Survival of terror

  • Yu Zizhe looked at him unexpectedly, but he didn't get angry? Qiaoyuan was really not angry, but felt a little sorry. It's a pity not to see Yu Zizhe sticking out his tongue. It's a pity in life. He sighed and slowly climbed down from Yu Zizhe's head. But just as he slid all the way down the hair to the neck of Yu Zizhe, he suddenly caught a glimpse of Yu Zizhe's side face facing him, spitting out the tip of his tongue slightly. This lovely red just flashed away, and when Qiaoyuan wanted to take a closer look, Yu Zizhe took his tongue back. He actually noticed his emotions, and secretly satisfied himself!? Qiaoyuan suddenly felt that his heart had been hit hard, and his heart, which had never been shaken, fell to the ground and jumped up. Awful! Embarrassed, he plunged into Yu Zizhe's neck hair and thought in confusion. I'm actually moved! I actually felt that Yu Zizhe was so sweet and lovely at that moment! It was so cute that he couldn't help but want to jump on it and kiss it! Qiaoyuan shook his head and tried to suppress the palpitations in his heart. No,wholesale plastic pallet, he's not a teenager. Why should he be shy here? Why is this heart so out of control? On his side, he was struggling with Mao Li, and it was a pity that Yu Zizhe missed the scene. He was standing up and looking for the pond that Yao Xiangming had noticed with Luo Jixue. The woods in front of him were one after another, and he didn't know where he was going if he didn't pay attention to it. Are you sure you're really going this way? Luo Jixue looked at the endless forest and asked Yao Xiangming on his body. Yao Xiangming scratched his head and began to have some doubts: "I remember.." There is a tall tree around. "But there are all very tall trees here." Luo Jixue began to doubt whether he remembered the invitation or not. Yao Xiangming desperately recalled: "I remember it was a tree with a white trunk, and the leaves were quite special." "A white tree?" Yu Zizhe said,heavy duty plastic pallet, "I seem to have seen it before. It should be not far ahead. It really seems to be the first time I met an elephant." "What are you waiting for? Let's hurry over there!" Luo Jixue hurried to speed up. Yu Zizhe followed up, and a group of people headed forward, and sure enough, a few minutes later they saw a small pond. There were obviously a lot of animals around the pond, and the grass around it was trampled to death, and few of them could emerge intact. It doesn't seem to be easy to hide, and do we really want to drink the water here? It looks so dirty. Luo Jixue looked at the muddy pool with some worry. Animals drink water like this, and we should have nothing to do with it now, plastic bulk containers ,plastic wheelie bins, right? Yao Xiangming jumped off her back and took the lead to the pond. As expected, the careless man was more relaxed. He grabbed the bank of the pond and poked his head down and tried to drink a few mouthfuls. The taste is very average, but the water has no taste. Drink it! It doesn't feel bad! He smashed his mouth and hit Luo Ji on the snow road. Luo Jixue hesitated for a moment, then lowered his head and quickly swallowed a few mouthfuls of water that looked dirty. The four men began to think about where to hide and wait for the prey to come after they had replenished their water. They chose a thick Bush as a hiding place, but as they crouched down in the grass, the accident happened. Yu Zizhe suddenly felt a pain in the soles of his feet. He reacted quickly and pressed a snake. Look at the pattern on the snake, it is the poisonous snake that attacked them earlier. What is this guy doing here? Brother Yu, you've been bitten!? Yao Xiangming rushed to Yu Zizhe's feet and saw two blood-red holes in the soles of his feet. Shit! You guy! He was so angry that he slapped the snake on the head. The poisonous snake itself was already injured, and now it was slapped again by Yu Zizhe, and immediately coughed. But he still laughed out loud: "Ha ha ha, we have a hard time, you do not want to have a hard time!"! Uh ah! As soon as he had finished speaking, Yu Zizhe pressed on the soles of his feet and suddenly exerted himself so hard that he screamed and fainted completely. Yao Xiangming threw the snake directly into the pond and stood beside Zizhe's claws in a hurry. "What should I do?"? Is this snake poisonous? Now we have to suck the poisonous blood out quickly, don't we? Qiaoyuan also climbed down from Yu Zizhe. He looked anxiously at the wound on Yu Zizhe's paw and said, "Hurry to cut the wound and discharge the poisonous blood!" Luo Jixue also immediately squeezed over, she stretched out her claws, said: "I come!"! Come and help me quickly! Chapter 144 Luo Jixue popped out his sharp nails, struggled to control the bad claws, and cut the wound as carefully as possible. Yao Xiangming looked at this scene, is not an ouch, as if the pain is the same as him. Yu Zizhe, on the other hand, remained motionless and did not even blink. As soon as the wound was cut open, Qiaoyuan wanted to go up and suck poisonous blood. But he has no choice but to find that the wound is bigger than his mouth, how can this be sucked? Luo Jixue looked at the presence of the animals, immediately judged: "Our mouth is estimated to be unable to make the action of sucking, come over and squeeze out the poisonous blood!"! The remaining man went to find a rattan that could be tied and tied to the upper end of the limb. "I'm going to find the rattan!" Yao Xiangming immediately invited. Yu Zizhe stressed before he ran away: "Be careful and don't go too far.". Come back when you meet the enemy! Yao Xiangming stood up and saluted with his short paws and said, "Be sure to pay attention to safety!"! Complete the task! The remaining Qiaoyuan and Luo Jixue began to cooperate to help Yu Zizhe discharge poisonous blood. But it is extremely difficult for the animal's claws to make fine movements. The two men rubbed and pressed with their paws, but they did not squeeze out much blood. Qiao yuan was a little worried. He looked up and asked Luo Jixue,spill plastic pallet, "Is there any other way?" Luo Jixue was pressing Yu Zizhe's ankle with his paw. Hearing this, he shook his head: "No, we have no serum. We can only use the method of reducing blood flow to delay the spread of snake venom." "Are there any herbs?" Qiaoyuan asked.