Mie Shen Ji _ Heart Dream Without Trace _ txt Novel Paradise

  • Lu Yidao laughed and said, "Yes, at least within the seven realms, no life can overcome it." "Is there any secret in the temple, old-timer?" Asked Lu Yun. Lu Yidao said seriously, "It is said that Nu Wa hid a strange mound in this temple. There is a spring hole in the mound, which is called Confucian Spring. Then she planted a clay figurine on the mound. This clay figurine needs to be refined for fifty thousand years behind closed doors to become a real person, and it is a big saint. This saint should be called Zhongni." As Lu Yun and the lark listened, Lu Yidao continued, "In two thousand years, when the sage comes out, there will be no conflict in the seven realms. This is a long-term way for Nu Wa to quell the chaos in the seven realms." The lark asked, "Martial Uncle, after all, it was two thousand years later. But now the world is going to suffer. What should we do?" With a deep sigh, Lu Yidao said, "a man who cultivates the truth does not observe the way of cultivating the truth. It attracts demons and monsters to make trouble in the world. It makes evil and makes evil. Lu Yun, your name should be against heaven. One day you will split the sky, raise the sky, and be angry with heaven. When you four get together, you can mend heaven." "Ah," asked Lu Yun, "what shall I do now?" The Taoist Priest Lu Yai sighed again,plastic pallet bin, "The secret of Heaven must not be revealed. If you go against the Son of Heaven, all your disciples will be destroyed. If you meet the sun, there will be no one in the seven realms." At this time, Qingniu gave a long cry. "See you later," Lu Yichang hurriedly said. With that, he bent over the cow, which shook its head and tail and disappeared. Lu Yun and the lark looked at each other as if in a dream. Baidu search bubble book bar to read the latest and most complete novel/small-say-t-xt-day. Don The sixth chapter is the battle between plum and mouse. "Fu, Fu, Fu,wholesale plastic pallet," several birds flew from the north, flying very fast. Lu Yun looked around and saw a group of birds on the hillside of the third peak of Shizhi Mountain. They were startled by something and were fleeing everywhere. Something seems to have happened over there, "said Lu Yun, stroking the lark with his right hand and pointing to the hillside of the third peak of Shizhi Mountain in the north with his left hand." Go and have a look. " The two men jumped into the clouds and flew to the third peak. Most of the third peak is covered with pine trees, which are covered with snow-white coats and occasionally show a little green underwear. Lu Yun and the lark looked in the clouds at the place where the mountain bird had just startled, and suddenly found a white giant rat attacking a girl in the pine bushes. The mouse was about the size of an ox, with eight teeth exposed like eight sharp knives. The mouse had four circles of yellow hair on its body, and its claws were as sharp as hooks. The girl was dressed in pink with black spots on her clothes. Her face was ruddy, and she was holding an ice sword in her hand. She was dealing with the attack of the giant mouse. Lark says stealthily to Lu Yun: "This white giant rat does not look like the human world, should be the wild animal of ice land." Lu Yun nodded his head and said, "Look, the woman below won't suffer a loss when dealing with the white mouse. The sword is made of frozen ice. It seems that this woman is not ordinary either." Suddenly, see the white giant rat mouth prominent white gas, in a moment into thousands of little mice rushed to the woman in pink, this group of little mice have momentum, fast impact, collapsible pallet box ,plastic pallet manufacturer, the woman shook the ice sword to slay the little mouse, cold light flash, rushed in front of hundreds of little mice immediately killed, behind the little mouse stepped on the body of the dead companion continued to rush over, cold light road, flesh and blood flying. After a while, a foot-high pile of dead rats had been piled up in front of the woman. The woman, like a fairy, danced in the group of mice. The little mouse gradually lost its momentum and stopped moving forward. "Mouse demon, do you have any tricks? Look at your aunt." Then he muttered, and many plum blossoms grew out of the snow, trapping the little mice in them. The lark peeped down from the clouds and looked at the sudden appearance of the plum blossom. There was a black spot on each white petal of the plum blossom, which was shaped like a teardrop. She suddenly remembered something and said to Lu Yun, "Wood, this plum blossom is called'Banmei '. It is very rare and extremely poisonous. Those who smell it will die, and those who touch it will lose their bodies. It is the most poisonous plant between heaven and earth." In the plum blossoms, the little mice fled desperately, but it was too late, the plum blossoms had opened, plum fragrance floated in the whole flowers, and soon, the rest of the little mice fell down one by one. The giant rat wailed and cursed, "Plum monster, my descendants are so bad that I will fight with you today.". "See, a fireball appeared on the head of the giant rat, the giant rat swallowed the fireball into his mouth, and then opened his mouth, spewing out countless small beads of fire, which grew against the wind and grew into a small mouse with flame wings, these fire rats rushed to the plum blossom, the fire rat fell on the plum branch, the plum blossom destroyed the body of the fire rat crazily, but the flame was also burning the plum blossom crazily." The limbs of the fire rat were absorbed by the plum blossom one by one, and the plum blossom was burned one by one. Lu Yun sighed, "This is a lose-lose game. Look, the body of the rat demon is shrinking little by little, but the body of Mei Xian is also turning black little by little." The lark went on to say, "It seems that Mei Guai is not a good person either. His moves are so vicious." The fight on the ground was so fierce that it was hard to tell the difference between the rat demon and the plum monster. Just then, a woman in red flew in the pine forest. She pointed to the rat demon with her left hand. A snow plum hit her face. The rat demon spat out a fireball to resist it. The fireball was extinguished by the plum. The woman in red then sent out another fire plum to hit the rat demon. The rat demon could not resist it. She was hit in the chest by the fire plum. With a scream, she fell on the snow. Seeing this, the woman in pink threw herself on the rat demon and turned into a plum blossom of twenty feet square, swallowing the rat demon. The woman in red stood there without moving, quietly looking at the woman in pink. After the woman in pink digested the rat demon and restored her human form, she said, "Aunt Charm, but this demon rat?" "Yes, Pearl," said the woman in pink. "Thank you for your help. Aunt Mei didn't nurse you in vain. Now I've swallowed most of the twelve demons, leaving only dragons, snakes and horses." "Don't worry, Aunt Mei,plastic pallet manufacturer," said the woman in red. "I've found out the whereabouts of the fire dragon. I heard that it was sealed in an ancient sword by a man named Lu Yun. I just don't know where Lu Yun fell." When Lu Yun heard these words in the clouds, he was shocked and thought, "It seems that this woman in red named Pearl is not easy to deal with." 。 cnplasticpallet.com