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  • Original Title: Nanjing Zhanyi Technology Co., Ltd. — Focus on R & D, Customized Production and Service of High Temperature Adhesive Tape in 2015 Nanjing Zhanyi Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the independent research and development,personalized tape measure, production and sales of high-temperature adhesive tapes. The company has 15000 square meters of self-built workshop, 1500 square meters of dust-free workshop,bespoken tape measure, 4 automatic coating production lines and supporting advanced equipment such as rewinder, slitting machine and detector. The main products are resin lens and LED packaging tape, lithium battery and nickel-hydrogen battery, custom tailor tape ,mini tape measure, insulation fixing tape, electroplating, baking varnish, dusting masking tape, paper and leather connecting tape, electronic products tape and so on. Expand the full text Boyi (Nanjing) New Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in August 2018 and co-founded with Mr. Wu Bochong of Taiwan. It focuses on two fields of acrylic resin and special adhesive tape, and its main products include: water-based acrylic coating liquid, water-based acrylic protective film glue, PMMA optical resin, acrylic packaging resin; wafer chip protective tape, continuous electroplating masking tape, elastomer non-substrate double-sided tape and nearly ten products. Resin lens tape Lithium battery tape Double-sided tape Encapsulation tape High temperature tape Meguiar's paper tape Zhanyi Technology has participated in APFE2021-17th Shanghai International Adhesive Tape,garment measuring tape, Protective Film and Functional Film Exhibition Booth: 5.1H, 5T69 Exhibition time: May 26-28, 2021 Venue: Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center 5.1H + 6.1H Welcome to negotiate with us on the spot or contact us by phone. Return to Sohu to see more. Responsible Editor:.