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  • Zhao Gang, who was not far from him, was a little impatient. "You guys were mysterious at the beginning, and now you're still like this. We can't escape at all!" He roared, but the other side did not seem to hear, did not pay attention to him, so Zhao Gang angrily went over and took off the headphones on Gong Yun's ears, "I want to listen, what are you listening to?" But when he grabbed the earphone, he pulled it hard and found that the other end of the earphone was not connected to anything at all, just an earphone. Seeing this scene, everyone was a little surprised. It's just a headphone cable. Yeah, yeah, how could the other side keep an electronic device for them? Chapter 595 Battle Royale (14). This book is provided for download by http://www.qingkan520.com/. The killer didn't want them to know anything about the outside world. That's why it happened. And what he's been wearing is just a headphone cable that's not connected to an electronic product. Is that necessary? "Neuropathy." Zhao Gang said in a low voice, this is simply neuropathy, can not hear any sound, why wear it all day? I can't figure it out. I'm just a freak. He returned the headset to Gong Yun, "I'm sorry." It's really not good to do that just now. At least I don't respect others very much. It's better to be harmonious in a small group now. Gong Yun did not speak and still put on his headphones. Don't make trouble. I just want to hear Gong Yun's opinion. I think it has nothing to do with him. Lin Qiang frowned at Zhao Gang's actions. Xiang Fei felt a little guilty. Who do you think the killer is? Xu Yang looked at Lin Qiang and seemed to be waiting for his conclusion. Lin Qiang sat there with his legs crossed. "I think it's Yin Xiaofang. You see, she's a medical student. It's convenient to start. And in order to take care of Liu Li, it's not very far from him at that time, is it?" Yin Xiaofang was called, but also wronged as a murderer, instantly angry, "why are you wronged ah!"! I want Brother Liu to get better most! Ji Ling hugged her and glared at Lin Qiang. "Don't talk nonsense!" Others also disagree, Lin Qiang looked around,tannic acid astringent, then smiled, "I said casually, just when I said you were the murderer, looked around, to fly, you are not honest, why did you kill Liu Li?" After he said the reason why he wronged Yin Xiaofang, everyone heard what he said behind him, turned to look at Xiang Fei, and felt that what Lin Qiang had just said was also reasonable. Winter and summer swept the past, this is the IQ on the line? Xiang Fei immediately retorted, "What are you talking about? I didn't kill Brother Liu. Don't wrong me."? Do you still want to accuse me of looking for the murderer? He said that everyone was a little confused. Lin Qiang snorted coldly, stesweet stevia ,naringenin price, "The murderer was you. I didn't bother to say it at first. Anyway, Liu Li's life or death has nothing to do with me. We are not in contact when we go out. But the problem is that we can't go out now. So I feel sick when I put such a piece of shit in it." "I didn't sleep at all that night, so I heard a noise. You walked past me. It was dark, but I vaguely thought it might be you, but I didn't know what you were going to do." "When you heard the sound, you had already killed Liu Li. Am I right?" Lin Qiang looked at him coldly. "Everyone was tired and slept to death. I didn't sleep because I couldn't sleep." Xiang Fei's face turned pale in an instant. He looked at Lin Qiang. "I didn't have it at all." It wasn't me. He covered his face and began to suffer. "I didn't want to kill him at first." Other people's expressions are very complicated, it seems that they did not expect that Xiang Fei was really the murderer, this usually quiet, seemingly honest man, would be so ruthless to do such a thing. This is unacceptable to everyone. All right, don't pretend. Lin Qiang looked at him coldly. And when Xiang Fei looked at Lin Qiang with hatred in his eyes, "What good thing do you think you are?"? If you're so righteous, why didn't you stop me? Why did I stop you? What you have done is a good thing for me. What if I can go out today? Unfortunately, if I don't go out, I will die in the end. It's just a few days after my mistake. Chapter 596 Battle Royale (15). This book is provided for download by http://www.qingkan520.com/. "Lin Qiang, you." Yin Xiaofang really can't say anything. Xiang Fei is terrible, but this Lin Qiang is not a good man, he can see that this person can not be believed. Xiang Fei, what else do you want to say? Xu Yang looked at him. To fly against the head, and then chuckle twice, "I was a vagrant, I helped you solve a problem, you are still not satisfied?" The expression on his face was full of sarcasm, as if he looked down on other people and felt that they were cheap and well-behaved. But Lin Qiang did not speak and sneered. Xu Yang's expression is ugly, "what do you mean, none of us have ever thought of killing people!"! Even if you want to cut off Liu Li's finger, why did you kill him in the end? Yeah, if it's enough to just cut off your finger, why kill someone? "That's because …" I looked like I just cut off my finger, but he saw me and saw it was me, so I couldn't help it. Said Xiang Fei, who sat there slumping. Seemed to have collapsed, and Li Rui walked over, intending to ask specific things, only to see him just close to fly, the other side suddenly burst into attack, a Li Rui pressed on the ground, "What are you doing?" Xu Yang roared. The others were stunned, not knowing what Xiang Fei wanted to do and why he suddenly attacked Li Rui? Xiang Fei laughed twice, "You people, all go to die,lycopene for skin, all go to die!" He began to attack Li Rui like crazy, and kept kicking and punching Li Rui, but Zhao Gang had already rushed to stop him. prius-biotech.com