People who don't eat eggs.

  • A whole year later, the sounds and nightmares of the dark night caught up with her. She finally finished a series of new works, applied protective oil, covered them with protective paper, and then asked the gallery to send staff to remove them, pack them together, insure the price, and ask the Federal Express to collect them and ship them to Hong Kong. She was not satisfied with the final work. David Liu called the next day to urge her not to miss the progress. Her mother also urged her every day to contact Zhao Fengjia more. They were all people who were going to get the license soon. It's interesting to say that the two people who made an appointment to get married were not in a hurry. They basically didn't meet. He said he was busy, and she also said she was busy. At most, he uploaded a few text messages on Wechat, but he didn't send voice messages. You're busy-yes, I'm painting, and you're busy-yes, working overtime-so I won't bother you-I won't bother you. Everyone is polite and tries not to get close to each other. How can two people who are too lazy to meet each other stay together for a lifetime? Zhou Yun did not know, too lazy to think, as if marriage is nothing to do with themselves, marriage is for her mother to see. The studio was suddenly empty, and after the cleaning staff came to clean it, the snow-white floor, the snow-white walls, and the snow-White Desk looked like a mortuary. Zhou Yun's heart is also empty. She wants to draw a series that at least satisfies her to pay tribute to the love that died. But in the end, it's just a cursory thing. David Liu said that it doesn't matter. The most important thing in contemporary art is the idea of novelty. Nothing else is important. The weirder it is, the more avant-garde it is. He also said,plastic pallet crates, why not call your series "crime scene"? Looks like a severed body? Or just call it "dismemberment", which is more eye-catching? Zhou Yun had no choice but to smile. What she painted was originally life. The intense sex made her think of death. It was like the moment when the train was lying on the track. Her body trembled violently with the gradual progress of the train. But the closer she was to death, the more she felt the joy of life. What she should have painted was the part of her body that woke up at that moment. Every limb was blooming brilliantly. Who let her do it hastily and waste her life into a corpse. It's still called "crime scene." "Dismemberment" is too straightforward and lacks space for association. Zhou Yun said. Thought, hehe, it is indeed a "crime scene". At least when she finished her work, she packed up her things, boarded the subway, and when she stepped into the carriage of Line 1,collapsible pallet bin, she could not help wondering if the person driving at the moment was Shuang? Her intuition was right, because the train was stable and sure, giving her a sense of steadfastness without pulling the handrail. She decided not to pull the handrail, relying only on the contact between her feet and the train, the two nights when she crawled on Uncle Ang. When she arrived at the Shanghai Railway Station, a middle-aged man in front of her had just stood up to get off the train. An old woman next to her immediately squeezed past Zhou Yun and grabbed the seat. Although she was old, her momentum did not diminish. She almost knocked Zhou Yun down. Zhou Yun had already knelt down. Fortunately, she instinctively grabbed the railing so that she would not fall down and eat shit. When the old woman sat down, she was afraid that the people around her would gossip and say that she was "ugly to eat", so she murmured to herself, "I'm too old to stand on my feet, I'm sorry. I'm too old to stand on my feet. I'm sorry. She said so, Zhou Yun can not express any anger, as she grew up, she has gradually lost the ability to express anger. She could not wait for the first ray of sunshine that Shu Ang said rose from the ground to the ground, and got off at Zhongshan North Road Station. On this day, plastic pallet containers ,collapsible bulk containers, she allowed herself to take a bath and go to bed early, thinking that she could finally sleep soundly-and then the woman who had been burned came after her. In her dream, she returned to the house at the corner of the fourth floor of the original house. The woman sat in the doorway, the fire was red, and she was in the fire. Her hair, face and body were black. Zhou Yun approached her curiously again. This time she did not stretch out her hand, but in the hot moment close to her, she opened her eyes, revealing two eyes like boiled quail eggs, she only had the whites of her eyes, no black eyes. Zhou Yun woke up, even her forehead was in a cold sweat, and then she heard footsteps approaching her room, as if she knew she had been heard, intentionally becoming lighter, but the floor of the dark night was sensitive, squeaking, howling, Zhou Yun could still hear the footsteps approaching, she was afraid that she had not yet woken up and fell into another dream, the woman who had been burned was coming to her. With a pair of eyes without pupils, she wanted to wake up completely, but there was no way, many times she was haunted by nightmares, she wanted to struggle, but there was no way. The sound was getting closer and clearer, and she could even feel that a withered hand had grasped the handle of the door of the room and was about to unscrew it. The hair on her back stood up, and she covered her head with the quilt. It was true that at that moment, there was no sound, but soon she heard that the door of the toilet opposite her room had been unscrewed. She heard the sound of a pair of slippers. The light switch of the toilet was pressed, then the toilet lid was lifted, the toilet seat was put down, and then, in a moment, there was the sound of flushing the toilet, the light switch was pressed, and the sound of slippers faded away-that was her mother, she was not dreaming. Zhou Yun suddenly felt that the woman in the dream might be her mother, the woman who was burned, although she never saw her face clearly, but her figure, posture, silent posture, all looked like her mother, the more she thought about it. But why did she have such a dream that her mother was burned? Why is it that every time she dreams of her mother being burned, she can remain indifferent and just want to see what's going on? Dream interpreters say that dreaming of the death of someone you know means that your subconscious mind hates her. If you cry, it means that you still regret. If you don't cry, it means that you secretly want her to die. It turned out that she had a deep resentment against her mother. It turned out that she was so cold-blooded and vicious. She was not disturbed by any other sound on this summer morning. Toad, black dog, rodent,plastic pallet bins, or coyote, they all slept peacefully. She was so awake that she did not reach for the alarm clock on the bedside table. She lay quietly, breathing the humid air of the summer morning. She wondered how her life had come to this.