Wear a vicious woman and smile at me.

  • Tao ran looked very afraid, but still wanted to know: "Sister, you tell me, in case I become a power in the future, I will go to find my sister, then I don't have to be afraid of my sister." Kui Qingqing's eyes moved, and in a twinkling of an eye she returned to her original cold and sarcastic appearance. She hooked her lips and said, "My name is Kui Qingqing. If you have the ability to find me alive, I will protect you." Tao ran was still looking at the back of Kui Qingqing, when the metal power behind him, who had been roasted and fainted, was about to wake up and was humming on the ground with his eyes closed. Tao ran saw that Kui Qingqing had gone far away, and his anger rose from his heart to the edge of courage. He turned around and rushed to the poor metal power lying on the ground, powerless to fight back. Suddenly he kicked the metal power in an indescribable place above the thigh and lower abdomen, and the poor metal power stared round his small eyes blankly and fainted again. Afterwards, Tao Ran put away his feet and said, "If you want to blame, you can only blame your fate. It's not good for you to get rid of me." Tao ran hurried to the rear of the station, and by the time he got there, there were already several powers. While he was worrying, a soldier who was shooting at the power with a gun saw him and exulted,push button toilet flush valve, "Are you all right?"? Come here! Tao ran saw that it was the soldier who had been kicked out by himself before. Under his cover, Tao ran sat in the retreat car and retreated with the army. Because those who lived in tents were unprepared and suffered heavy casualties, there were not many people left to retreat together, so there was no such thing as who could not get on the bus. Chao Feng had been under control all the time, and he was afraid that he would run out of the car to look for his son. He was handcuffed to the car and struggled to no avail, thinking that his baby son might have died. He felt a burst of cramps in his heart, a man of forty,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, crying like a tearful man. The soldier who was guarding him was also distressed by his crying and advised him, "You are still young, just have another one.". Now the national policy is different, children do not have to raise themselves, the state helps you raise. This soldier is really not very good at comforting people, Chao Feng was comforted by him and just wanted to jump out of the car to commit suicide. He covered his face and trembled. "It's all my fault," he said. "I shouldn't have gone in first. If I had walked behind him, I would have died for him." The soldier felt the deep fatherly love from these words. He was a fatherless child. After listening to these words, he felt that there was really a mountain of fatherly love in the world. Moved, he patted Chao Feng on the shoulder and said, "Don't cry. You see, I'm not much older than your son. Why don't I recognize you as my father?" Chao Feng covered her face and said sadly, "I don't want.." "Dad.." Dad.. In a trance, Chao Feng seemed to hear someone calling him Dad. "Don't call me Dad," he said painfully and irritably. "I won't recognize you as a son!" The soldier had a blank look on his face. "I didn't call it." Chao Feng suddenly looked up, Service Sink Faucets ,Flush Retrofit Kit, looked around, and saw Tao Ran, who was sitting in the car behind him, catching up. He was so excited that he froze and looked at Tao Ran's lips trembling. As the two cars approached, Tao ran stood on the car and jumped up to Chao Feng's car. The soldier behind him said, "Good skill!" Tao ran stepped on the hand of the soldier who wanted to rob his father and said, "Dad, I'm back. Why are you crying?" The soldier covered his hand with pain, and his iron will could not stop the tears flowing down. Chao Feng stared at Tao Ran and said, "You smelly boy!" Originally wanted to scold him or beat him, who let him let himself so worried, but in the end still reluctant. Chao Feng put her arm around Tao Ran and stroked the hair on Tao Ran's head. "Are you hurt?" She asked? Dad was so worried about you that someone just insisted that I be his father. In the middle of the motorcade, the highest officer here pinched his eyebrows and said sadly, "Didn't Dr. Zhen catch up?" "No." A soldier said, "When we rushed into the small building to save the doctor, the small building was already occupied by humanoids, and there were fires everywhere.". Doctor is just an ordinary person, in such an environment, I'm afraid it can't be saved. ” The officer looked at the front sadly. He said, "Now I have lost Dr. Zhen, and I, the chief, have probably come to the end." In the small building, Zhen Ling covered his mouth and nose and hid in a corner cabinet. Although the fire did not burn on her body, the temperature of the flame was about to burn her. She knew that if she didn't go out again, she might be burned to death. But she also knew that the people outside had not left, that the powers hated ordinary people, and that they would not let go of themselves. Zhen Ling finally couldn't help coughing out. Her heart was filled with despair, waiting for the sentence of death. After a loud noise, the cabinet used to hide her broke all over the floor. Zhen Ling saw an eyeful of fire, and a man covered by lightning stood in front of her. Zhen Ling looked at him and did not feel afraid, even some pity. They are all human beings, but because of the change of their bodies, they become alien and can only live a furtive life, which is really pitiful. Zhen Ling could not support fell down, at the last moment she seemed to see the man's electric light disappeared, a strong hand firmly caught her. Tao ran woke up in the middle of the night, he felt cold all over, can not help but to the side of the Chaofeng arch arch. Chao Feng hugged Tao Ran in a daze, and Tao Ran trembled all over. After a while, Chao Feng finally noticed something was wrong. "What's the matter?" She opened her eyes. Tao ran's uncomfortable eyes could not be opened, "cold." Chao Feng touched Tao Ran's forehead and found it very hot. Do you have a fever? Chao Feng sat up nervously and took off his coat to cover Tao Ran. However, Tao ran was still shivering, and Chao Feng hugged Tao ran in her arms with her clothes, wondering if she had been frightened before and now had a cold and fever. He was thinking about when he could get to the new station, so he could get some medicine. The soldier who came back with Tao Ran turned around in front of the co-pilot and said,Time Delay Faucet, "What's the matter?" "He seems to have a fever," said Chao Feng. The soldier looked at Tao Ran and said, "Wait a minute. I'll get the medicine." 。 cnkexin.com