The Tang Dynasty thief is handsome

  • But the fact is not as simple as he thought. The Iron-blooded Overlord Team led by Duhe fell into a bitter battle at the beginning. Duho's side got the opening ball. Duho, as the core, first controlled the ball under the horse and instigated the first attack. At the moment when Duhe got the ball, Li Yexu and the opponent's No.9 player came to attack Duhe at the same time. At the beginning, they took the situation of two people marking, to trap Duhe, it seems that they already know the power of Duhe! There was a trace of consternation in Duhe's eyes. His 433 formation seemed to be the key to the sharpness of the striker, but the key was the control of the midfield, especially Duhe's wonderful pass. As long as the midfield is suppressed and Duho is trapped, the 433 formation is bound to be much less powerful. Duhe thought to himself, "Did they see through their tactics at the beginning and arrange five players in the midfield to suppress the midfield and trap themselves?" In this encounter, Du He lost the initiative, and immediately understood that this strong team was indeed a winning team, but it had the ability. But how can Duhe be easily suppressed? Du He smiled confidently and controlled the ball with one hand. The man and the ball were like one, and the man and the horse were in one place. Even Li Yexu, who was born in the army, made him dizzy. Duho's superb ball control skills and equestrian, immediately caused a full house of applause! He pretended to break through, but in fact he saw the loophole and passed the ball to Luo Tong accurately. It was like a ball delicately calculated by a machine, and once again the audience was moved. Li Shimin could not help but cry out: "Good pass!" Suddenly,stainless steel shower tray, he found a familiar figure in the corner of his eye and walked over. A strong old man with white hair and beard was sit in that corner, look at the ball with a pen and paper and writing something on the paper. Li Shimin walked to his side and saw that the old man had drawn the formation of the two sides on it, and was doing an offensive and defensive competition. Li Shimin remembered the scene that Du He had been attacked before, and suddenly realized, "Medicine man, how can you be involved in the play of the younger generation?" The old man with white hair and beard turned out to be Li Jing, the military God of the Tang Dynasty. The forty-fourth chapter of the first chapter of the Tang Dynasty is the God of war of the Tang Dynasty. Li Jing looked up and saw that the man was Li Shimin. He quickly got up and saluted. Li Shimin hastened to stop him,Flush valve price, saying, "Li Aiqing doesn't need to be too polite. I'm just a spectator today." Regardless of anything else, he sat down directly beside Li Jing. Li Jing is 65 years old this year. He is in a semi-retired state. Shenlong sees the beginning but not the end. When we meet today, Li Shimin is planning to chat with him to enhance his feelings. After all, at some critical times, the Tang Dynasty still needs this military God to be in charge. Li Jinglao blushed a little, looked at the game and answered Li Shimin's previous question. This idle at home, Li Jing usually in addition to writing military books, read military books, can only see the younger generation play. A little time does not ask things outside the window, and the days are leisurely and contented. A few days ago, Li Shimin promulgated a new polo rule. Li Jing saw that Li Yexu was having fun, and he also knew about Li Shimin's promotion of polo from his grandson. He Li Jing is what kind of person, the Tang Dynasty military God, Time Delay Tap ,Self-closing Faucet, in terms of mental alertness, the world is not the second candidate. Du He and Li Shimin's intention to promote polo is how to deceive him. Li Shimin is deeply sagacious, and he is also interested in this new type of warm-blooded game. But after all, they are too old to play like the younger generation, so they can only watch from the side. One day, Li Jing saw Li Yexu put on a strange formation, between attack and defense, there was quite a platoon posture. After careful questioning, I realized that this was a kind of formation used by the Iron-blooded Overlord Team led by Du He, which was quite powerful, but they could not play their magic. Li Jing immediately moved, this old can not be idle, so disguised, secretly went to see Du He and other teams play a friendly match. Li Jing is known as the military God, naturally not undeserved reputation, Du He this set of 433 formation's wonderful use, just watched the first half has been clear in the chest, dark sigh, but also thinking about the way to crack. At the end of the second half, Li Jing also knew how to crack the 433 formation. Back home, see Li Yexu is still studying the 433 formation, so can not help but point out some. The 433 formation is not suitable for Li Yexu's strong team at all, because they do not have the powerful midfield of Duho and the invincible striker of Luotong. No matter how they learn, they just imitate others, but lose the real strength of the strong team. So he could not bear loneliness and pointed out directly. According to the characteristics of Duho's 433 formation, a relatively restrained 352 formation was created to allow them to practice against Duho's Iron-blooded overlord team. At the start of the game today, Li Jing had nothing to do and brought a pen and paper to join in the fun. One is to see if his 352 formation can restrain Duhe's 433 formation, and also to see if Duhe can break his 352 formation. The cause and effect are said to Li Shimin know, Li Jing's old face is still some red, after all, this fight with the younger generation, is not a glorious thing. When Li Jing told the reason, Luo Tong had already dribbled the ball past a defender's tackle and cut into the opponent's restricted area. The momentum of the three armed forces was absolutely a nightmare for any defender and goalkeeper. A tricky ball flew straight to the top right corner of the goal. In the face of the goal that must be scored, Duho almost raised his arm and cheered. But at that moment, the figure flashed, and the goalkeeper of the other side, like a goalkeeper, rose into the air and caught the ball. True or false! Duhe stared round eyes, Luo Tong this shot, almost close to the inside of the crossbar, the ball was also caught. That man is my eldest brother Li Yesi. He is not as good as me, but he learned martial arts from his mother at an early age. He has a speed and vision beyond ordinary people. So far, my team has not lost a goal, thanks to his contribution. Li Yexu saw that Du He looked stunned and explained with a smile,Stainless Steel Toilet China, and his tone was full of complacency that the victory was in hand. The game has just begun, and we don't know who will win or lose. Duhe said easily, but his face was serious.