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  • "Plain cannon?" Chapter 1230 forced marriage. The early morning air in the countryside is always cool, but some people are anxious to get angry early in the morning. Huang Baihe is standing in the middle of the highway with more than a dozen cars, but there is a large flooded country in front of him. The roads and houses are all washed away by the flood. Oh, how could it be like this? How could there be a flood? Yellow Lily hands akimbo hurriedly round and round, medicinal materials processing plant is still thousands of meters away, without binoculars can only see an outline, do not look for a boat is certainly unable to pass. A female bodyguard walks over to say: "Young Lady!"! Don't worry, we didn't find the car that had an accident all the way, and Juanzi protected her. The second young lady must have arrived at Zhang Ziyu safely. Besides, who else can help her escape marriage besides Zhang Ziyu? "This dead girl is so bold that we're going to let her die." Huang Baihe clapped his forehead angrily and said, "The news of the marriage spread last night, but once the matter of escaping marriage is known to outsiders, our family will hit Ouyang Bai in the face in public. With his temper, he will be friendly on the surface, but it will not make us feel better behind his back!" "Miss Huang!"! Good morning. Suddenly! An armored convoy slowly stopped at the side of the road. A big bald head wearing sunglasses jumped out of the first car. Huang Baihe's face immediately changed. He hurriedly greeted him and said with a smile, "Brother Dadong!"! Why are you here in person? Are you going to meet Zhang Ziyu? Dadong took off his sunglasses and asked with an expressionless face,carnosic acid price, "I heard that your sister left the city overnight. It seems that she can't come back, can she?" "Brother Dadong, don't get me wrong." Huang Baihe hurriedly laughed and said, "The child was rebellious. Knowing that our family had a heavy burden, she wanted to help me share some of the pressure secretly. She went to find Zhang Ziyu overnight and wanted to buy a batch of goods on credit and come back early to sell them. We were frightened!" That's good! I thought she looked down on our second son and wanted to hide in Zhang Ziyu's runaway marriage. Dadong nodded his head and turned to look at the flooded area in front of him. He said, "How are you going to bring your sister back? The medicine factory is almost flooded into an isolated island. If you want to go there,ghana seed extract, you can only go around Shiniu County. I'm afraid you don't have the courage, do you?" "Don't worry!"! We can find two boats to get across. Huang Baihe patted his chest with a smile, but Dadong pointed to the front and said, "Do you see those ripples of water? They are all water ghosts moving below. The night ghosts can also move freely when they go down. Our boss also wants you to work for him. You'd better not go down to die!" "Thank you for reminding me that I really didn't know there was a water ghost." Yellow Lily frightened back two steps, who knows her words have not fallen sound, suddenly heard "bang bang" a few shots, far away to see a few ropes shot into the water of the woods, has been extended to the other side of the river, followed by a short time and pulled up a few big nets. That's Zhang Ziyu's people, they won't be fishing. Gunmen are all surprised to come over, Dadong also took a telescope suspiciously, ghana seed extract ,saw palmetto extract, who knows a few big nets are not fishing nets at all, only half of them sank into the water, the rest are hanging on the surface of the water, obviously not to catch fish. I know, they are fishing for floating objects. Sharp-eyed people immediately saw that the place they chose was the lower reaches of the water, and the supplies washed down from the upper reaches would be intercepted by the big net, but the people who fished for things did not wait, one by one took out stools and fishing rods, and leisurely fished crayfish on the shore. Someone immediately exclaimed, "***!"! They are fishing for crayfish, and some people are catching crabs. This courage is too fat. Aren't you afraid that the water ghost will go ashore and eat them? "Brother Dadong!"! They put something in the water, and all the water ghosts who came near ran away. A gunman hurriedly pointed to the front, Dadong immediately looked at the past with binoculars, only to see a small cargo is close to the shore of the water, there are more than a dozen thick bamboo poles inserted in the container, all with long wires falling on them, has been sinking into the river. "This boy is really a talent ah, actually use the thing of electric fish to drive water ghost." Dadong hung down his telescope with a gloomy face, but the man of Yellow Lily suddenly fired a few shots into the air. A guy with a loud voice climbed onto the roof of the car, waved and jumped, and shouted: "Hello!"! We're from Huang Ji's pawnshop. Please ask our second young lady to come out and speak! All the people on the other side of the river got up and looked over. They actually took out a big sign from the car and stuck it on the shore. They only saw it written in big red letters. Please use the Kenwood walkie-talkie. Please tune to Channel 8 for business. Please tune to Channel 6 for going to the big family. Please go away if you are just asking. Hurry, hurry! Channel 8, channel 8.. Huang Baihe roared and jumped and waved, but after her men handed her the walkie-talkie, she just shouted Xia Buer twice and said with a bad smile, "Oh, Huang Damei!"! Come here so early. Are you afraid that I will bully your sister or that she won't go back? "No!"! I'm just asking if the lark is safe with you. Huang Baihe hurriedly glanced at Dadong. Xia Buer answered briskly, "I've already arrived. I had a midnight snack and took a bath last night. I just got up and harmed my old hen. I'm going to eat chicken legs early in the morning. You really stuffed a foodie for me. If she eats it again, I'll go bankrupt!" "Excuse me!"! I'll give you the food when the water goes down. Huang Baihe breathed a sigh of relief, as long as people are all right, and Huang Bailing's voice suddenly rang up, how to say: "Sister!"! What are you doing here when it's flooded outside? Hurry back. I'm very happy here. No one dares to bully me! "You.." The yellow Lily made her face green with anger. She said angrily, "Don't you think about it? Do you know that my father didn't sleep a wink for you all night? I should have locked you at home last night. When the water receded, roll back immediately, or I'll break your calf!" "Why are you so fierce? I didn't say I wouldn't go back." Huang Bailing said carelessly, "Sister!"! I may be sorry for one thing. It's not that my sister has no conscience. My brother-in-law is so handsome. It's estimated that when I go back, there will be two people. But you will always be my good sister. I don't mind sharing a husband with you. You certainly don't mind,phycocyanin spirulina, do you? "What?"? You, you, you.. 。