Beast Blood Boils _ Jingguan _ txt Novel Paradise

  • The body of this knight was like a mythical giant. Although he was sitting and half of his body was still underwater, he had reached more than three meters high. His body was like a mountain, a ridge, and the Creator seemed to have concentrated all the masculinity and muscles of men on him alone. He wore a suit of armor made from the scarlet carapace of lobsters and seaweed, and his eyes sparkled with the light of destruction that seemed to stop the flow of the sea wherever it swept. The chest of the giant's armor was carved with a shield-shaped coat of arms, surrounded by staghorn coral, and in the middle was a huge sea God weapon, the trident and crown. The sea was running over his armor, his head was shaved and blue in the sun, and two long whiskers hung from his lips. Samurai Benny Road! After Helen exclaimed, she quickly covered her mouth. No wonder he seems to have the power to destroy the world. It turns out that he is the most powerful orca warrior of the Benilu tribe in the sea tribe. Liu was shocked and woke up. The Benelux warriors of the Sea Clan are like the Elephant Warriors of Oregon in Beamon,pump tube, like the Dragon Knights of Man, like the Mountain Giants of the Giant Nation; they are all warriors at the top of the pyramid, invincible, and the result of all gods being completely partial in their creation. Benny Road warriors are all guards of the undersea royal family, and the origin of the crown on their chest is derived from this. The existence of a Benny Road warrior proves the inevitable emergence of the royal family in the sea. Liu shock quietly glanced around,cosmetic tube, Xu old man just proud look disappeared in an instant, replaced by inexplicable surprise. Liu shook and looked at the clam girl, the clam girl Ning Yu is still so calm. This discovery shocked Liu a little depressed. He thought his psychological quality should be the best. The appearance of the clam woman greatly reduced his pride. Adult More than a dozen Magic Shark Knights bowed to the Benny Road Knight on their mounts. Small and fragile creatures, tell me who you are! Benelux's voice rolls like thunder in a storm, his vocal cords feel like a giant war drum, and his eyes scan the ants like the king of beasts on the top of a mountain. We are the descendants of the voyagers of the East a thousand years ago, and our bows are marked with the Cartier insignia and the collision angle. Ferguson. Xu replied respectfully. 。“ The sea people have not forgotten the covenant they made. If you are allowed to walk in our sky, why did you hunt our beast parents the day before yesterday? "In that case, plastic packaging tube ,cosmetic plastic tube, I, Louis, the hereditary Viscount of the Benelux Clan, Chief of the Praetorian Guard of the Western Sea," asked the Benelux Knight in a deep voice. Philip . Figo will show you humble creatures. What talent is anger from the sea! This anger is enough to melt a covenant as old as the snowy mountains of Temurraya. "Please listen to my explanation, my Lord!" Old man Xu said, "We didn't mean to hunt the creatures in the sea. It was because the swordfish pierced our boat while swimming at high speed the day before yesterday. When we pulled it out of the boat, it had broken its head and was bleeding too much. We couldn't bear it to suffer any more, so we helped it out.". You see, our ship is moored here and has just been repaired today. "It wasn't for us to bother." Liu shook and quietly winked at Helen. Shut up! The Benny Road Warrior flew into a rage. "Our swordfish are all long-range attack weapons of the kingdom. Each of them has been carefully trained. How can you compensate us?" "My Lord!" Mussel female Ning Yu couldn't help opening her mouth: "The style of the aristocrat is not to bully the weak. If you have to be so unreasonable, we can do nothing about it." All the panda sailors on the boat raised their harpoons and looked at the Benny Road warriors in the sea with suppressed anger on their faces. An arrogant and ignorant creature of the East! In the face of powerful opponents, but do not know how to show respect, this ignorance is enough to make your soul dissipate in the blue water! The Benelow Knight laughed back angrily and reached out and pulled out a huge weapon, an embroidered iron anchor, which was inserted under the coral saddle. As if carrying a toy, the whale warrior clapped the giant anchor in the palm of his hand. "It's time for the covenant of a thousand years ago to come to an end. I want to teach you a lesson and let you wake up. What is the invincible strength of the sea race?" Everyone was looking at the iron anchor, which must have been unloaded from a huge sunken ship. Three hooked anchor tips rolled into a strange arc, and countless red rust covered the top and bottom of the iron anchor. Everyone's eyes, also can not hide the appearance of a trace of panic. Except for Liu Shocking. He was imagining whether his power could resist the whale warrior, and the dragon power he possessed after being cursed filled him with the impulse of an upstart. A pair of white and tender hands held his hands tightly. There were waves in the sea again, and the mermaid princess riding a black and handsome seahorse appeared in front of everyone again. Shut up! Feigao! The voice of the mermaid princess is still so high. The Benny Road Knight immediately lowered his tall head. Human beings in the Far East! Mermaid Princess Avril raised her head and looked coldly at old man Xu. "You shoulder the mission of peace, but it must also be the premise of not destroying our living environment.". We have no intention to tear up the covenant made by our ancestors, which is an oath made to the supreme sea God. The prestige of the Chinese alligator warrior of the Cartier clan of your ship is still hanging on the cliff of the sea clan. However, this tragic swordfish murder can not be written off. In order to pursue you, I have spent three days of your precious time in the long sea. The appearance of a mermaid princess is enough to represent the patience and respect for the covenant of our sea people. Now as long as you hand over two crew members to apologize and swear that no such foolish thing will happen again, I promise you in the name of the undersea royal family that this matter will be written off. As soon as Liu saw it was her, he quickly shrank back,plastic laminted tube, but it was too late. The eyes of the mermaid princess and he on, Liu shook the forehead a burst of numbness, thought how so coincidentally.