Aidou breaks the character setting for me.

  • yuan Lulu, dressed in an earthy gray prison uniform, flew up from his horse, pointed his toes on horseback, and stabbed the first man who came up with his sword, chopping left and right, fighting his way out. The end of the city defense team is a burly big fellow, it seems that should be a team leader, kung fu is acceptable, yuan Lulu a sword in the past to stab empty. The man swept over with a silver spear. yuan Lulu drew in her abdomen and dodged sideways. The sword in her hand was wrapped around the man's hand like a silver snake. With a flash of light, she unloaded the man's spear. When the man saw that the weapon was gone, he turned his hand into a claw and fiercely reached for yuan Lulu's neck. yuan Lulu stepped back to dodge it. As soon as she jumped up, she used her scissors legs to clamp the man's neck. With the help of her waist, she twisted his neck and broke his breath. Card! Qin Xiukai immediately ran over with a down jacket to wrap yuan Lulu up, and then rubbed his hands to cover yuan Lulu's face. "The temperature tonight is only 5 degrees. It's really hard to shoot in a thin prison uniform. Wait a minute. I'll get you a hot drink. Fortunately, I bought too much just now." "No." yuan Lulu called her, "After drinking a hot drink, you will breathe when you speak, then the ice cubes I just had will be in vain." "You're breathing now. Anyway, I'm sure you'll have to drink more later. Let's drink some to warm up first." Qin Xiukai couldn't help running to the lounge. yuan Lulu covered his down jacket and stamped his feet in place. He saw Ji Zifan hanging Weiya to the roof. When she was defeated, he would fly down to save her. Imagination is beautiful, but reality is cruel and cold. The hero of the world who would step on the colorful clouds to save her was now shivering on the roof, and Ma Junfei could not send his clothes up to keep him out of the cold for a while. Brother Fan,die casting parts, how is your view from above? yuan Lulu looked up and talked to Ji Zifan, hoping to distract him a little. As a result, a dry and cold wind blew in, just as it poured into her mouth and nose with her head up, choking her and coughing. Ji Zifan smiled immorally when he saw this scene on the roof, which could distract his attention more than any words. "The view above is very good, but it's a little cold. If you want me to get less cold, can you do it alone?" OK! yuan Lulu made a gesture, but she still couldn't stop coughing. She is confident that sister Yitiao will come out again tonight. Say it's a pass, it's a pass. yuan Lulu has not had time to greet the people she rescued, and into a new wave of crying drama. First, holding the'corpse 'of an old-timer, die casting parts ,Stainless steel foundry, crying: "Niang..." Holding the corpse of another elder in his arms, he cried, "Dad.." Finally, he hugged Yu Hanen's'corpse 'and cried: "Brother..." Director Chen asked for continuity, and Qin Xiukai didn't have a chance to apply her eyes to the crying scene all night. At the end of the cry, yuan Lulu felt that her eyes were swollen to a narrow seam, painful and itchy. The dawn that Chen Zhengsheng was waiting for finally came out. Withdraw! Ji Zifan took yuan Lulu's waist and flew to the light on the horizon. On the bus back to the city, most of the people were asleep. yuan Lulu opened her eyes slightly, and although she was very sleepy, she stubbornly refused to fall asleep. Ji Zifan put his hand on her forehead. "Fortunately, I didn't catch a cold all night. The little girl is in good health." yuan Lulu knew he wanted to make himself laugh, but now he really didn't want to laugh at all. Let me tell you about a play I did before. Ji Zifan suddenly said. yuan Lulu turned her head to look at him and motioned him to say. I play a policeman who has been tracking a serial murderer for ten years. After visiting him, I know his tragic childhood and the reasons for his psychological distortion. Later, in order to retaliate against me, the murderer killed the relatives around me and made me like him. "I know." yuan Lulu said, "I have seen Ten Years of Pursuit." The policeman I play is a man with a strong mind. He has not degenerated into a demon. He still keeps his heart. But I can't. I'm in the play. I can't get out for a long time. Looking back later, it was just someone else's life, not mine. So, don't mind. With my poor acting skills, it's not easy to get into the play and get out of the play quickly. There is no such problem as you said. "I just think the story is so sad. I don't like it at all," yuan said. The farther you go, the fewer people around you. Ji Zifan: You have to look at everything from both sides. The person who stays around is the one you should cherish, isn't he? yuan Lulu nodded, and the haze in her heart suddenly dissipated a lot. Ji Zifan saw them passing by a breakfast stall. He turned his head and asked yuan Lulu, "Do you eat tofu jelly?" yuan Lulu: "Eat!" Chapter 50. Although the New Year is approaching, there are still many tourists coming to the ancient city. When yuan Lulu saw the ruins through the car window, it was a pity that she didn't take the SLR with her. Maybe she could take a one-day tour of X city after the shooting. Lantian Jade Film and Television City is located 1 km east of Tongqianshan Tunnel of 107 National Highway in Qianjiang County, X City, with Y City in the east, X City in the west and the Mother River of China in the north. Such a triangle area has become the most popular shooting base in the domestic film and television industry, and the major film crews have come one after another, and the rental of the venue is overdue for several hours. This is also the last stop of the location shooting of Changming Diao, which lasted ten months and finally approached the end of shooting. The first thing everyone did when they arrived at the hotel was to sleep in the dark. According to the experience of the first four stops, in order to catch up with the progress, as soon as they started shooting, Director Chen simply turned into a devil. Qin Xiukai shook yuan Lulu awake. "Sister Lulu, wake up. It's time to start work." yuan Lulu rubbed her eyes to touch her cell phone. "What time is it?"? I didn't hear my cell phone ring. "It's ten past six. You're really good. You've slept since noon yesterday." "I have nothing to eat, and if I have no more sleep,Investment casting parts, I will die suddenly." Qin Xiukai looked at yuan Lulu's waist when she was stretching. She completely lost the mellowness when she first met her. She was all skin and bones. She felt distressed and said, "Endure for another four days. When the battlefield scene is finished, it will be finished. I will accompany you to eat and drink when you go back." 。