Floating life is like this

  • Time gradually passed under the confrontation, the civil and military conference did not limit the exact time of a competition, after all, the probability of shallow summer silence is small enough to ignore. Both sides are motionless, even physical exertion is directly omitted, if it is so consumed, I am afraid the task is over, two people can not distinguish between victory and defeat. Since Mo Shang Sang does not make a move, shallow silence is also trying to start to solve the winding vines around the body, when the night thorn appears in the hands, shallow summer silence is also a small range in that rubbing vines. Shallow summer silence such as blatant action, Mo Shangsang does not exist can not see, but she did not have any way to stop shallow summer silence, big control can only let time go on endlessly, even crossbow shooting, in the premise of not seckill,stainless steel 304 pipes, the first death may still be her. Although the movement is not smooth, but in the absence of obstacles, shallow summer silence or relying on the claws to cut the vine fell to the ground, white control skills with shallow summer silence immediately move, although the movement has become slow, but now shallow summer silence is completely without the slightest worry,aluminium coated tubes, striding on the control trap, constantly approaching Mo Shangsang. Shallow summer silence attack and movement are obviously higher than Mo Shang Sang, she is close to the end of the battle, Mo Shang Sang subconsciously want to retreat just with the footsteps of the move, shallow summer silence is very helpless to say, "so waste props interesting?"? Should we have a winner or loser? This large-scale control of the cost of props is certainly not bad. Trying to stall for time. The only thing Mo Shangsang can count on is this thing. It's just that I can control it now in the face of an opponent like Shallow Summer Silence. There is no corresponding skill that can not cause damage at all, and the more it delays, the more it is wasted. Mo Sang's smile finally disappeared completely on his face. The corner of the mouth slightly twitches to look at the shallow summer silence each small information omission. Led to such an embarrassing situation, this kind of blow is really let Mo Shang Sang a little depressed. Even the crossbow gradually dropped. Mo Shangsang stared at the shallow summer silence and completely gave up the idea of playing down. Watching the shallow summer silence into the range of 100 meters to raise the hands of the night attack. Mo Shangsang also did not wait for her to say. You don't have to attack. I admit that I lost. Mo Shangsang took the initiative to admit defeat. Shallow summer silence is also no arrow. Meet Mo Shang Sang Na's extremely depressed eyes and say. If I were you. I will not be reconciled. If it wasn't for my earthquake. You can even kill me without injury. "I'm not prepared.". There's nothing to be unwilling to. Shallow summer silence to recognize. Also let Mo Shangsang's mood ease a little. He said at the same time, looking at the shallow summer silence. It's just that I'm wondering why you're not a little curious about the props I use. With your ability to live like this, you can investigate my situation at all. This battle can be won. It's all about luck. No purple armor or Mo Shangsang has made so many preparations. Winning or losing may not be like this. Shallow summer silence is limited to these strange props. But there was no sign of surprise. This is really not in line with common sense. Now in the face of Mo Shangsang's outspoken question, side impact door beams ,cold drawn tubes, shallow summer silence does not know how to answer, it is clear that the other side is very sure of the concealment of his identity, the use of props is to want to win by surprise, shallow summer silence although not really deal with success, but not by the impact of this strange move and emotional fluctuations. As a hostile existence, shallow summer silence does not need to make any answer at all, but with the intelligence ability of the chess hall, it should not be difficult to find out the help of Xuanyuan Yijian. Mo Shangsang now raises questions, presumably to test how much shallow summer silence knows about her. Shallow summer silence stood there in silence, Mo Shangsang also knew that she did not want to be violent too much, looking at shallow summer silence at the same time, but his eyes suddenly stayed on the ice crystals between her fingers. Raised his head, he paused thoughtfully for a moment and said, "Since you're not; it doesn't matter." We shall see each other again, and next time, if we are on opposite sides, I can assure you that you will not have such good luck. Mo Shangsang dropped such a sentence and then directly turned around and stepped into the transport array that left the field. Before the victory or defeat was directly decided, he left directly and abstained. At the same time, the ears of shallow summer silence also remembered the system prompt of promotion. Near miss to win the game, but innocently owed Xuanyuan Yijian a favor, shallow summer silence is helpless to appear in the venue, the next brackets has not been directly refreshed out, rolling meat ball and others have already come out ahead of time to stand there. Want to compare the sea month by month of expressionless face and rolling meat ball brilliant smile, study hard at the moment seems to be very depressed, eyebrows tangled standing there do not know what to think. Study the strength well, shallow summer silence is quite clear, the most special legal system MT, the winning rate of hostile close combat should not be too low, he is also comparable to Xuanyuan Yijian in operation, but now this expression makes shallow summer silence difficult to see whether he wins or loses. Shallow summer silence out: everyone's eyes immediately turned to the brackets, after seeing her promotion icon is also a little relieved. Anyway has won this competition, shallow summer silence also does not want to tangle too much, curious to look at the good study at the same time, said to the rolling meat ball, "what's wrong with him?" "He's pretending to be deep. Leave him alone." The meat ball glanced at it and studied hard and said, "I had nothing to do and put on such an expression that I thought he had lost." Although delayed for a period of time,aluminium coated steel tube, the test of shallow summer silence did not take too much time, and it seemed that the kind of good study had already appeared. Both of them are equivalent to professions with high blood volume. It's really a strange thing to be able to win or lose in such a short time, and the face of studying hard doesn't look like winning the game at all. cbiesautomotive.com