Jian Hai Ying

  • "Brother Wen," said Lei Shih-hsiung, "let me discuss one thing with you. That is, if you agree to the request that this village has made to you before, I, Lei Shih-hsiung, will take the responsibility and send you and your wife away from the mountain. We will not offend each other in the future. What do you say?" Wenda could not say that he was not moved, so he was silent for a moment and said, "I'm sorry, my brother failed to obey." "Brother Wen," said Mr. Zhan, "this is an unwise decision." Wen Da said, "My brother has studied too much, so he has developed a little backbone. He is very clear and stubborn between right and wrong, good and evil. Otherwise, he would have been a man of wealth and honor. Why should he fall into Jianghu and be crazy about poetry and wine?"? Why should we spend more than ten years of precious time in a small room? Fu Shih-hsiung said, "This time, that time. I have no intention of using Miss Lian to threaten you. I just pointed out that in fact you had nothing to love before. You might as well commit suicide. But her life is also in your hands. How can you act as you wish and ignore her?" Wenda was already a little overwhelmed, but Renji said, "Although I am not a Chinese, I have read the poems and books of Shangguo. If Wenda submits against his will for my sake, although he can save his life, in the days to come, I'm afraid he will be unhappy and feel like living in vain. If so,coltan ore processing, why should he be afraid of death today?" Fu Shixiong turned his eyes on her, nodded and said, "You must be a like-minded couple with Brother Wen, so that you can sacrifice your life to follow each other in times of danger. It's admirable to talk about your friendship. If I talk about it again, it's my fault. I'm forced by the situation today, and I can't let you go. I have to help you die for love and leave a good story for Wulin." As he paused, Mrs. Zhan said, "Miss Lianji, that's not what I said. If you two are in love and wish to live and die together,small gold wash plant, why should you mind a kiss outside your body?". How can you ruin your life for the sake of external things, and confess that you have failed to live up to countless beautiful days in the future? Her argument, from another point of view, can naturally be justified. Renji did not make a sound, and Wenda kept silent. Mrs. Zhan felt that they were already showing signs of wavering. She thought about it and hurriedly added, "Renji, you are still young, and it is the time when the spring scenery is brilliant. If you and Wenda quit Jianghu at this moment and travel around the world hand in hand, there will still be decades of good life to live. If you have children, then you will feel even more that this short period of decades." There's something really worth remembering. Think about it, isn't it? Her words are obviously very persuasive, Lei Shixiong they see each other hesitate to think, the moment waiting patiently, hoping that he will yield. "You've heard what she said, Renji," Wenda said softly. "What do you think?" Renji said, magnetic separator machine ,gold CIP machine, "His words made me look forward to the wonderful happy time, the life of living and working in peace and contentment and no longer wandering, and the lively and laughing children."! Teach me how not to be tempted? "For your sake," said Wenda, "I can promise them that I will never regret it." Renji took hold of his hand and said enthusiastically, "You are so kind to me." "What is that?" Asked Wenda. Their looks and actions, and even the conversation, all fell into the eyes and ears of everyone, because they were so sincere and honest that no one felt disgusting, or even impatient. Wenda hesitated for a moment and then said, "So I promised them?" All the people around breathed a sigh of relief, but felt that everything was so perfect that they did not have to look at the struggle any more, nor did they have to bear the heart of sympathy any more. But Renji said, "Wait a minute. I don't think I can promise them easily. Because the first point is that this will make you feel humiliated and guilty. Even if you hide it in your heart, I know it will be so." "You're asking for trouble," said Mrs. Zhan. "Is he so reluctant to give up other things?" Renji smiled at her and said, "The second point is that after he gives in this time, it will not be difficult for him to give in for me or the child in the future and do something against his conscience. This is the most important point.". ” "Nonsense," said Mrs. Zhan. "Don't you believe the promise of Lord Lei?" "Besides him," said Renji, "there are other groups of forces. Besides, Lord Lei is dealing with a powerful enemy. He may not be able to win, and he may not be safe. So it's really hard to say whether you will make trouble again in the future. Her words have hinted that there is another problem of the western region group, plus Lei Shixiong may die, may also be strict and fearless to overturn his decision. In short, these things sound reasonable to experienced people. Wenda laughed and said, "I, Wenda, have never lived in vain in my life with such a confidant." As if they had refused the conditions of the exclusive villa, many sympathetic people secretly felt sorry for them, and saw their warm dream and happy vision completely turned into a light smoke. As soon as Lei Shixiong waved his hand, the formation closed and turned again. The rising sun has peeped out from the top of the mountain, and the earth is full of vitality. But unde that bright morning sun, this pair of concentric lover voluntarily stepped into the realm of death and destruction. The war happened again, but saw the knife light surge, the sound of drinking, to shake the four fields. Lei Shixiong is not an ordinary person, although he has admiration and sympathy, but do not fight already, a move to start, then with all their strength to attack, no mercy. Wen Da and Lian Ji have the intention to die, so although they are wounded, they are still very serious. Look at the fierce fight dozens of strokes, just began to show the trend of no support. Just at this time, the big array of Duzun Villa suddenly had a commotion, ShaSheng. Fu Shih-hsiung glanced back and snapped, "Where is the enemy going?" A middle-aged man with a rainbow beard said in a loud voice, "The enemy has killed more than ten brothers in the northeast." The enemies they are talking about naturally refer to the Shaolin monks and Duanmufu. Fu Shih-hsiung sweeps three sticks in a row, forcing Wenda to almost die. Fortunately, the other side suddenly relaxes a little and does not take advantage of the situation to force him again. The bearded man added, "Report to the Villa Leader. There are more than thirty enemies." Lei Shih-hsiung made a move and said, "How could there be a dozen more?" "According to the news from the battle array,Portable gold trommel," said the bearded man, "all the monks who were killed or wounded got up unharmed, and their strength was greatly strengthened." 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com