Try to refuse me again.

  • Seeing Ye Chu's lips getting closer and closer, Xia Nan was afraid, and while Ye Chu was not on guard, she suddenly pushed Ye Chu hard. Ye Chu really didn't expect her to push herself. He was a little tired after recovering from a serious illness. He didn't stand still. He stepped back a little. As soon as he stood still, he saw Xia Nan running forward in a hurry like a rabbit in a hurry. In a twinkling of an eye, he went into the bathroom. With a snap, she shut herself in the bathroom and locked the door. Ye Chu looked at the door of the bathroom, not by the hook lips smiled, this is his home, where can she escape to? He really wanted her too much, wanted to see her every day as soon as he opened his eyes, wanted her to fall in love with himself, wanted her. Belong to yourself. I do not know why, after coming back, Ye Chu always has a feeling that Xia Nan is more afraid of him than before, this fear is carefully hidden by her, but the focus of Ye Chu's life is her, she can detect the slightest change he can clearly. That's why he's been losing control of his emotions more and more recently, and the relationship between them is getting worse and worse. The more so, the more repeated, how hard can not be close to her, Ye Chu heart inexplicably feel that she may never fall in love with themselves. So be it. Are adults, have physical needs, in T city, he knew this early, if this can have her,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, he does not mind. Thinking like this, Ye Chu's eyes became more and more obscure, and he walked slowly from the living room to the bathroom. Xia Nan listened to the footsteps of Ye Chu outside, panting and hiding in the bathroom, her hand pressing the lock button, at the moment, she really felt afraid. Ye Chu was so strange that she almost didn't know him. The space of the bathroom is narrow and cramped, and beside the place where she washes her face, there is the water she has collected for Ye Chu,Gear Reduction Motor, which is used to wet the towel. It was fine just now, but suddenly it became like this. Xia Nan eyes a red, tears almost fell down, she is not wrong, will let Ye Chu become what he is now, but where she did wrong, should not take his umbrella, or should not come to visit him. She felt so helpless. Outside the door, Ye Chu had already gone to the bathroom. There was a layer of frosted glass on the door of his house. You could see the outline of each other faintly. Ye Chu leaned lazily on the door. Xia Nan could see his profile through the glass. He asked her: "Are you going to hide here all night?" Xia Nan did not answer, she still grabbed the door handle, did not dare to let go. After a while, Ye Chu seemed to smile: "I scared you just now. I didn't want to do anything to you. Come out." Xia Nan was a little dubious, although Ye Chu had a bad temper and was very fierce, but he seemed to have never hurt himself, he would rather get hurt than let her get hurt, just now. Maybe I was just trying to scare her. Ye Chu saw that she still refused to come out, and her tone was a little coaxing: "Well, Nannan is good. Come out quickly. You want to spend the night here. What if I go to the toilet?"? Where to solve it, 24v Gear Motor ,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, huh? Xia Nan remembered the way he had just been fed water, he was so good and gentle when he fell asleep, Xia Nan was less alert, she was a little relaxed, feeling that she was not too exaggerated. Ye Chu still advised her to open the door with a smile in his voice: "It's no use if you lock it from the inside. I have the key. It's getting late. You can sleep in the guest room." Xia Nan thought in his heart, indeed, he must have the key, she actually can not prevent him, Ye Chu should not be so bad. After a pause, she finally whispered, "Then I'll open the door." "Yes." Xia Nan paused and added, "Don't bully me." "Yes." With a snap, Xia Nan twisted the button of the lock again, pressed the door handle, and the door opened. The next second, Ye Chu quickly came in from outside the door. He pressed Xia Nan heavily against the wall, regardless of her cry, bowed his head and began to kiss her. His kiss was very gentle, but Xia Nan still noticed that his kiss was different from the previous one. It's full of love. A kiss of desire 。 Lips fell on Xia Nan's face. The uneasiness in Xia Nan's heart expanded. She pushed him hard and put her hand on his chest. While trying to push him away, she hid from his lips: "You go away. You stay away from me." Xia Nan has some grievances in her heart, Ye Chu is a big liar! He's lying! He doesn't keep his word! He has really changed, and he is no longer the Yechu he used to be. Ye Chu kisses emotionally, he misses her taste so much, her all, now tasted, will not let go. He began to kiss down from Xia Nan's forehead, but her struggle made Ye Chu a little unhappy. He frowned, grabbed Xia Nan's wrist, pressed her hands on top of her head, pulled a dark blue tie beside the washbasin, and tied her hands up twice. This posture is very shameful, Xia Nan is a little confused for a moment, her hands are tied, subconsciously want to kick him with her legs, aware of Xia Nan's intention, Ye Chu body forward, with their own legs strongly suppressed her legs, so that she can not kick around, she struggled but could not move. The more they struggled, the closer their bodies became. Her exquisite body and his body were close to each other. Xia Nan could even feel the temperature of his body, which was so hot that it seemed to burn her. Xia Nan was even more flustered and said, "Ye Chu, you let go of me. Don't tie my hand with a tie. Ye Chu, did you hear that?" Ye Chu went all the way down and continued to kiss, regardless of what Xia Nan said, he kissed her eyes, nose and face, as if he could engrave her appearance in his heart by kissing her facial features like this. Xia Nan was pressed by him in this square inch, his body and his close, the back is the cold wall, her hands were tied, struggling when the tie bound her a little pain, his face is full of traces left by his wet and soft lips, his kiss is overwhelming, so that Xia Nan breathless, her lips from time to time overflow a low plea,Brushless Gear Motor, begging him to let go of himself, but Ye Chu turned a deaf ear. When Ye Chu kissed Xia Nan's lips, he paused. Last time he only ate a mouthful of blood. This time he actually wanted to taste it well.