Acura Female Doctor: Abandoned Women with Babies Are Arrogant

  • Gu Changsheng and Zhou Mu overflow of the spirit body, a bit of a vanishing posture, and barbarian insects that holy golden phantom, but also gradually abused into a bright red. The bright red insect body, as if weeping blood. It's a bit of a barbarian insect, the way it looks when it doesn't wake up. "Whoa." What the hell? What the hell is this? It's burning the baby to death! The voice of the egg bug came in panic. Your uncle's God! Are you really going to kill God? Aren't you afraid of the extinction of the gods of the world? I. I am really defeated by you! The sound of insects jumping their feet! "Whoa, it hurts!"! Dandan Niang, help! "You shut up!"! Did not drop my price! Even if I fall, I will fall with the posture of a God! "But the balls really hurt." "I am with you, don't I feel pain?"? Is Gu Changsheng this abominable human, unexpectedly brings to me such a disaster! What a way to kill God! Heaven wants to end the path of God! You're going to die! You go to hell! Don't let your balls die! Eggs haven't lived enough. "You shut up!" On the common body of barbarian and egg, holy gold and blood red, constantly rotating and tangling. Up and down the ring, looking at the phantom of gold and red, looking at its mouth, spitting out two different tones of words, even where to quarrel, for a moment, there is a feeling of nervous disorder. But in the blink of an eye, in the middle of the ring, several spiritual bodies, already under the raging of thunder and fire, have the call of collapse! Gu Changsheng was pulled away from the spirit, has begun to scatter from the soles of the feet, into a meteor-like star, disappeared in the thunder and fire,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, blink of an eye. And Zhou Mu was forcibly pulled away from the spiritual body, the situation is not much better, under the raging of thunder and fire, gradually exhausted, lost his spirit. "Your Royal Highness, the Southern Emperor and Prince Mu, are you going to be robbed?" Under the ring, do not know who, murmured such a sentence, in an instant,fenugreek saponins, a stone stirred up a thousand waves, the crowd under the ring, is surrounded by a desolate atmosphere. But on the ring, those hermit family people, see this, but look very excited! "Nine days punish thunder!"! Gu Changsheng, you absolutely can't pass it! Your soul is waiting for you! "Magnificent south emperor, magnanimous big week prince, fall under the nine thunder, also be regarded as a well-deserved death!"! A well-deserved death! Ha-ha "If that breath of God can survive and be obtained by our hermit family, it would be perfect!"! Ha-ha God help me, reclusive family! God help my hermit family! "Where do the elders of the hermit family know how to fall back and forth?" Shut the *** up, old man! If something happens to the old man's disciple today, even if the old man throws caution to the wind, he will not die with you! But the doctor immortal old man, hears their words, immediately turns head, the eyes want to crack the angry rebuke way. At this time, mulberry leaf extract weight loss ,turmeric extract powder, on the arena of Nirvana contest, nine thunderbolts raged, wantonly destroying the sweeping two people and one worm, in the castellan mansion, a door closed for several days, but slowly opened. Chapter 1190 Gu Taitian forbids me! Out of sight in the darkness, a scruffy figure staggered out of the door! Gu Taitian's withered hands, clinging to the door frame, anxiously looked at the sky, only one glance, on the look of fear, body trembling, absent murmur, "my son!"! My daughter! It's for my father that I hurt you! It's for my father that I hurt you. The compass in his hand fell to the ground and fell to pieces. Gu Taitian was originally very refined, difficult to hide the former elegance of the face, now, full of grief. "I for you, seclusion side for a few days, deduce the fate of many reincarnation, unexpectedly is such an answer!"! It's such an answer! My son, I and the weak water, too selfish, only want to let you get rid of the fate of early death, in this otherworldly rebirth, never thought, unexpectedly brought you to this desperate situation.. "If, stay in that era, the soul still has the opportunity of reincarnation, but, fall in this time and space, everything." Everything will be annihilated. The time I saw for my father was desolate and dark, just like now. Time is barren, the sun and the moon are gone, and it is dark! My son.. For the father to play the past and the present, but get such a conclusion, you let the father, there is no face, face with you? It is your father's tiredness that has hurt you! Guilty as a father! It's a sin to be a father. Said, Gu Taitian swung his hands, frantically patting his chest, originally elegant face, completely a self-reproach to the appearance of madness. "My son!"! My son! I feel the breath of your soul. "My son!"! It was a father who put you through this pain! It's the father's fault! "Is this the punishment of refining the soul in the realm of transformation?"? Is this the day that wants to hinder my son's life? Looking up at the sky, Gu Taitian's messy hair spread out on his cheeks. In his old eyes, there was a flash of stubbornness. He raised his hand and pointed angrily, "Heaven and earth are heartless!"! Why do you force people to do this! Time is desolate, and all things pass away! You even want to deprive my son of the chance to live in the world! Gu Taitian, don't! Said, Gu Taitian's old face, showed a trace of panic color, anxious in situ. "I'm not allowed to take care of Taitian!"! No! No one can hurt my child! Weishui and I have guarded the child for two lifetimes! No! Don't.. "Bang!" In the anxious rotation, Gu Taitian turned around and hit the door frame beside him. In an instant.. Blood is flowing.. "Insect God Barbarian!" "Bang!" "Insect God Barbarian!" "Bang!" "Insect God Barbarian!" “……” A sound of collision, a piece of blood flower, in Gu Taitian's head, blooming. Blood, dripping.. Covered with Gu Taitian's clothes. And he, so stubborn, bumped again and again,akba boswellic acid, his mouth kept calling. "Insect God Barbarian!" At this time, outside the castellan mansion, on the nirvana arena..