I just like to seduce you.

  • He raised his eyebrows lightly, as if full of interest. I put my elbows on the table, holding my cheeks in my hands and smiling innocently, and asked him, "Who is Lin Yanqiu? Uncle should know better than me. How about that?"? Do you find it challenging? He also imitated me, holding his chin in one hand and looking at me, but his movements were extremely elegant, and he motioned me to go on with his eyes. I laughed and continued, "I think uncle must have investigated my identity when he kidnapped me. Since you already know my identity and dare to kidnap me, it shows that you have come prepared.". I am a little girl, what ability can let'Lingyun Gate 'such a big organization notice it, nothing more than my identity as Lin Yanqiu's lover. Rumor has it that Lin Yanqiu dotes on me and takes good care of me. In fact, he has been really good to me recently, so you want to threaten him with me, right? And so coincidentally, his lover is me, the woman who once interested you, and you want to rob me even more. As for the reason why you don't like him, I think it has something to do with the kidnapping! You solved the problem for him, but he put it together. Am I right? The way he looked at me slowly changed from pondering to appreciating. I appreciate and accept, and open his mouth, "but you seem to have made a mistake, you overestimate me too much, I am just a pet for Lin Yanqiu, a toy to amuse him.". Threatening him with me, tsk, seems like a mistake. "A mistake?" He hooked the corners of his mouth,aluminium laminated tube, and his magic eyes were thoughtful. "There was a mistake." My mistake is that I didn't expect you to be so charming that I was almost fascinated. What should I do with you? I laughed out loud, "will the big boss of Lingyun Gate be emotional?"? You're kidding. From his temperament to the servant's attitude towards him, if I can't guess his identity again, I will live all these years in vain. His deep laugh echoed through the room, indescribably sweet. He stood up, came around the table to me, picked me up and put me on the table, fixed his hands on both sides of the table, staring at me with black eyes, "Feifei,empty cosmetic tubes, you really make me like you more and more.." Also, you really look down on yourself, Lin Yanqiu's attitude towards you is far from the owner's attitude towards pets. Which owner, after losing his pet, would angrily threaten me to level the whole Lingyun Gate? I was surprised, which I had never thought of. I thought to escape, Lin Yanqiu will be angry at most, feel no face, looking for me is also possible, but will be anxious to threaten people, but beyond my expectation, he will also care about a pet? I looked at Ling Ziqi and asked, "What do you want to do to me?"? I'm already in your hands. What are you going to do? "I'm worried, too," said Feifei. "What should I do with you?" Although he asked me, his tone was very frivolous. I'm not annoyed, I'm just laughing more and more eerily. I put my hands around his shoulders and exhaled in his ear. "I hate him too. Why don't we cooperate and break him down?" "Oh?"? What do you want to do? He asked. If he had no company, no power and no money, would he still be so arrogant? Thinking of his down-and-out day, custom cosmetic packaging ,custom cosmetic packing, I laughed in my heart, Lin Yanqiu, I said, I will retaliate. He turned to me and sighed faintly, "Feifei, you are really cruel." I am smiling charmingly, the woman is ruthless, originally must be more cruel than the man, you just discover this truth? "But how can I trust you?" He asked. Smile in the heart, it seems that we have reached a consensus. I pulled down his head, kissed his lips deeply, tossed and turned repeatedly, and my hands began to grope for his body, provoking his desire. After a while, his desire was raised high by me, eager to grope and explore on me. I hunched over and let him take whatever he wanted. The two men's clothes were quickly removed. His body is not as smooth and delicate as Lin Yanqiu's, because his body is covered with many wounds, large and small, occupying the whole body. I stroked those wounds, carefully and gently. My touch only made his body hotter, but his eyes were still so calm. Yes, his body has been aroused by my desire, but his state of mind is still Pure Brightness, what a terrible man. At the moment when he entered me, a tear fell from the corner of my eye. I turned my head and let it hide in my hairline. The body bears the pleasure, but the heart is scarred. In fact, I do not want to be so smart, I would rather be a little silly, do not know that this is a conspiracy, I would rather be a little stupid, do not know that this is a deal, so that I can naively think that he is my prince, is the lover who saved me from the fire pit. I really want to ask him if he liked me when he said I was his woman in the car? Have you ever loved me, even a little. But these, I will not ask the export, never. Because now we only have interests. Maybe he also likes me a little, before I know Lin Yanqiu's woman, but the feelings I want can not tolerate a little sand, even if it is a trivial grain, I will never allow it. Therefore, my poor heart, from the beginning, was doomed to a tragic end. The man who once moved me, at this moment, will be driven out of my feelings forever. I held him in my arms, covered his ears with my lips, and opened my mouth gently at the moment when he reached the peak, saying, "Ling Ziqi, this." It's our contract. This is our contract, I use my body to seal this contract! Let everybody wait for long 8 be ashamed, I do not know how recently, sit before computer be in a daze, half a day thinks not to give a thing ~ ~ ~ 55555. Because now can not brazenly write H, then implicitly write, implicitly write rice people say me ~ hey hey, I am really too smart ~ HOHO ^ 18 Exercises Before I knew it, I had been here for more than three months. Every morning when I woke up, I would still sit on the bed in a daze until I saw the strange environment around me and believed that I had really left the place. I did not hear any news about Lin Yanqiu,plastic cosmetic tubes, I did not ask, since the matter to Ling Ziqi, I believe in his ability. emptycosmetictubes.com