Brocade night

  • It was his little brother in his hand, and he thought they could walk in the sun hand in hand for a lifetime. However, the growth came so fast that before he could react, Xingsuo had already let go of his hand. On the road of life, he went farther and farther alone. Until Xing Suo had a car accident, their relationship seemed to have returned to the original point. It was the first time in so many years since he was in middle school that he had been so quiet and persistent with Xingsuo. Only the clock on the wall and the shadows of the trees outside the window were whispering softly. He was so close to Xingsuo's breath. He said, "Xiao Xing, you are back." In fact, he did not want to say this sentence, he did not know what he wanted to say, but as soon as he opened his mouth, he said so. Only then did he know that this was his heart. He loved Xingsuo, a brother of the same blood, as much as he loved himself. Xingsuo did not respond. He slept quietly, his eyelashes curled gently. He put his hand on the back of Xingsuo's hand and clenched it slowly. The wall between them for many years seemed to disappear at this moment, and they held hands, as close and warm as they had been in childhood. Cheng Yueguang began to talk to Xingsuo about what had happened recently. Father's derailment, Hu Lanlan's absurdity, mother's pain,Edible oil filling machine, school rumors. Somehow, the lost strength seemed to return to his body bit by bit, and he felt a rare calm for many days, and he felt that he had to do something. He said, "Xiao Xing, Dad can't do that to Mom. Mom has done everything for him. She will die." He stood up and said goodbye to his brother. Cheng Yueguang sighed deeply. He wondered if he should go and talk to Hu Lanlan. At this time, he suddenly found a black car in front of him that looked familiar. He honked his horn. The black car seemed to hesitate a little, but it accelerated in an instant,plastic bottle making machine, intending to leave his sight. He became very suspicious. In the black car, Qian Yongqiang, Cheng Wang's personal driver and bodyguard, turned to the woman in the back seat and said, "It's Moonlight's car, chasing us." Hu Lanlan, a beautiful woman dressed in aqua blue in the back seat, was taken aback. She looked back and saw that it was Cheng Yueguang's car. She urged Qian Yongqiang to drive quickly. But Qian Yongqiang only tried once and then gave up. He said to Hu Lanlan: "His car is faster than ours, and I can't compare with Moonlight's driving skills." He did not listen to Hu Lanlan's words, directly changed lanes, drove into a fork road with few cars on the side, and stopped in front of a bank. Cheng Yueguang's car quickly stopped beside him. He quickly jumped out of his car and opened the door of the black car. Hu Lan's beautiful face was exposed to the sun, and she frowned a little at a loss. She didn't want to get out of the car, water bottle packaging machine ,juice filling machine, but Cheng Yueguang's eyes pierced her like two steel nails, and the driver Qian Yongqiang looked dumbfounded. Get off the bus Cheng Yueguang's voice was a little deep, different from his usual gentleness. Hu Lanlan suddenly crossed her heart. She slowly put down her hand on her forehead and laughed. What's so terrible about him? Isn't that what she wants? She lightly stretched her long and straight legs out of the car door, and then, without looking at Cheng Yueguang, walked leisurely towards the leisure bench outside the bank. What do you want to tell me? Scold me? Hit me? Blame me? Educate me? Forget it. You don't have to say anything about that. I'll be very impatient to hear it. Hu Lanlan pointed to the vacant seat beside him and said. Cheng Yueguang hesitated for a moment and sat down beside her. It was morning sunshine, light and transparent, and there were many people in and out of the bank, but no one had time to sit on these benches. They looked at this pair of men and women with envy, and they must have thought they were lovers. Hu Lanlan played with her long curly hair, and she remembered the pain of being caught off a strand of hair by Ou Jin the night before yesterday, and she could not help flattening her mouth. Cheng Yueguang stayed for a while. In the past, when he was in love with her, he liked to see the expression of her flat mouth, which made people feel innocent and weak. What a terrible irony that this weak woman has now become his father's new favorite. A cold sweat broke out on his back. He said, "Why are you doing this?" Is it for money? He can give it to her, too. No, no. She hinted at him, but he didn't want her. He felt that his head was a little sore, and maybe he was not ready to face the negotiation. Sure enough, Hu Lanlan sneered: "Why?"? If you had really known me a little bit in that half a year, you wouldn't have asked me why now. She raised her head, put her hands on both sides of her body, looked at the floating clouds in the sky, and read word by word: "I want a lot of love, if not, then I want a lot of money, and at worst, I can have health." She smiled. "This is the girl I like, what Jiang Xibao said. She was still very unfortunate in the end. But I don't believe that ending-well, you won't know who she is, because you never have time to read novels. You are so busy. Your appointment schedule is too full." Cheng Yueguang looked at her with some language stagnation, he suddenly found that she was right, he had never understood her, not at all. He knew that in front of him, her gentle, sexy, beautiful and mature appearance was faked, but he did not think about what she really looked like, or he really just lusted after her appearance, and did he ever care about any girl's heart? He actually felt a little ashamed. He said, "I liked you, too." Hu Lanlan slowly let go of a strand of hair wrapped around her finger: "I just like it, right?"? And you like a lot of girls at the same time. I think I get too little. It's fine now. Your father loves me very much. He gives me more love than you do. I believe it will be more and more in the future. I'm very satisfied. "So,Vegetable oil filling machine, you don't have to say anything. If one day I become your stepmother, I won't invite you to the wedding-because I will always remember that you are my first man, that's all." 。