Dahan Yanhua (Revised Version)

  • "Lord Liuweng followed the Wu Dynasty to Chang'an this time. Has he ever been to Xinfeng?" Liu Liu was stunned, or replied, "naturally, father in Xinfeng, we are children, how can we not enter, not filial piety." "Lord Weng's filial piety is commendable. At the grand ceremony at the beginning of the year, the Marquis of Heyang will come to Chang'an, and then Lord Weng's family will be reunited." "Oh," said Zhang Xie in surprise, "will the Marquis of Heyang enter Chang'an?" "Mmm." She smiled and nodded and said, "Your Majesty and I went to Xinfeng in the summer of May. The Marquis of Heyang said that he would come to Chang'an at the opening ceremony to offer millet to Your Majesty." "Oh?" Zhang Kai hesitated slightly. Weiyang Palace At the end of the year, the palace is full of dust, and the ceremony of disaster is carried out to drive out evil spirits and epidemics. Will the planting method of Heyang Hou be popularized? Liu Ying walked on the long corridor of Weiyang Palace with his hands on his back and questioned. Yes Under the court, Huang Menling played high and said, "Zi Bei, please expel the epidemic." So he played the role of Fang Xiangshi's golden four eyes in the Yellow Gate, covered with bear skin, dressed in black and red clothes, holding Ge Yang's shield and dancing. Zhang Kai said, "The people of the big fellow planted millet, but the yield per mu was only three or four stones, and I heard what Lord Weng of the State of Wu said, and the millet planted by the Marquis of Heyang was as high as nine stones.". After the fall of the Qin Dynasty, the people's livelihood was depressed. Although the two emperors of the Han Dynasty made great efforts to make the country prosperous, there were still hardships among the people. If the yield per mu of the field can be raised, then this is a matter of merit for all generations. "This nature is good," Liu Ying shook his head and said, "I also know the matter of planting millet by the Marquis of Heyang. But Zhang Kai, you should know that the land given by the late emperor to the Marquis of Heyang was full of fertile fields, and the oxen ploughing tools used by the Marquis of Heyang cost a lot of money, and the yield of millet per mu was higher, but it was also possible. And the common people, it is estimated that few people can afford to use land. One hundred and twenty red system, holding the big son and singing in a low voice, "Jia makes the food fierce, the stomach eats the tiger, the male uncle eats the charm, Teng Jian eats unknown.." The woman is not in a hurry to go, the latter is food! "Your Majesty is wise.". But improving the people's harvest is the best way to enrich the country and strengthen the people. I don't want everyone to be able to produce 89 stones per mu. As long as there is a little gain from this, even if the average yield per mu in the world is only increased by one point, there will be countless living people. "This" Under the court, the prime minister had already begun to dance with the twelve beasts, and all the people cheered three times. They went around and around three times, holding the torch, and sent the epidemic out of Duanmen. In the next year, the court will no longer be invaded by the epidemic. And, "Zhang Xie whispered," with the person of the Marquis of Heyang, as well as the prestige of the royal family, this matter is not only for the big fellow, but also for your majesty. " His meaning is very obvious, the big fellow has not been established for a long time, the folkway is simple, if the people know that it is the art of Heyang Hou's hard research to increase food production, plastic pallet suppliers ,collapsible pallet box, let more people have enough food and clothing, will be grateful to him. The Marquis of Heyang is a member of the royal family, and he himself has no ambition for politics, so this reputation will be attributed to the emperor as the representative of the royal family. So Liu Ying was very excited. In fact, I like Liu Liu very much. Jealous is also magnanimous. Happy Tomb Sweeping Festival. Finally, the matter of planting the land was settled. The article is very tearful, so I stepped on the spot today. Keep asking for pink tickets. Volume 2: Mountains Have Trees, Trees Have Branches Ninety-three: Hu Shu Outside Hengcheng Gate, a four-horse carriage stopped slowly. If Hou Ye goes to Chang'an, he will be able to make some achievements. In the car, the middle-aged scribe handed his hand. Mr. Guo, "Liu Zhong smiled unconsciously." My talent is mediocre. I only hope that my family will be safe and my descendants will be blessed. How dare I talk nonsense about my achievements? You are joking, sir. " Guo Qian moved his lips, wanted to say something, and finally sighed and gave up. The carriage entered the city gate and drove on Zhangtai Street. At the intersection with Xiangshi Street, a cart suddenly arrived. With a sigh of relief, it reined in its horse and shouted, "This is the king of Qi driving into the court. Please hurry to avoid it." Liu Zhong lifted the curtain and shouted, "Is it the fat son?" Not long after, Liu Fei, the king of Qi, awkwardly got out of the magnificent carriage and came forward to pay his respects. Although Liu Zhong is only Che Hou at this time, but the theory of seniority is Liu Fei's uncle, Han rule the world with filial piety, even if Liu Fei is the king of Qi, and uncle met in the street, can only be the younger generation of Liu Fei to avoid. When entering the hidden residence, Liu Zhong sighed with regret, "For many years to come, the city of Chang'an will be much more lively than before." "Yes." Guo Qian smiled and said, "I hope it will continue to be so prosperous.". ” The new moon of the tenth month in the winter of the second year of Emperor Hui Night leak is not over seven, the palace will ring yellow bell big Lu, held the grand ceremony of the year. In the front hall of the Weiyang Grand Court, the emperor received congratulations from the officials and ministers. The dukes and marquises, two thousand stone, two thousand stone, one thousand stone, six hundred stone, and four hundred stone officials in soap clothes and ribbons filed in, and the hall was full of darkness. Two thousand stone above the temple called long live. So the son of heaven raised his cup and sat in front of him. Yushidafu Zhao Yao served soup, and Neishi Du Tian served rice. Play the music of eating. The officials were given a feast. Liu Zhong, the Marquis of Heyang, came forward to pay his respects and said, "I have planted new millet in Xinfeng. I have come to Chang'an to take a bunch of new millet from the granary and offer it to Your Majesty for tasting." In often serve Han Changyu then down the steps to take over. In front of the emperor. Liu Ying stroked the golden bundle and said with a smile, "There is a saying in the Book of Songs that the millet leaves and the millet seedlings.". The Marquis of Heyang devoted himself to the study of the art of planting millet for the country, which should be commended. Today, he specially benefited thousands of households in the food city and set up the post of a surname to search millet. As a subordinate of Neishi, except for Xu Xiang, who was the commandant of Sou Su, he assisted the Marquis of Heyang in trying to plant millet in the capital area, specializing in various methods to improve the yield of millet. "This," Liu Zhong was stunned for a moment, unable to speak, stammered, "Your Majesty, I can be mediocre, only farming, not an official ah." "The Marquis of Heyang is modest." Liu Ying said with a smile, "How can a person who can raise the yield of millet per mu from three stones to nearly ten stones be a mediocre person?" He stepped down and shoveled Liu Zhong himself. Farmers are the foundation of the world. And this is the relationship between my big fellow country for thousands of generations,plastic pallet manufacturer, if you can succeed, can live countless. Huang Bo must not refuse. Liu Zhong was speechless and had to accept it. All the ministers also call your majesty saintly and love the people like a son. It has been more than half a year since Xuanping came to see the letter. Zhang Yan bent over the desk to write the letter. Bie Houjun once sent a letter. It is said that the pickled plums on that day will be opened when the time is sufficient. They are golden in color and as fresh and sweet as honey. A small urn is attached to the note. Yan Xin was very happy, but plum was delayed for a long time on the road. 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