Eighty Little Wife

  • "There will be no next time, I promise." Xia Han has a sincere face. Now that he knows that he cares about this, naturally there will be no next time, Xia Han naturally can not be ignored because he is a child. Seeing that her aunt and nephew were as good as before, Wu Ying breathed a sigh of relief and patted Xia Han on the shoulder: "Then you play with them here, and I'll go to cook." "They are all doing their homework, so I won't bother them. I'll go back to my room and lie down for a while. It's just the beginning of school, and I'm a little tired." She didn't want to be among the children who had been facing a day at school. After Wu Ying hears, push her to go to a room at once: "Ok, then you go, when the meal is ready, I call you." Although she had tidied up the room, there were still traces of the original owner everywhere, which made Xia Han involuntarily think of his original room, and did not know how the original owner was there? Remembering the picture she saw last time, she should have a good life. When it was time for the meal, all the people who worked in the Xia family came back one after another. Xia Han thought of his plan and went out without waiting for Wu Ying to call him. Little sister came back. He Qi didn't come with you? Xia Long asked. He has a lot of things to do when he just joined the company. Xia Han explained with a smile. After dinner, everyone gathered around to chat again,Coil Nail Making Machine, and Xia Han took out the prepared lipstick and handed it to Wu Ying and her two sisters-in-law. Wu Ying is a little curious: "What is this?" "This is lipstick. Autumn is coming, and the lips are getting drier and drier. It will be very moist to wear this." Xia Han explained. Then this must not be cheap. Wu Ying felt a little distressed about Xia Han's wallet. A dollar each. Then seeing Wu Ying's changed face, she immediately added: "But I don't want money." When Deng Rong heard this, she could not help snorting, and she said, how could Xia Han be so generous and send them such expensive things? The little sister is so powerful that she can do it by herself. Chen Yue praised him. No,Nail machine supplier, I'll do it a few more times. Xia Han is still that kind of speech. Xia Han looked at them and painted them on their lips with great interest, then pursed their lips and lowered their heads to study. The summer tiger on the side that provoke teases: "Little younger sister, you light prepared a thing to mom they, we and father should not be without." Xia Han patted his head and said, "Yes, I forgot that you can actually use it. I'll bring you one when I come back tomorrow." The two brothers, Xia Hu and Xia Long, opened their mouths together: "That's all right." "Why? It's easy to use. My colleagues have ordered a lot of lipsticks and lipsticks from me. It's much easier than class. I'm going to open a shop to do this." Xia Han could not help holding his breath and waiting for Xia Zhiguo's reaction. The author has something to say: Tomorrow's update will be at 11:30 p.m. on the 2nd, which is also ten thousand more. Mada, if everyone is short of articles, I recommend the final article of Pangtao. It can be seen from the column. The column asks everyone to keep it. 、27 The Xia family all looked at Xia Han with an expression of "Are you crazy?" Deng Rong even sneered. She said how could Xia Han become docile when he got married? He was waiting here. Wu Ying took one look at his man's changed face, and hurriedly winked at Xia Han: "Minor Cold, are you kidding? Do you know how much thought your father spent on finding this job for you?"? Although he is still a substitute teacher in the past two years, Automatic nail machine ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, he will naturally become a formal employee in another two years. Xia Han knows that people at this time look down on the self-employed, especially those who boast of holding an iron rice bowl, but they do not know that their so-called iron rice bowl is not a real iron rice bowl. She glanced at the expression of the Xia family, except for the gloating in Deng Rong's eyes, everyone else frowned with a look of disapproval. She cleared her throat and said in a gentle voice, "Dad, I know you've put a lot of thought into this job for me, but I really don't like this job, so my plan to open a shop is not just talk, it's the result of my careful consideration." "I don't like it. You worked for two years before you got married. Why didn't you say you didn't like it? I think your wings are hard, aren't they?" Xia Zhiguo even felt that this was her resistance to forcing her to marry. It was because I didn't find another way out before, and now I can also support myself by doing this. And she has bigger goals to achieve. "People are looking for you to buy it now, but for the sake of the fact that everyone is in the same office, do you think it's really your thing?" Xia Zhiguo doesn't believe that those people haven't seen these things. Even if the supply and marketing cooperatives don't have them, there must be some in the department store. Dad, you can't be so judgmental. What makes you think they didn't come to me because of what I made? Xia Han's tone was a little excited. They could deny her, but they couldn't deny what she did. Minor Cold, your father is also for your own good, you see now everyone is desperately trying to find a stable job, how can you push it out, Minor Cold, you listen to us, we are all for your own good, will not harm you, do you know? Wu Ying tried her best to persuade. At this moment, Xia Han seems to have returned to the year when she applied for the college entrance examination. Her parents also kept saying that it was for her own good, but they wanted her to apply for the volunteer she didn't like. And then the career choice, forcing her to have a blind date, which time is not under the slogan of being good for her to force her to do something she doesn't want to do, if it's really good for her, will she not even know what she likes to do? Seeing that Xia Han lowered his eyes and did not speak, Wu Ying called her worriedly: "Minor Cold?" In front of the face and the memory of the face gradually coincide, Xia Han finally could not help but open his mouth: "For my good, what is good for me, then you know what I really like, what I really want?"? What you call being good for me is just to satisfy your own vanity. "Xia Han." It was Xia Long who scolded her this time, and his tone was unhappy. Xia Han looked up at them, each with a face of disapproval, disapproval of her words, as if the moment she opened her mouth,wire nail making machine, everyone stood on the opposite side of her, they were a line-ups, and she was alone. 3shardware.com