go and see him. I'll go and find you later." 。