The beauty of colored glaze

  • When Xuanji woke up, he felt that he was in a soft place, warm and fragrant. She slowly opened her eyes. He looked absently at the green gauze curtain hanging down in front of him, as well as the strange and beautiful carvings on the roof. I can't react to where it is. Someone seemed to be whispering outside the room, and her body moved slightly, only to feel a dull pain in her chest. The pain stimulated her to recognize the town of Golmud. I just don't understand how she got back here from the altar. She struggled to sit up. Venus jumped in front of him, his chest was stuffy and painful, and he could not help but open his mouth to vomit. Outsiders immediately stopped talking, pushed the door and rushed in. It was Chu Lei and the three of them. Xuan Ji! Chu Yinghong saw her wake up, could not help but be moved, hurriedly sat on the edge of the bed, gently pressed her back, "you suffered internal injuries.". Don't move! Xuanji twisted the quilt with his fingers, thinking of the painful things that had happened in Mount Buzhou, and tears immediately trickled down the corners of his eyes. Where is Si Feng? She asked. His voice was so hoarse and rough that it hardly seemed to be his own. Chu Lei sighed. He's in danger. Chest close to the heart of the place was penetrated, I do not know if it can survive these days Xuanji pale. Dazed for a long time, he murmured, "He.." If he dies.. I, I.. Chu Yinghong was afraid that she would have the idea of cutting herself off under the pain. She quickly took her hand and said,euro plastic pallet, "The sword was very skillful. It didn't hurt the vital part. It just bled too much.". As long as you get through tonight, you'll be fine! You're scarred, too. Don't worry about it. Xuanji did not know whether he had listened or not, but nodded blankly. Chu Yinghong sees her this kind of appearance, in the heart big pain, but can not think of the words of comfort, had to bow his head to wipe away tears. Chu Lei came over and looked at her. The three of them rushed to the altar early in the morning to wait,plastic pallet supplier, originally reporting the idea that no matter whether they succeeded in rescuing people or not, as long as they came back safely, everything would be fine. He even thought about how to say to Zhong Min to take back the words of expulsion from the school, who knows, five people went to Mount Buzhou, only two people came back, but their lives were still in danger. He knew in his heart that something terrible must have happened, but his lips trembled slightly and he could not ask. Xuanji touched his chest for a long time. His face suddenly changed. "Where's the bottle?!" He snapped. After her serious injury, her face was not good-looking, and this surprise was even more pale, no different from the dead. Chu Yinghong hurriedly took out the small crystal bottle from under the pillow. "Here it is." Xuanji took it over and took a reassuring look at the colorful soul inside. Then he looked up at Chu Lei and whispered, "This is.." Linglong soul. Also Elder Martial Brother Six asked me to tell Dad.. He said, "Zhong Minyan is lucky to live up to his fate!" When the three of them heard that they had brought Linglong's soul back, plastic pallet box ,drum spill containment, they were surprised, happy and sad. They were surprised that the younger generation could really do it, although they were scarred. They were happy that Linglong could finally be saved. They were sad that Zhong Minyan didn't come back. Maybe he died in Mount Buzhou. He couldn't even bury his bones in a piece of loess. Chu Lei said in a trembling voice, "You.." What is the meaning of Minyan's words? How is he? Xuanji closed his eyes wearily and said softly, "Elder Martial Brother Six.." He stayed in Mount Buzhou and became a subordinate of Wu Tong. Wu Tong is still alive and has become the deputy leader of those demons. Dad, did you ask Elder Martial Brother Six to do something? He It's been so wrong these days, even. Cut off the Second Elder Martial Brother's arm. Chu Lei Hora stood up from the bed with a very complicated look on his face, confused, sad, and mixed with some anger. The matter of expulsion from the school. Did he take it seriously? "I don't know," whispered Xuanji. But something was wrong with him before the night he saw you. When I left, he cried very sadly. So I think someone must have forced him to do it. She opened her eyes and looked fixedly at Chu Lei. Although she was ill, her eyes were bright and creepy. Chu Lei had nothing to say, and his heart was full of doubts. Naturally, he would not explain to his little daughter that he had not let Zhong Minyan sneak into the demon at all. In fact, from her eyes, she could see that she did not trust him, so no amount of words would be in vain. Without speaking, Heyang suddenly opened his mouth and asked softly, "Little Xuanji, where is the other disciple of Li Ze Gong?"? And you didn't come back? He did not mention Ruoyu, but when he mentioned him, Xuanji immediately thought of the sight of his sword penetrating Yu Sifeng's chest. Behind the mask, his eyes were as dark as the night sky, and he could not see anything. The sight made her tremble all over, and her chest ached violently. She climbed up beside the bed and opened her mouth to vomit, but nothing came out. Chu Yinghong was so distressed that she glared at her husband with reproachful eyes. She raised her hand and gently stroked her on the back. "Don't worry," she whispered. Speak slowly. It's all right. Xuanji vomited for a moment, then collapsed in exhaustion and said in a trembling voice, "He.." Ruoyu, he also stayed! He killed Si Feng. He killed him! Three people do not know what to say, things will become like this, it is before breaking the head also can not think of. Why did the two young people betray their school and join the demons? Is it true, as Xuanji said, that someone forced them? But they came all the way from Shaoyang, without stopping, and never saw them on the way. So, who is it? What the hell is going on? Chu Yinghong saw that Xuanji's eyes were red, but her face was unusually pale. She knew she couldn't ask any more questions. "It's all over," she said softly. Si Feng is all right. You're hurt. Don't move. Have a good sleep. When you get up tomorrow morning, Sifeng will be fine. Xuanji had always listened to her, so he nodded and closed his eyes. Chu Yinghong motioned back to the other two and was about to get up and go out quietly when she grabbed her hand. Aunt Hong, I'm afraid. She said softly,stackable plastic pallets, in a coquettish tone, which she had never said since she arrived at Xiaoyangfeng. Chu Yinghong felt sour in her heart. She sat back and held her hand. "Aunt Hong won't go," she said softly. "I'll stay here with you." 。