Forensic Qin Ming Series (Complete Works)

  • "Qi Xian died of mechanical asphyxia. The murderer committed violence from behind. The murder weapon may be a ribbon-like object with fluff on it." I said, "The policeman should have gone to drink and sing after dinner, drank too much, fell asleep in the taxi, and then was killed by the murderer who stole the gun." "Where should we start now?" The director of the county public security Bureau was transferred by the provincial department to handle a special case, so the deputy county magistrate in charge of public security presided over the special case meeting. As soon as he entered the room, he put on a haughty face and slowly swept everyone over. It's easy, "said Captain Zhao, who seemed to dislike the deputy county magistrate who did not understand the public security business." If we find out the source of the policeman's body, everything will be solved. We have checked, and this policeman is definitely not from our county Bureau. "How to solve it?" The deputy county magistrate heard the implication of Captain Zhao, "Even if you find someone, can you find out which taxi he took last?" "We have our way." Captain Zhao lacks confidence. The source of the corpse will soon be found, "Lin Tao said,wire nail machine manufacturers, breaking the awkward atmosphere." We not only found the DNA of the third man in the taxi besides the two dead, but also found the shell casing. According to the analysis of the cartridge case, the gun was archived and was the gun of the neighboring Shanbei police. Whose specific gun has been checked, and it is estimated that the results will be available in a short time. "Good job!" The deputy county magistrate raised his eyebrows and said, "But Dongqiao County, the nearest county in the north of the mountain,Iron Nail Making Machine, is more than 300 kilometers away from us!"! Did the policeman come here to corrupt us, or did the murderer go to Dongqiao County to commit the crime? Lin Tao shrugged his shoulders and said, "If you find out the source of the corpse, you should know." "The third person's DNA blood was found on the steering wheel and belonged to the same person as the blood attached to the explosives." The director of the technical team of the county public security Bureau said, "This should be the blood of the murderer.". In addition, the trace material evidence in the fingernails of the deceased given to us by Section Chief Qin should be wool material after examination. A young policewoman from the intelligence section of the county Bureau suddenly pushed open the door of the special task force and rushed in rashly. She blushed when she found everyone looking at her doubtfully. Why are there no rules at all? Captain Zhao said. Have Have There is progress. Said the policewoman out of breath. 4 "What's the hurry?" Captain Zhao said, "If you have something to say, say it well." The policewoman swallowed her saliva and said, "The source of the corpse has been found. It is Feng Qiang, the director of the Chengguan Police Station of the Dongqiao County Public Security Bureau." "Has he been on a business trip recently?" Captain Zhao is most concerned about the location of the crime. I'm sure not. I was in Dongqiao County before I disappeared. I went to KTV with several local bosses two days ago and then I disappeared. Said the policewoman. It seems that the murderer is not simple, iron nail machine ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, pulling the body hundreds of kilometers to bury. Captain Zhao said. I took a sip of water and said, "No wonder.". Many criminals will find a place they are familiar with to bury their bodies, so that they can find the sense of security they need. "Can you find anything from the city surveillance?" The deputy county magistrate is eager to show his achievements in developing urban surveillance. This work has already been done, "Captain Zhao said." The camera performance is poor, and it is impossible to see the license plate number at night. " The county magistrate opened his mouth and finally did not make a sound. Our working group has rushed to Dongqiao, and there may be some clues in the surveillance of KTV. The policewoman added, "The working group asked the task force, do you still want to go?" Captain Zhao looked at me and asked for my advice. I shook my head and said, "Since the criminal is familiar with the geographical environment on our side, and he first robbed and killed the taxi driver on our side to get the car, he should be on our side.". So, I think it's better if we stay and wait for the news. Once you have a suspect, you can search his home. Captain Zhao nodded and agreed. The deputy county magistrate announced the end of the meeting. Everyone put away their notebooks and returned to their posts, anxiously waiting for the good news from the working group that rushed to Dongqiao County. I sat in front of the computer in the hotel and looked at the photos of the case. Suddenly, the circular badge print on the taxi seat aroused my strong interest. I enlarged the picture and looked at it upside down, and I always felt a little familiar. Suddenly, a light flashed in my dizzy brain. I couldn't wait to plug in the U disk and open the whole case of "Yuntai Case". I stared at the computer screen and turned over the photos of several cases of "Yuntai Case" one by one. In my memory, I always feel as if I have seen a similar circular imprint somewhere. Is it difficult for today to be the day when the "Yuntai case" is solved? After turning over for three hours without moving, I finally found the picture in my mind. This is a photo of the scene of the murder and rape of a female student three years ago. Next to the victim, there was a fresh hip print. After comparing the traces at the scene, it was ruled out that it was the hip print of a female student. Because this hip print has no specific characteristics, it has not been taken seriously. When I first looked at the photos of the case, I felt vaguely that there was a mark on the edge of the hip print, but I didn't go to the picture processing, so I only left an impression. I called the public security image processing professionals of the county Bureau, and in less than an hour, the edge of the hip print in this picture was processed ten times more clearly. That's the mark of a police uniform button! I was so happy that I was at a loss. I fumbled for my cell phone and dialed Division Marshal Huang's phone: "Elder Martial Brother, Elder Martial Brother, I found a major clue to the'Yuntai Case '!"! An absolutely important clue! Division Marshal Huang is in a meeting, lowering his voice and asking: "What clue?" "I found a mark that could tell the murderer was a man in police trousers." I say Policeman Division Marshal Huang asked in surprise. Not necessarily, it could be a security guard, a Chengguan or something, "I said." Any profession that wears a uniform that imitates a police uniform is possible. " Division Marshal Huang was quiet for a moment and then said: "What's the use?"? We don't have a clue right now. No matter what his profession is,Nail Making Machine price, as long as there is a suspect, he will be pulled to do DNA testing. Besides, do you dare to say that there is no need to check except for uniformed professions? 。