Moonlight Goddess

  • "Nonsense!" Dongchuan Haoguang pillowed his hands under his head, raised one leg, and blew the long hair hanging from his forehead. Well, I said, what are you doing so close to me? "Boss, you are charming!"! Anyway, I have no weight. Blackie laughed like a thief. "Boss, why did they arrest you and not interrogate you?" "Do you have to ask?"? I guess they're sending all their manpower out to look for beautiful women now. Dongchuan Haoguang laughed happily. The boss seems very happy! Blackie was not afraid of death and said, "That's also true. It's much better to lie here freely and have me with you than to be raped!" "Go!" As soon as Dongchuan Haoguang waved his hand, Xiaohei was thrown a few meters away. Is the boss your joke, too? Xiaohei quickly came to Dongchuan Haoguang and said with a smile, "Boss, you are really beautiful when you become a woman. Xiaohei, I have never seen a more beautiful woman than you. Otherwise, you will become a woman in the future." "You want to die!" Dongchuan Haoguang waved Xiaohei aside again, "I knew you were a little goat without good intentions." "Boss, why does your Highness in the Temple of the Sun look like you?" Xiaohei knows what's interesting and doesn't go to mine. You ask me, I ask who to go? Dongchuan Haoguang could not help sighing. Could it be your brother? Blackie guessed. It's possible. But I always feel that there is something wrong with it. Even if two people look alike, there is no need to wear a mask? Listen to the meaning of his words, as if he was originally called Dongchuan Haoguang, what on earth is going on? The more Dongchuan Haoguang thought about it,empty lotion tubes, the bigger his head became. Suddenly he sat up and squinted at Xiaohei. Boss, what are you going to do? Xiaohei looked at Dongchuan Haoguang's eyes and felt his scalp tingling. Blackie, why don't you go watch that Apollo? Let's see what he's up to! He said he wanted to get back at me last time. You won't see your boss have bad luck, will you? Dongchuan Haoguang smiled, with some expectations in his smile, pure and harmless. Really? Boss, you're trying to kill me! The lightsaber of the Temple of the Sun is my mortal enemy. I will be scared out of my wits. Blackie had a sad face. Is it that good? Dongchuan Haoguang frowned. Of course,polyfoil tube, who else in the world is his opponent besides you? Blackie quickly flattered. Ture Dongchuan Haoguang rolled his eyes, but what he thought in his heart was: There are two temples in the world, the Temple of the Sun and the Temple of the Moonlight Goddess, and there are two Dongchuan Haoguang, one is the son of the Sun Temple, and the other is the Moonlight Goddess who can turn into a moonlight goddess. Is there any relationship between them? The Mystery of the Temple Chapter 28 a Misunderstanding "Can I go and see Zifei?" Dongchuan Haoguang thought about it and decided not to let Xiaohei take risks. All right, Blackie, open the way. Small black voice just fell, the figure has flashed out. Dongchuan Haoguang stood up unhurriedly, silently recited the incantation, and turned into a light to drill out of the cell. He also looks like a light escape, but it's different. Guang Dun is a teleportation by the power of light, but he is only a transformation, which is still a grade short of teleportation. Outside, four guards were lying on the ground sleeping soundly, tube lip gloss ,plastic laminated tube, while Blackie was already in Zifei's cell, cleaning it. Although Zifei had seen Xiaohei and had been helped by him to return to his cell smoothly, she was still curious about him. Zifei saw a light slowly drifting towards him, and in front of him, the light faded away, revealing the figure of Dongchuan Haoguang. Haoguang? How did you.. Zifei was naturally surprised. Dongchuan Haoguang walked lazily to Xiaohei and sat down. He smiled and said, "There is no doubt that what is in front of you is indeed the Dongchuan Haoguang you know." "I didn't expect you to have such ability!" Zifei smiled in surprise, went to Dongchuan Haoguang and sat down, took his hand and looked carefully. Next to the small black discontentedly roared: "boss, he eat your tofu!" " Zifei was startled, unexpectedly, a dark shadow could speak. Dongchuan Haoguang took the opportunity to withdraw his hand, and with a wave of his hand, Xiaohei floated far away. You little goat, you think everyone is the same as you! Dongchuan Haoguang is funny and angry. Blackie turned into a black figure, touched his nose, muttered a few words discontentedly, and suddenly ran back happily to sit down beside Dongchuan Haoguang again, grabbing one of his arms and clinging to him. What are you doing? Dongchuan Haoguang wanted to wave him away with some disgust, because he did not exert himself, and naturally he did not succeed. Boss, I have no weight anyway, let me lean on you! Finish saying, the small black sighs again: "Hey, eldest brother, depending on you is really a life big enjoyment!" " "What the hell is Blackie?" Zifei couldn't help asking. Dongchuan Haoguang glared at Xiaohei and said, "He is a little goat I brought back from the Wangui Forest on the border between Gast and Manda." Blackie protested loudly, "No, no!"! Boss, I am the ghost king of Wan Gui Lin, not a little goat! I'm over a thousand years old. Isn't your name Blackie? Of course it's a little goat. Do you want me to call you an old goat? Dongchuan Haoguang leaned against the wall behind him and raised his eyebrows. I'm still talking! This name is not the boss you take, people protest invalid, what can be done? Xiaohei has a rare chance to go to the bitter water. Dongchuan Haoguang proudly narrowed his eyes and said, "Now that you know the protest is invalid, why are you still talking nonsense to me?" Then, Dongchuan Haoguang ignored Xiaohei and turned to look at Zifei and said, "Zifei, did they ask you anything after you came in?" Zifei nodded and simply said what had happened. Because of the cover of Xiaohei, Zifei did not disturb anyone when he came in. In the morning, he shouted for breakfast, which attracted people. Xingyao, the warrior leader of the Yiyuan Department, who was in charge of guarding Dazhai, came over and asked a few questions and then left. When he left, he only asked someone to lock the door and said nothing else. Zifei looked at the lazy and comfortable Dongchuan Haoguang and asked curiously, "Haoguang,eye cream packaging tube, how could you be caught by them?" "They said someone had reported that I had killed Wenqian." Dongchuan Haoguang seemed not satisfied with the wall behind him. He leaned lazily against Zifei and said, "The wall is cold and hard. It's really uncomfortable.". Zifei, lend me your shoulder. 。