The return of the soul

  • Everything is good in my hometown. There is a kind of salted dried radish in our hometown, which can be said to be a wonderful product for delivering tea and rice. There are pickles, lettuce sauce, ginger sauce and so on, used to accompany tea and rice, can be said to be "seamless", it is impossible to say whether to eat tea and rice for these side dishes, or to eat these side dishes for tea and rice. Zhenjiang pickles Zhenjiang's pickles have always been famous. There are pickled cucumber, pickled ginger, radish head and assorted pickles, all of which are famous local traditional specialties. Recently, a batch of such pickles was shipped here for sale. There are all three kinds except ginger without sauce. It's all in glass bottles with iron caps. The only fly in the ointment is that after the iron cap is pried open, it can no longer be used, and a glass bottle with a very good texture becomes without a cap. Had come before a batch, it is to use the iron cover that has screw, do not know why to change again now install. But this is much better than the design of the iron lid of the glass a few years ago. In the past, the glass used to hold pickles had a very good intention. After eating pickles, there was still a glass available. Unfortunately, the iron lid was very tight, and it was very difficult to pry it open. It often broke the edge of the glass, which was a pity. At that time, pickles were canned in addition to cups. It's just that pickles soaked in sauce are not suitable for canning, and they are easy to smell like iron. In the past, the canned turnip head in Sanhe, Zhenjiang, had this disadvantage. It would be ideal to switch to glass bottles now. It would be even more ideal if an ordinary screw cap could be used to make this glass bottle useful in the future. The Zhenjiang pickles shipped this time were produced by Zhenjiang Hengshun Sauce and Vinegar Factory,brass tube fitting, which used Jinshan Temple as its trademark. Zhenjiang's Dizhu black vinegar is also famous. Eating Zhenjiang meat and Shanghai hairy crabs, if there is no Zhenjiang vinegar, it will greatly reduce the color. I remember Zhenjiang pickles used to be very salty, a little too salty. Now the new product is not so salty, but it also has a new disadvantage, that is, the sugar content of milk cucumber is too heavy, and it tastes too sweet. Among the three kinds of pickles, the one with the best taste is radish head,38 tube fitting, which is also the most distinctive one among the pickles produced in Zhenjiang. It uses poplar radish as raw material. Expensive small is not expensive big, after pickling into pickles, the skin is slightly painted, and it tastes very crisp. This kind of pickles is suitable for sending porridge or tea and rice. These are family dishes with light taste and national style. People who are used to eating butter bread or milk coffee for breakfast, if they can find the opportunity to eat a white porridge for breakfast, accompanied by fried dough sticks and a few small dishes of pickles, to experience the simple way of life of our ancestors for thousands of years, they can also filter out the miasma absorbed here all day. In the morning, there are still Beijing pickles to buy, but now they are out of stock. The only thing that can be bought now is Tianjin shrimp oil cucumber, which is produced in Jinzhou, Northeast China. Vegetables and salad Summer is coming, and it is easier to have a chance to taste the taste of vegetables. There are several family vegetarian dishes suitable for hot weather, which are very simple to make and do not cost much, such as tofu mixed with Chinese toon head, which is one of them. This dish is the "tofu mixed with toon sprouts" eaten by friends who recently visited Huangshan Mountain on the top of the mountain. However, instead of using tender fresh toon sprouts, it uses salted tender toon leaves, 14 tube fitting ,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, that is, the so-called toon head. Visit Mount Huangshan together, and eat delicious vegetables on the mountain, which is a blessing that can be met but not sought. We had to settle for the next best thing and try a dish of tofu mixed with Chinese toon head, which would make the day worthwhile. The head of the Chinese toon is the tender leaf of the toon tree. There are two kinds of Chinese toon trees. There is a kind of Ailanthus altissima, which is inedible. The edible one is called Chinese toon. Its leaves are opposite. When it is born, it is purplish red. It is a little like the tender leaves of Lingnan bell tree. It gathers on the top of the tree and makes a wheel shape. It is not easy to pick it. It can only be beaten with a long bamboo pole or tied with an iron hook on the pole. These tender buds are what they eat on Mount Huangshan. In the south of the Yangtze River in late spring and March, there are also small baskets in the village market for sale. They are a kind of wild vegetable that can be met but not sought. As for the Chinese toon heads sold in southern stores, they are made by pickling whole clusters of tender leaves with salt. There is also a distinction between the old and the new, the new market in late spring and early summer, but also slightly green, washed salt, chopped mixed with tofu, the taste is not far from fresh. If it is old and old, it will lose the fragrance of Chinese toon, but it is still a good "pickle". Toon head mixed with tofu, tofu does not need to be chopped, but it should be scalded with boiling water to remove its soybean milk gas, and tofu must be kept fresh. The Chinese toon head should be washed with salt grains, chopped and sprinkled on it, then poured with sesame oil and mixed well. If the taste is too light, you can add a little salt. No Chinese toon head, just mix tofu with sesame oil and salt, and cut a little pickled melon instead, which is also a delicious vegetarian food. This is the beauty of our "salad." Salad can be meat or vegetable. Not to mention meat, in terms of vegetables, cucumbers, bamboo shoots, spinach, lettuce, Artemisia bamboo shoots, radishes, in addition to raising vegetables, Malan head and so on, are all cold dishes. Some should use sweet and sour, such as cucumber and Malan head; some should add dried tofu grains, such as spinach. There are good rotten skin, plus flat bamboo shoots, is also the material of cold, then it is appropriate to use soy sauce and sesame oil, plus a little spicy oil. Radish salad should be cut into thin shreds, with sweet and sour or soy sauce, plus sesame oil. However, the radish should be round and crisp, and the so-called "rake-toothed radish" in Guangdong is only suitable for soup, not cold. Broad bean recipe There are many new broad beans on the market, which are fresh and cheap. This is a seasonal vegetable in the south of the Yangtze River. In April and May, when silkworms are busy and farming is busy, it is always indispensable to the three meals of every household in the south of the Yangtze River. See here can comfort homesickness, try to make broad bean recipe. When the broad beans are the most tender, peel off the two small pieces of bean paste, green as emerald, and use them to make soup, accompanied by ham and chicken, which is the treasure of the banquet. Each person eats one or two spoons, and the price may be more expensive than a chicken. This is a luxurious way of eating,12 needle valve, eating is "fashionable", not eating broad beans, which I do not take.