The president's cutie.

  • What did you say? Want Ron Hitomi to be my special assistant?! At the first hearing of the new personnel order, Bai Lixi almost spurted out a mouthful of tea. Yes. Liu Xiping nodded seriously without a smile on her face. She will be sent to Beijing with you to set up Beijing OFFICE. Are you kidding me? Shipin. Bai Lixi stared at the man sitting behind the desk with a few strands of white silk in his hair. She is the star in front of Chief Xing. And you let her go with me? Do you think I want to? This is Xing Keqiang's suggestion. Liu Xiping pulled the corners of his mouth and said that your secretary was too young and had poor ability to handle affairs and might not be able to help in Beijing. He assures that Ron Hitomi is the best person to assist you. What does he mean by that? Don't you get it? He's going to send someone around to watch you! Liu Xiping points out. Spying on me? The cold woman's face passed through Bai Lixi's mind. Her? You have been so good recently that even the chairman appreciates you. Now he has sent you to Beijing and promoted you to be the general manager of the Beijing branch. Of course, Xing Keqiang is not happy. Liu Xiping rubbed his chin thoughtfully, and it is understandable that he would like to put someone beside you to monitor your every move. In addition to sending him some intelligence on a regular basis, he may also ask Ron Hitomi to hold you back if necessary. Why agree to this personnel order when you know she's going to be a problem? Because I was thinking maybe we could use her back. Liu Xiping's sharp eyes flashed a light. Now Bai Lixi finally understood. Do you think we can get something out of her about Chief Xing? Uh-huh. The woman was loyal to him and could not have leaked it. He shook his head. Of course I know that. Liu Xiping smiled. It depends on your charm, Li Xi. Hey, hey, you don't mean I want her,bottle blowing machine, do you? That's right. Liu Xiping admitted frankly. Give me a break. Bai Lixi rolled his eyes exaggeratedly. Liu Xiping laughed. We all saw the hypnotic show. Li Xi, the electricity between you two is sizzling. Of course. Because that woman hates me. What about you? Do you hate her too? At least not like it. Bai Lixi answered sarcastically. It doesn't matter if you don't like it. Since Xing Keqiang took the initiative to bring her to your mouth, you don't have to swallow it. Please! Shippin,PET bottle Mold, don't talk like me. He protested. What's the matter? Does she really make you lose your appetite? Bai Lixi's handsome eyebrows and black eyes light up the mysterious brilliance. She must go to Beijing with that man. Just her and him, just the two of them! When he first heard the chief's suggestion, Ron Hitomi almost resented how he had the heart to send her to hell? But when he smiled gently at her and begged her gently, she could only declare total surrender. She could never say no to the chief! Even if she had to go to hell to get along with that man, she would admit it. So after the New Year, she said goodbye to her family in Taichung and went back to Taipei to pack her bags and prepare for the New Year. Li Xi flew to Beijing together. It's just that the man who said he was going to pick her up and take her to the airport hasn't shown up yet? She glanced at her watch. It was more than ten minutes before the appointed time. It's too big! Thanks to the fact that he was born in Sales, Beverage packing machine ,PET blowing machine, doesn't he know the most taboo of being late for a date? Does he dare to face customers like this? Or did he come late because he didn't have her in his eyes? As soon as she thought of this, she was a little angry and grabbed her cell phone. She immediately dialed the number that she was reluctant to enter a few days ago. Sorry, the number you dialed has not been answered. A polite voice came from the mobile phone. What do you mean? He didn't turn it on? Can't get a signal? Is he in the tunnel? Buried by a landslide? Malicious thoughts flashed through his mind, and Ron Hitomi lifted his lips sarcastically. Ten minutes later, impatiently, she dialed again, and there was no response. This time she was even more furious and cursed him directly in her heart for an accident! When he was still out of sight after forty minutes, she began to get nervous. This guy! They'll miss the plane! What the hell is he doing? She got up and paced anxiously in the living room for a few minutes. Finally, she could not help but pick up the car and rushed downstairs to the alley. She hesitated whether to call a taxi to go to the airport first, but if he still didn't arrive at the airport, it would be in vain for her to go to Beijing alone. Or has he already gone? Leaving her waiting here on purpose? Come on, this guy is not so bad. She decided in a low voice that she should have a little hope for Bai Lixi's personality. So where the hell is he? After the anger, the chest slowly opened with worry. She didn't want to admit it, but she was really worried about his safety. He didn't really have a car accident, did he? As she was thinking, the sound of a few horns called back her thoughts, she fixed her eyes on a yellow taxi. Hello. A handsome eyelid leaned out of the window and smiled at her. Her eyes widened, her anxious mood faded, and her anger rose. There you are! "Do you know what time it is?" She shouted? We're gonna miss our plane! How dare you be so late for a date with a client? Is it? I'm sorry to have a temporary delay. He looks unrepentant. His smile is still bright. Get in the car. She pursed her lips and put the suitcase into the trunk with his help before getting on the bus with a cold face. Glanced at him disapprovingly. Mind telling me? What is it that makes you waste your time, Manager Bai? This. He picked up a paper box as if offering a treasure. She frowned. What is this? My sister's dessert,juice filling machine, Boston pie. He said he had a contented look like a cheating cat. She's a little confused. Is that what this is all about? It's delicious! He emphasized that my sister's dim sum was the best in the world and could not be compared with that sold in a five-star restaurant. You-she glared at him in disbelief. The man was late for dessert? I was a little late because my sister took a little time to bake the pie. This is not a moment. Don't be mad. I'll buy you a pie later to make up for it. The starry eyes are as bright and mischievous as the stars in the sky. She was speechless and her face frosted. This man doesn't even care about business travel time for the sake of Bostons! Didn't he think of that? What if they don't make the flight? Don't worry, we'll make it. There is still more than an hour before the departure time. Hearing what he said, the beautiful eyes lit a fire.