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  • Augustus did not know, he only knew one thing, that is, Ye Wudao humiliated his sacred and inviolable dignity and trampled his noble blood under the feet of the anti-dirty. Juliet. I will fulfill my promise now. Augustus sea strong hold in the chest anger, Made a let the unimaginable decision, "You come to stand for me, I would like to see the goddess of luck green magnesium is you, Or I?" Since want to use the way of civilization, So he wants to use the most can strike pick leaf without way way to defeat its dignity, Leaf without way in the Vatican make a big fuss when he just all So he missed the opportunity of direct confrontation, and he volunteered for this trip to China. In the casino surveillance room, Augustus Hay makes a secret promise to Juliette Dice. That is to say, he decided the victory or defeat between him and Ye Wudao by gambling. If Ye Wudao wins, then he has nothing to say. From now on, he will not embarrass Ye Wudao any more. If he loses, I'm sorry. Then he has to escort him back to the Holy See and let the Pope deal with him personally. Do you want to win or lose by betting? "Ye Wudao recognized the meaning of Augustus's words.". His eyes walked slowly along the field, the Vatican, the Atlantean gods,pumpkin seed extract, if you don't die tonight, it's all thanks to that promise. Although Ye Wudao did not know what Augustus Hai had promised Juliette, he guessed Juliette's mentality. As a casino manager, of course, I don't want the casino I manage to be torn apart. "What are you good at?" Laughed Augustus. " I? I don't seem to be good at anything You seem to be good at everything, so you can do whatever you want. Ye Wudao has never been afraid of anyone at the gambling table. Arrogance must have capital to have confidence. That's your bet, BLACKJACK. BLACK JACK,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, JI ", namely BLACK JACK, blackjack, the simplest thing is always the love of the real master." Yes, of course. Shall we start now? Augustus looked at Ye Wudao and suddenly smiled. He suddenly had a better idea. Black Jack was not his specialty. But he knows how to turn something he's not good at into something he's good at. What are you laughing at? Did God give you instructions again? "Ye Wudao asked casually, just casually. No matter how the other side changed, he was calm and calm. Since the Vatican and the Atlantis family, as well as Nestor, opened their cards, it meant that there were no variables, and he would not be distracted." Although you are a good gambler, you are always idle and can't be a banker. Although Augustus was angry, he knew how to control his true emotions absolutely. "Oh?" Still asked lightly. Ye Wudao's performance is like a master of conversation who knows when to be smart and when to be confused. Only in this way can we make use of each other's play. Because you bet on the rules, jujube seed powder ,lutein eye complex, and I'm the one who makes the rules. Augustus Hai clearly felt that Ye Wudao's momentum was completely suppressed by himself, but I don't know why, he didn't have the feeling of victory in hand, which link went wrong? He did not like his opponent to be so calm, he was intoxicated with the humble crawling of the enemy at his feet, he longed for the maneuver of Louis XIV, the Sun King, and was obsessed with Julius Caesar's "I see, I conquer". He wants the Vatican's religious territory to cover the whole of Europe and then the world! "Is it?"? I'd like to hear your rules. Ye Wudao's expression was extremely quiet, and he sat there like an elusive deep pool. What on earth is he up to? In the casino, dozens of pairs of eyes are looking at Ye Wudao, all thinking about a question. Isabery also found that the man around her did not know when, quietly covered with a layer of clouds, from the outside, it is difficult to see through his heart, if she can figure out Ye Wudao three points before entering the casino, now she is simply unable to fathom the thinking of this unrestrained man. Although Augustus could not see through Ye Wudao, he still said his rules. He could not think of any reason why he lost. He gazed into the eyes of the man opposite him and said, "BLACKJACK rules remain unchanged. I just add a few more changes to them.". ” At this time, everyone in the place saw Augustus Sea take out a blue silk scarf embroidered with gold lilies from his side and cover his eyes without saying a word. Nestor, who had now left the casino, stood aside, and his face changed at the sight of Augustus. A blind bet? He had only heard of this technique, but had never witnessed it. Another gambler in the field, Nine Fingers, also showed an incredible expression. What on earth does this darling of Europe want to do? Perhaps Steve Wynn, the legendary gambling king, chose blind gambling as his helpless choice. And what is Paul's purpose in doing this? Ye Wudao held his chin in his hand and smiled silently. This rule is really interesting, although he has not tried, but it does not mean that he will not. Blind gambling is the best way to test his gambling skills. Isabelle found that Ye Wudao looked at her eyes became naked, as if demanding, as if asking, she suddenly realized that there was something missing from his eyes, he needed a piece of cloth to cover his eyes. Unfortunately, she can't give Ye Wudao anything, underwear? Ye Wudao's eyes became more and more presumptuous. He stared at the coquettish woman beside him, but accidentally discovered one thing. Even the most lascivious woman in the world had her shy moment. A woman's shyness is a man's treasure, and relaxation before the war is not a bad thing. Everyone in the field looked at Ye Wudao with the same eyes, or contempt, or surprise, or doubt,rosmarinic acid supplement, but most of them were ridicule. It turned out to be just a lady-killer! Prince Augustus overestimated him. Of course, there are a few people who see that Ye Wudao is not old enough to match his age. This kind of iron psychological will makes it difficult for Augustus to be his opponent. Don't think that's all the rules are. The blindfolded Augustus Sea seemed to be able to see the changes in the field. The scepter that dominated the atmosphere was in the hands of the other side. He needed the gun back. Next, I'm talking about the second change. 。