• In the end, they chose the cheapest one-exactly the same as the one the old peasant woman had just bought. They chose one with no enthusiasm and seemingly no reason ( "Why not buy this one?" )。 They did not ask each other for advice, as if they had not even seen the watch. When the man took out his wallet and paid for it, Maddy regretted not asking them to buy a watch that cost two or three times as much, and he thought they would have bought it without hesitation and indifference. No one sent him out. The new watch, with its metal chain, was still on the linoleum table, between the man and the woman who had long been looking away, shining, ignored and wronged. From here to the village of Black Rock, there are no other homes along the road. Maddy stepped quickly and steadily for nearly a kilometer. The bicycle only casts a very dim shadow on the road-and it does so intermittently-and in a moment the shadow disappears completely. The sky was full of gray clouds, leaving only a few rare and unstable blue patches; the approaching lighthouse now stood on the edge of the gray sky. The lighthouse is one of the tallest and largest buildings in the area. In addition to the lighthouse itself, which was painted white and almost conical, there was a signal, a radio station, a small power station,foldable bulk container, a projecting post equipped with four huge sirens that had sounded in foggy weather, several outbuildings for machinery and supplies, and finally staff and family quarters. If these clerks had been engineers or general technicians, they would have been the richest buyers. Unfortunately, these were not the kind of people who bought watches from a traveling salesman. All that remains is the village itself. There used to be only three or four dilapidated houses in the village, but now they have developed with the development of the nearby lighthouse,mobile garbage bin, but on a smaller scale. No matter how good his memory was, he could not have recognized the village, which was much larger than it had been in his childhood: a dozen small new houses had been built to surround and hide the original ones, and the new houses had been built in a hurry, but they were beautiful in appearance; The original house had thicker walls, a lower roof, and small square windows, which the experienced eye could recognize everywhere. The new houses are not of a weather-proof kind: though they are not really very different from the old ones, except for the slight differences just mentioned, they seem to exist in all weathers, in all Dynasties, plastic trash bins ,plastic pallet supplier, and in all places. One has to ask: how can they withstand the same harsh weather here? Unless the weather here improves a little. Being in this village is like being anywhere else. There is a grocery store in the village, and of course a small hotel, which is almost at the entrance of the village. Marty left his bike by the gate and walked into the hotel. It was furnished in exactly the same manner as all such establishments, whether in the country, or in the suburbs of large cities, or on the quays of small fishing ports. The girl who sold wine at the counter was trembling, as nervous as a prisoner, and as nervous as a prisoner was selling wine behind the counter. Behind the counter was a fat woman with thick gray hair and a contented, happy face; she was pouring wine for two workers in blue overalls. She poured with a neat, expert gesture, and just as the glass was full to the brim, she lifted the neck of the bottle with a slight twist of her wrist. Marty went to the counter, put the small box on the ground between his feet, and asked for a glass of absinthe. The travelling salesman was about to order a glass of absinthe without thinking, when he changed his mind and 111111111 the word good absinthe had not yet been uttered. He tried to think of the name of the other wine, but did not come up with it. When he saw that the shopkeeper was still holding the bottle in her hand after pouring the wine for the two lighthouse workers, he pointed to the bottle and said: "Give me one, too." Then he put the small box on the ground between his feet. The woman placed before him a glass, identical to those of the two workmen, and, without putting down the bottle with her other hand, proceeded to pour into it-with the same neat and rapid gesture, until most of the wine was still in the space between the bottom of the glass and the bottle, which she lifted in that instant. As soon as the rotation of the wrist stops, the surface of the wine comes to rest at the same time, filling to the brim of the glass exactly-not a little higher-as if there were an imaginary pattern limiting the theoretical capacity of the glass. The color-a fairly dark reddish-brown-is that of the average booze-based drink. The bottles were quickly put back on the shelf, lined up with other bottles of different brands, and could not be distinguished at all. Just now the bottle was in the woman's fat hand, and because of the opening of the fingers-or because of the position of the sign and the angle of the observer-Matty could not see the brand of wine. Matias mentally reviewed the scene so that he could write down the fragments of the colorful signboard, compare them with the bottles arranged on the shelf, and find the bottle. As a result, all he could find was an abnormal state that he had not been surprised at just now: the female shopkeeper poured the wine with her left hand. He looked at her more closely; she was washing and swabbing the glasses — with the usual dexterity and speed — but he did not know how to give each hand a mark in advance according to its respective functions in this complex task, so that in the end he could not see whether she was accustomed to using her right hand or her left hand, like everyone else. As he watched, he recalled the scene, and at last he himself became confused and began to confuse his left hand with his right hand. The woman put down the dishcloth, picked up a coffee mill beside her,collapsible bulk container, sat down on a stool, and ground the coffee vigorously. As she was afraid that one arm would be too tired by grinding so fast, she turned the handle of the grinder with each hand in turn.