Hot Heavenly King _ Liu Xia Hui _ txt Novel Paradise

  • "Sun Dong, long time no see." At the door of the box, the person who took the initiative to speak was William Ji. Ji William took the initiative to say hello, and Sun Wenlin had to take it. Only then did he seriously look at Ji William and say in surprise, "Ji Shao?"? What are you doing here? What's wrong with Sun Qing? Why are you drinking like this? I'm afraid the hematemesis is stomach perforation, isn't it? He wants to drink with a friend of mine. You can't even stop it. Ji William said with a smile. Is your friend all right? Sun Wenlin said. Without even looking back at Tang Chong, he helped Sun Qing, who had vomited a mouthful of blood again, walk outside and said, "Ji Shao, I'll send Sun Qing to the hospital for gastric lavage first.". I'm afraid I'll lose my life if I go late. Sun Qing has something to offend. I'll set a table for Ji Shao and your friends to apologize later. This scene is rather conciliatory, as if there is no sense of accountability. Ji William was very suspicious. To tell the truth, he took the initiative to greet Sun Wenlin, and there was no good idea in his heart. He hoped that the relationship between Tang Zhong and Sun Wenlin would not be so harmonious, and that it would be better for them to fight fiercely. However, after Sun Wenlin came in,stainless steel squatting pan, he pretended not to know them at all. Even if he took the initiative to greet Sun Wenlin, saying that Sun Qing and his friends had lost the wine fight, he did not look back at Tang Zhong. The more he did, the more ghosts he had in his heart. Does he know Tang Zhong's identity? "You should know." William Ji made such a judgment in his heart. If he does not know, Tang Zhong is impossible to replace Tang Xin, after all,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, he needs the cooperation of some professionals. Such as Bai Su, such as a Ken. Another example is someone else. However, since he knew that Tang Zhong was Tang Xin, why couldn't he slap him? Why don't you dare to use the identity of the boss to press Tang Zhong? Tang Chong looked at Ji William with a smile, Ji William's face was calm, but there was a feeling of surprise in his heart. This guy saw through his little trick. I can't hide my hatred for him, and I can't help but want to make some shoes for him. This isn't right. Improve in the future. Sun Dong, please stay. Tang Chong shouted out. No matter what kind of mind Ji William has, at least he did the same as he thought, he did not want to let Sun Qing go. Because, for a person who may be concussed or even become a vegetable, the punishment of drinking two glasses of liquor is too light. He doesn't want to be a kind man. It has been said that to be merciful to one's enemies is to be cruel to oneself. Beard said: "Cut the grass without uprooting, Manual Flush Valve ,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, is a big idiot.". Sun Wenlin looked at Tang Zhong and said, "Who are you?" "I am Tang Zhong." Tang Chong said with a smile. The one who drank with your son and made him vomit blood. Sun Wenlin's face was changeable, and he finally recovered as usual. "Young people should drink less," he said. Hurt the body. "I think so, too." Tang Chong said. However, if the injury is someone else's body, it does not matter. What do you think? "Drink today, drink tomorrow.". The wine market is like a battlefield, and you have to be careful when you go back and forth. Sun Wenlin said something in his words. If there is nothing wrong, I will take him to the hospital first. It's not good to die. It's not so easy to drink in the future. "I'm afraid not." Tang Chong said. I have an account, and I have to ask him for it. "What account?" "He wounded a friend of mine." As he spoke, Tang Zhong bent down to pick up the empty wine bottle and walked toward the door of the box where Sun Wenlin was standing. The doctor's test result is concussion. I woke up once and fainted again. Until now, I haven't received a phone call to prove that he is still unconscious. I'm in a hurry. Angry, too. I might feel better if your son paid off the debt before he left. "Unbridled." Sun Wenlin snapped. He put Sun Qing completely in the hands of the secretary, with his own body in front of them, shouted: "Tang Zhong, you do not bully people too much.". Sun Qingqian is not, he has been tormented by you like this, I do not say a word, ready to eat this dumb loss to take him away, but you hold on. To be kind to others is to be kind to oneself. Who doesn't have a pigtail these days? Who doesn't have a little secret? Ji William's eyes brightened and he looked at Sun Wenlin quietly. Is this a showdown? Is Sun Wenlin threatening Tang Zhong with Tang Zhong's replacement of Tang Xin's identity? This drama is getting more and more interesting. It seems that I still have fellow travelers. He is looking forward to Tang Zhong's next performance. Tang Chong stopped and looked thoughtfully at Sun Wenlin. Are you threatening me? Tang Chong asked. But I don't like being threatened. Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian _ Tang Chapter 185, be careful, why are you so good to me? Chapter 185, be careful, why are you so good to me? Then he pointed to William Ji and said, "Before, he wanted to threaten me as much as you did, but now he has become an obedient dog.". He listens to what I say. He has to give me what I want. I asked him to smash the place, so he smashed the place. I asked him to bully your son, and he came to bully your son. Without his tiger skin, your son's friends probably wouldn't have run so fast. Ji William's expression changed greatly, only to feel the blood flow in his body, and a wave of anger ran straight to his forehead. Tang Zhong's words were too cruel, too poisonous and too insidious, which made him go crazy and vomit blood and want to die. He knew it was revenge. It was his revenge for what he had just done. Bastard never knew what'show mercy 'was. He is a mad dog, and he will bite anyone who dares to stretch out his claws to him. Moreover, just now he fanned the flames to make Tang Zhong and Sun Wenlin tear their faces. Unexpectedly,stainless steel toilet, this guy sold himself clean in a twinkling of an eye, saying that the people who smashed the field and bullied his son were all himself-Sun Wenlin probably hated himself most in his heart now, right.