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  • The four princes were taken by the old emperor and taught him to be skilled in government affairs. When he can finally handle government affairs with ease. The old emperor let go of his hand and let him grope for it. The four princes, who were freed, left the capital in a simple carriage for the first time. Go straight to the leader's mansion. Little brother, please inform me that my master wants to see the eldest lady of your house. Most of the people in the house of the four princes were trained by the emperor himself. It is convenient for Tong Zhile to be neither humble nor pushy in doing things. What young lady? Go, go, go. There is only one young lady in our alliance leader's mansion. The doorman waved his hand impatiently and drove the flies away. I thought it was a fat job, but I didn't think it was looking for Mu Wanqing. Bad luck. It was Miss Mu Wanqing that we asked to see. The bodyguard slipped an ingot of silver to the gatekeeper. Oh, you mean her? "You don't know yet, do you? I heard from the inner disciples that the eldest lady and the outsiders intended to murder the prince of the court and were driven out of the leader's mansion by the leader of the alliance." "What?"? So Miss Mu is not in the house of the leader of the alliance now? "What are you doing? I left long ago. I was driven out by the leader of the alliance as soon as I came back in May." "Thank you, little brother." The bodyguard reported the news back to Tong Zhi, who was sitting in the carriage. Tong Zhi listens, this is also good. Although the court is turbulent, it is a matter of two systems with Jianghu. Not related to their own vital interests, no one will care who the prince is. However, in May, I had not returned to Beijing at that time. Sun Yat-sen, has she already been kicked out? How painful her heart must be,Steel investment casting, she was so eager for the leader of the alliance to give her some eyes. For a word of praise from the leader of the alliance, she even practiced day and night, so her flying skills were so powerful. However, she unexpectedly did not leak a little bit of strange in front of her. At the thought of her enduring the pain, running for herself, planning for herself, Tong Zhi's heart was a pain for no reason. I want to protect her and be her solid backing. Tong Zhi,alloy die casting, who had made up his mind to return to Beijing, was like playing chicken blood, and he was even more handy in doing things. With his intelligence and hard work, he soon won the approval of the ministers. In the spring of the 23rd year of Tongzhi, the emperor called for abdication and abdicated to Xuanyuan Yue, the fourth prince. Although there are still a few princes who are discontented and ready to jump, but the fist is the last word. He was tidied up by Tong Zhi. On the day of Tong Zhi's accession to the throne, Mu Wanqing and Ye Yu Mo finally arrived at the capital after more than half a month's journey. When Tong Zhi led the civil and military officials to open the altar to offer sacrifices to heaven, he formally ascended the throne. In the noisy environment, Mu Wanqing heard the prompt of the system. When the hidden task is completed, 1000 bonus points will be awarded, and a basic edition of Emperor's Strategy will be obtained. Tong Zhi was surrounded by the ministers when he stepped down from the altar. The heart has the sensibility to cast a glance to a corner. It's her. She was smiling at herself, deep draw stamping ,die cast light housing, still with her familiar ruffian smile. Tong Zhi pulled the corners of his mouth and gave her a reassuring smile. He is now the son of heaven, the father said, usually can not be seen by others, can cause their emotional fluctuations of people or things. Mu Wanqing nodded to him, took Ye Yu Mo's hand, and disappeared into the crowded crowd. As long as you are happy, whenever you need it, I will be your solid backing. Besides, Mu Wanqing, after the hidden task is completed, he specializes in the night feather road. For more than a year, they have been wandering in many places hand in hand. North to the depths of the desert, west to the sea, mountains and rivers, great rivers and mountains have left two footprints. Mo, let's go back. I haven't been back for such a long time. I don't know how Zhong Qing is. I miss him a little. Mu Wanqing rode on horseback and said to the night feather Mo on one side. The warm golden sunset gave her gorgeous face a golden halo, with a fascinating mystery. And Zhong Qing, who was dealing with things in the Sun and Moon Sect, was full of resentment, but he sneezed firmly. Must be that damn night feather Mo is calculating himself again. It is said that when you have a wife, you forget your mother. He is squeezing his old friend to death when he has a wife. What a careless friend! Make friends carelessly. But he did not know that for a long time in the future, he would suffer unspeakably because of what Mu Wanqing said casually. Mother Zhong, Miss Ben is back. Come out quickly to meet Miss Ben. ” As soon as he approached the courtyard of Yeyumo, Mu Wanqing shouted loudly and called Zhong Qing to greet him. The original face is not good night feather Mo, when hearing that clock mother, refreshed. Very good. Let's call mother Zhong in the future. Zhong Dajun, who was inexplicably betrayed, had tears in his eyes and was speechless. What did you do to get to know the couple? Chapter 98 Demon Sect Leader VS Female Bandits (29). The return of Ye Yu Mo is a good thing for some people. It's bad for some people. For Zhong Qing, it is a mixed blessing. If every time Mu Wanqing comes to look for himself, Ye Yu Mo should not follow him. Staring at himself with his penetrating eyes, he felt that life was still very beautiful. And there are people who have done something in secret. Are careful, afraid of being caught by the night feather Mo handle. That night, when the peony flowers outside the Sun and Moon Church were in full bloom, Mu Wanqing was clamoring for a flower appreciation meeting. He went to enjoy the flowers with a group of little maids and believers who had no task. Ye Yu Mo and Zhong Qing went into the Chamber of Secrets. During this period of time, although he was not in the church, he arranged Zhong Qing to search for clues secretly and vowed to pull out the traitor. When Ye Yu Mo and Zhong Qing came out of the secret room, they saw the little servant girl in a panic outside. Isn't this the little servant girl that the little thing is following? "Master!"! Miss Mu, Miss Mu, she's hurt! The little girl was out of breath and found the backbone in an instant. What did you say Ye Yu Mo grabbed the little servant girl by the neck, lifted the person in front of him,metal stamping parts, stared at a pair of blood-red eyes and asked. Me, me, me.. 。 autoparts-dx.com