yuan Zun (updating)

  • On the pavilion, Qi Yue looked at the figure of Zhou yuan who had gone away, and his face became interesting. He said to himself, "I didn't expect that your Highness would unconsciously have a little attainments in yuanwen.." Behind Qi Yue, a beautiful shadow came out. It was a tall girl. She looked pretty and beautiful, but her lips were a little thin. She looked mean. Compared with Su Youwei, she obviously had less flavor. She took a disdainful look at the direction of Zhou yuan's departure and snorted coldly, "yuan Wen is just a trail after all. No matter how deep his attainments are, he still can't transform himself. Shou yuan is limited. If he is not careful, even ordinary people can kill him." Her name was Liu Xi, and her father was the Marquis of Zhou, known as Liu Hou. Naturally, she was also a dignitary. Speaking of it, there was some involvement between her and Zhou yuan. A few years ago, Zhou Qing noticed the growth of Prince Qi's mansion and wanted to check and balance, so he planned to put the weight on Liu Hou, so he also put forward the idea of marriage at that time, intending to let Zhou yuan and Liu Xi, the daughter of Liu Hou, marry to deepen the relationship between the two families. Liu Hou for Zhou Qing's proposal, is a little hesitant, after all, at that time the big week royal family appears to be declining, and the only successor Zhou yuan is unable to open the pulse, coupled with Liu Hou's great love for Liu Xi, so he went to ask the meaning of the latter, but Liu Xi this woman is extremely arrogant,cosmetic tube packaging, just think Zhou yuan is a waste of his royal Highness, so he refused without hesitation. He also said that the toad wanted to eat swan meat, which was a joke at that time. But Liu Hou said, also take this reason, back to refuse Zhou Qing. Although this matter has long passed, but now see Zhou yuan this toad in her mouth, this Liuxi naturally still has a knot in his heart. When Qi Yue heard this, he nodded his head with a smile and said, "In this big exam, all the top students have taken refuge with me. If your Highness Zhou yuan thinks that he can break through with this attainments,plastic packing tube, he can only lose face." At this point, he paused, his eyes slightly narrowed and said, "But that Su Youwei's talent is really amazing. His future is limitless. If there is a chance, we must try our best to attract him." Hearing Qi Yue's words, Liu Xi looked unhappy on her cheeks. She curled her lips and said, "It's just a cheap girl who has opened three veins. If you can't win her over, you can find an opportunity to abolish her." Liu Xi background prominent, oneself quite talented, in the past in this big Zhou Fu, she is undoubtedly the most dazzling pearl, but since the appearance of Su Youwei, her many light, are suppressed, this is no doubt that she is only a civilian Su Youwei extremely dislike. Qi Yue could naturally hear the girl's displeasure with Su Youwei in her voice. She smiled at the moment and did not say much. She just stared at the disappearing figure of Zhou yuan in the distance. It seems that Zhou yuan has no confidence in himself at all this week, so he wants to support a genius to rely on.. "Zhou yuan, Zhou yuan, you have really become a waste dragon this time." "In that case, your family should be finished this week." The new book is released. Thank you for your support. I hope that in the next three years, metal cosmetic tubes ,pump tube, yuan Zun will be able to accompany you again. In addition, if you have any tickets and likes, please throw them here!) Shengxu, the latest chapter of Shengxu, Chen Dong's new book Shengxu | yuanzun, the latest chapter of yuanzun, Tiancan Tudou's new serial works yuanzun | Chen Dong, Tiancan Tudou, full novel, no pop-up window online reading, txt full download _ Bianlu Literature www.bianluwx.com Chapter VI Ancestral Hall When the sun rises, the warm morning light shines on the city of Dazhou. Dazhou Palace. When Zhou yuan, who had not slept all night, arrived at the gate of the palace, there were already troops standing in silence. Thousands of guards were wearing heavy armor, with guns and spears in their hands, flashing with cold awn and strong military power. Sitting on a fiery red steed, Zhou Qing looked at Zhou yuan with a smile and said, "Are you ready?" Today is the day of Dazhou's ancestral sacrifice. Zhou yuan nodded forcefully, with a strong sense of hope in his eyes. He knew that whether the eight veins in his body could reappear and begin to practice, it would depend on today. There was a bodyguard leading a red horse, which was burning with flames on the tip of its tail, but the position of its head was a slightly ferocious lion's head. This is the fire lion horse, is a source of animals, endurance is long, can gallop thousands of miles without rest. The original irascible fire lion horse had already been tamed, so when Zhou yuan turned over and went up, the fire lion horse just shook off the tail of the fire and quieted down. Father, let's go. Zhou yuan pulled the reins of the horse, and the boy's dark eyes seemed to be burning, and he said. Zhou Qing smiled and nodded, then waved his palm. Whoo! With the sound of the horn, then, thousands of heavily armored soldiers is into a torrent, will Zhou Qing, Zhou yuan guard in the middle, and then step on the rumbling sound of vibration, poured out of the palace, along the streets of the city, straight to the outside. ... The place where the royal family of the Great Zhou Dynasty offered sacrifices to their ancestors was the imperial mausoleum of the Great Zhou Dynasty. The imperial mausoleum was hundreds of miles away from the city of Great Zhou, but with their feet, they arrived two hours later. Under a towering green hill, Zhou Qing and Zhou yuan are dismounted, the guards scattered here, guarding the passage everywhere, even if the birds, if close, will be shot. This is where the royal mausoleum of Dazhou is located. Pointing to the towering green hill in front of him, Zhou Qing was silent for a while and said slowly, "Our Zhou family started from here and finally created a big Zhou Dynasty. But I didn't expect that the efforts of our ancestors would be beaten back to their original shape in my hands." Looking at Zhou Qing's somewhat gloomy face, Zhou yuan said in a low voice, "Father, you don't have to blame yourself. The Wu family has been calculating for hundreds of years. No one can predict it. So it's not my father's fault." Zhou Qing gave a wry smile and said no more. He just stepped up to the stone staircase paved with bluestone: "Come with me." Zhou yuan nodded and followed closely. The stone staircase leads to the top of the green hill, and there are nine thousand and ninety-nine stairs, which go straight up to the sky. Two people walk up slowly, look solemn, after a wick of incense, arrived at the top of the mountain, only to see that the top of the mountain,eye cream packing tube, a black ancestral hall stands, ancient and vicissitudes of life, as if after years. emptycosmetictubes.com