First-line female forensic doctor

  • But at this time, the mother of the dragon felt that the warm big hand that had been holding her hand had exerted a little force. Then, she heard the dragon father some heartache also helpless voice rang up, "little fool." Mother Long was slightly taken aback. Then she quickly raised her head and looked at the dragon's father. Little fool.. These three words, when the two of them were friends, and when they were newly married, the dragon father always called himself that, but later I don't know when, the three words of the little fool, they gradually stopped calling. And today, the dragon father actually called out again. Mother Long couldn't tell what kind of mood she was in at this moment. But her nose is a little sour. Father Long's eyes were deep and calm at this time. And his voice was calmer. He looked up at Long Aotian. Let's have a rest first, and then you can make an appointment with the girl in the evening, and we can have a meal together in the evening. Long Aotian nodded, "good!" Although only a word, but the dragon family can still hear a secret joy from the voice of the dragon Aotian. At that moment, the whole family could not help smiling secretly. They all know Long Aotian very well,Coil nail machine, so they can see clearly that Long Aotian really has deep feelings for that girl. "Father Long went on." Make an appointment with your major crimes team tomorrow, and we'll have dinner together. After all, they are your colleagues and your friends. Long Aotian nodded, and he had no opinion about his father's arrangement. Father Long continued, "We will check out the day after tomorrow, and we will go to your villa." Long Aotian frowned,Automatic Nail Making Machine, "Dad." Without waiting for Long Aotian to say anything, Long's father raised his hand directly to stop him. The day after tomorrow, we will solve the problem of your cousin. Since it is a leech, they have sucked a lot of blood from our dragon family. But it's time for her to give us an explanation of what happened in those years. Long Ao Tian's eyes are deep. I see. …… But Long Aotian returned to the Bureau, but did not see Lan Keying and the cockerel, and even Fang Jian was not there. What about the three of them? Long Aotian asked. Oh, chief, the three of them have gone to Hengchuan University. Yu Xiaobo said. Long Aotian frowned, "did you go to Hengchuan University?" "Yes!" Yu Xiaobo made it clear. Isn't Hengchuan University a medical school? The blue forensic doctor wants to go to the medical school to have a look. The blue forensic doctor said that if we only limit our vision to the scope of Hengchuan University, we will find that in this scope, only the medical school can get human bones without being suspected. "That's why forensic blue wanted to see it. We wanted to go with forensic blue, Nail production machine ,Nail machine manufacturer, but forensic blue said there was no need to go to so many people. She and the cockerel were not very good at driving, so let the little sword be her driver." 、 Long Aotian nodded, then reached into his pocket and took out his cell phone. He quickly pulled out Lan Keying's cell phone number and pulled it out. Lan Keying picked it up very quickly. Keying, are you going to Hengchuan University Medical College? Lan Keying nodded, "Yes, and we are going to Hengchuan University." Long Aotian immediately said, "I'll go there now." Lan Keying on the other side of the phone couldn't help laughing. You don't have to come over. Don't worry. I'll be all right. And you don't know my skill. With me, even if the cockerel will drag its feet, it won't be a problem. The cockerel covered his face. So I'm the one whose major is dragging me down. The car soon drove into Hengchuan University, although the three of them are not familiar with Hengchuan University, but there is an electronic map ah. Fang Jian drove all the way to the medical school indicated by the electronic map. Lan Keying sat on the car and watched the students on both sides of the school ride bicycles, or walk, or in small groups, or alone, or in large groups. Suddenly, Lan Keying's eyes froze. It was a grey-faced young man. At a glance, this man can only be described in one word, that is, he is out of his mind. Lan Keying's faint voice rang out, "Little Sword, stop." Fang Jian hurriedly stopped the car. Both the little sword and the cockerel immediately looked at Lan Keying. What's wrong with the master? Asked the cockerel. There is still a long way to go from the direction of medical school. Lan Keying did not answer, but left a sentence. You two wait for me here. Said, Lan Keying has directly pushed open the car door and walked down. The eyes of the cockerel and the small sword followed closely the back of Lan Keying. But she went to a man in a dirty white shirt in front of her. The student in the front who is wearing a white shirt and blue trousers, please wait a moment. Lan Keying's voice sounded. This face of Lan Keying definitely belongs to the one who can play that game. The beauty alone is much more durable than those actresses in movies and TV dramas. And this is a beautiful face with no retouching, no filters. And the ones on TV, I'm afraid, have at least been dermabrasion. , Now see this pure natural oxygen beauty, there is no most eye-catching, only too eye-catching. Just around the people, one by one stopped to look at Lan Keying. But the man in the dirty white shirt kept on walking. He didn't seem to realize that the nice female voice behind him was calling himself. Lan Keying soon rushed to the front of the man. The tone is still very polite. This classmate, can you stop for a moment? Lan Keying looked at each other's faces. Not only is the man's face not right, but his eyes are not right. How to say, normal people have something in their eyes, but this man's eyes are empty. It was as dark as a wild black hole. But if you look closely, there is madness and fear in it, intertwined,wire nail machine manufacturers, twisted into a twist. Lan Keying, such a magnificent beauty, has been blocked in front of him.