Two Realms of Resellers (Common No.: Xitulanya House of Everyth

  • A few days they are basically free to eat, drink and play. Under such circumstances, it seems inappropriate to go to the senior figures of the crescent moon village for help. "Actually, the appearance of the crescent moon village is not a very important thing," said the waning moon. He Miao nodded and said, "That's right." This place seems to be more interested in ability. He Miao was a little worried that after coming here, someone would point at her appearance, but when she came, she found that the people in the crescent moon village seemed to be very busy, and everyone was too lazy to pay attention to her. …… Xueying looked at the ice mark and said, "The scar has really faded!" Ice mark nodded, although he did not say, but the heart is still very happy. Snow Sakura looked at the ice mark and said, "Your appearance has been restored. If you return to the tribe, you will be very popular." Before being scratched, the appearance of the ice mark is also outstanding among the tribal male elves, and there are many suitors. The ice mark smiled reluctantly and said, "Maybe." The ice mark lowered his head. He didn't want to leave here. The crescent moon village was like an inexhaustible treasure. It gave him a novel experience every day. Moreover, his appearance had not been restored before,ball valve manufacturer, and the attitude of the tribe towards him was very kind. This feeling was something he had never experienced in the Elf tribe, which made him feel very warm. I want to stay. Xueying was stupefied for a moment and said, "Well!" Xueying lowered her head and said to herself, "The ice mark has only been here for a few days. I want to stay here. If I stay here for a while, maybe I will be like some people in the crescent moon village. I will live in the village and die in the village.". Chapter 281 chapter 281 scar cream. Chapter 281 scar cream. Crescent Group. Zhuang Feixue looked at Chu Feng. "What is this?" "Scar cream." Chu Fengdao. Zhuang Feixue said curiously, "What's the effect?" There seems to be a lot of scar cream on the market, but the effect is not so good. Chu Feng smiled and said,tube fitting manufacturer, "The effect is very good. It has an effect on burns, scalds and scratches. If the wound is not very deep, it should be able to recover as before." Zhuang Feixue said curiously, "What about the scars caused by sulfuric acid?" Chu Feng shook his head and said, "I don't know, but maybe it will work."? Why does my sister ask this? "Just ask." When Zhuang Feixue entered the entertainment circle, she concealed her identity and did not mix very well. At that time, she got along well with a female star named Liu Yi. Liu Yi was already famous at that time and helped her a lot. As a result, one day, a rich woman ran to the company and splashed Liu Yi's face with sulfuric acid, saying that Liu Yi seduced her husband. Liu Yi was indeed dating the woman's husband. However, she did not know which wealthy businessman already had a family. She thought that they were in love with each other. After the incident, the wealthy businessman, needle valve manufacturer ,38 needle valve, in order to avoid suspicion, said that Liu Yi was shameless and had seduced him for resources. The wealthy businessman's wife's family was a little powerful. The news on the Internet was one-sided, saying that Liu Yi had a third party involved and deserved it. After that, Liu Yi got anxiety and retired. Watching her former friend change from a dazzling star to a ferocious ugly monster, Zhuang Feixue felt very uncomfortable. After Liu Yi quit the entertainment circle, some third-rate reporters did not let her go. In order to grab the performance, some people took pictures of Liu Yi after her disfigurement and put them on the Internet, which attracted many people's criticism. Zhuang Feixue heard that Liu Yi had committed suicide several times. Fortunately, her family found out early and saved her. Zhuang Feixue and the other party have some contact, before the other party sent beauty Dan, however, there is no effect, Zhuang Feixue thought: if the effect of removing scar sound is good, maybe you can try. Is this done by a miraculous doctor? Zhuang Feixue asked. Chu Feng nodded and said, "Yes." "Why did the doctor suddenly think of doing this?" Chu Feng tilted his head and said, "It's probably because a guest with an injured face came to the tribe recently." "Does the Crescent Village receive foreign visitors?" Zhuang Feixue said suspiciously. Chu Feng nodded and said, "Of course, the crescent moon village is very hospitable." "I don't know when I can go and see." Zhuang Feixue has some yearning. Maybe later. "Chu Feng secretly said," He himself is a shopkeeper. If my sister goes on a business trip again, what will the company do! Zhuang Feixue said curiously, "How many scars are there?" Chu Feng brought out a bucket and said, "There are so many." Zhuang Feixue looked at a big bucket of scar cream and said, "It's all here!" Chu Feng nodded and said, "Yes, pack it up and you can sell it." Zhuang Feixue nodded and said, "I'll let someone do it right away. How much is the scar cream after it is packed?" Chu Feng glanced at Zhuang Feixue and said, "It's up to you." Zhuang Feixue found someone to try the scar removing cream brought by Chu Feng, which confirmed that scar removing had the effect of scar removing. Zhuang Feixue thought for a moment that the high-end cosmetics on the market were worth tens of thousands of yuan, and the scar removing sound of their Crescent Group should be lower than this price. Zhuang Feixue thought about it and set the price of dispelling scars at the dispelling scars of the August Dental Group. Once it was listed, it was quickly looted. Zhuang Feixue listed ten thousand copies of the words of dispelling scars, which were snatched up. Crescent Group needs to sell something, there is no need to publicize, as long as Zhuang Feixue will hang things on the web interface, naturally someone will be willing to support. After that, the publicity can be handed over to customers. Scar cream has just been sold, and people have received the goods one after another. Many people are interested in the effect of the scar cream sold by Crescent Group, and soon there are customers who buy it, which satisfies the curiosity of many people on the Internet. Many people put on the Internet a comparison chart before and after the use of the medicine. Some small scars will disappear after being applied once, and deeper ones will also improve significantly after being applied once. After the earthquake, accidents occur frequently, many people have left a variety of scars in the accident, the emergence of scar cream,stainless steel needle valve, for many people are good news … Power Bureau. Miss Shen, the effect of Chu Feng's scar removal sound is very good! Shen Yuxing nodded and said, "As expected." 。