Reborn Ace Owl Wife

  • After a while, stopped laughing, Han Jiali's face showed a determined ruthlessness, whether he was disgusted or disgusted, this life, Lan brother can only be her! If someone dares to rob her, she will kill God and Buddha! Clear away all the obstacles around him that prevent them from being together, and when there is no one or thing in the world that can prevent them from being together, he has no choice but her. At this moment, Han Jiali emerged such a crazy idea, her eyes suffused with cold light, as if the devil sucking human brains, looks particularly ferocious and ferocious. Slowly stood up, Han Jiali subconsciously looked at Jiang Lan out of the private room, when see the situation inside, Han Jiali a face gloomy more terrible. With her magic power, Han Jiali gave a hard chop to the compartment. Boom! There was a loud noise, and in an instant, the romantic picture in the compartment disappeared and turned to smoke and dust. Little bitch! Sure enough, it's the little bitch who seduced Lan's brother! Let me know who you are! I will make your life a living hell! …… An Chenxi and Jiang Lan went out of the hotel, only to find that this person was holding her hand all the way! With a black face, An Chenxi angrily pulled back his hand, stepped back, kept a step or two away from Jiang Lan, and glanced at the door of the hotel. She said, "I'll give you another needle in five days. I'll go first." When An Chenxi pulled back his hand, Jiang Lan looked at her with a deep look,Self-closing Shower Valve, "I'll send you back." "No." An Chenxi subconsciously refused. I can't get a taxi here. Said, Jiang Lan went to pull an Chenxi's hand again. An Chenxi quickly dodged and twisted his eyebrows. Are you sure you want to stand here and be watched? Jiang Lan glanced at the hotel lobby behind them. At this moment, there are many people in the hotel lobby looking at the two people, with curiosity and inquiry, after all, two good-looking men, standing at the door of the hotel pulling and pulling, really attract people's attention. An Chenxi's face sank again. At this time, Wu Hao just drove the car to the door of the hotel. An Chenxi was no longer polite this time and went straight to the car. Looking at an Chenxi's small temper, because Han Jiali and the influence of the mood,Flushometer valve, this just eased a little, Jiang Lan gently pulled the corners of the mouth, also got on the car. After both of them got on the bus, Wu Hao could not bear the excitement and said to Jiang Lan with a face of worship, "Chief, your last big move is really awesome!"! You didn't see Han Bitch's face just now. It's like a dead father and mother! An Chenxi: "…" Really with what person, what temperament, this Wu Hao mouth is also poisonous! Jiang Lan glanced at Wu Hao's red and swollen face and threw a box of plaster to him. Wu Hao quickly reached out to catch it and said with a happy face, "Thank you, boss!" "Waste!"! Can't handle a fly! Jiang Lan's tone of disgust and displeasure. Wu Hao was wronged and said, "Who knew that Han Bitch was so tasteless that he used magic on me, an ordinary person!" Said on the mouth, Wu Hao hurriedly put the plaster on the face, plaster on the face, a cold feeling into the skin, that burning pain gradually faded down. An Chenxi sharp-eyed, found that the plaster is Dan Zong special, but she did not say anything, Prison toilet for sale ,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, before an Chenxi looked at Han Jiali, has found that she is a monk, a monk actually to Wu Hao this ordinary person with magic, also really no taste shameless. Why is she here? Jiang Lan asked with a cold face. It's the manager of the hotel. The manager wants to please Han Jiali. When he sees you here today, the manager will tip off Han Bitch. Jiang Lan's eyes sank, "after today, don't let that manager appear in the capital again." "All right!"! Chief, I understand, and I'll do it for you! Wu Hao crisply took the order, paused, Wu Hao could not stop talking, said, "but, chief, when you took out a gun and pointed it at Han Bitch's nose, your murderous look scared me, I thought you were really going to kill her!" Wu Hao's voice fell, and the car was silent. Jiang Lan did not speak, but the look on his face was momentarily profound. An Chenxi glanced at Jiang Lan and continued to keep silent, thinking that the man's murderous look at that time was really heavy, otherwise the girl would not be so heartbroken. Wu Hao saw his own head had nothing to say, a face of shyness, scratched his face, thought, he did not say anything to touch the head of the inverse scale, how the head of the look is a bit wrong. Seeing Jiang Lan's taboo expression, Wu Hao and An Chenxi both thought that Jiang Lan would not say anything. But do not want to, after a moment, Jiang Lan but faint way, "is not the time." An Chenxi looked at Jiang Lan in surprise, isn't it time? Isn't it time to kill that girl? Did he really want to kill her? The man was so unhappy with the girl that he wanted to kill her! And let an Chenxi surprised is not here, but Jiang Lan wanted to kill but did not kill, this person has always acted wantonly and arrogant, unexpectedly there will be some scruples, the girl, in the end what identity? Wu Hao showed an expression of "I knew I would not be wrong". Jiang Lan's eyes were as deep as an ink pool, looking ahead. He did want to kill Han Jiali, not only this time, but a long time ago. He also knew the purpose of the Han family to let Han Jiali get close to him. The ambition of the Han family is Sima Zhao's heart. Over the years, Han Jiali, including all the people in the Han family, has done those shady activities and insane things for power and influence, which is enough to make all the people in the Han family shoot thousands of people. Killing a Han Jiali can not solve the fundamental problem, behind Han Jiali, there is a Han family. Korea's relationship network is dense and complex, pull the trigger and move the whole body, now the Korean family is on the momentum, to move the Korean family, even if they are Jiang Jia, also want to take into account the involvement behind this, even if Jiang Lan again wanton arrogance, it is impossible to ignore Han Jiali behind the Korean family, in fact, Jiang Lan some ideas are very similar to AnChenXi, in the case of not uprooting each other, Don't waste some meaningless thoughts, strike the grass to frighten the snake, to move Han Jiali, it is necessary to uproot the Han family behind her,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, destroy and smash, so that they no longer have the possibility of turning over, this can solve the fundamental problem. Lujia.