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  • He sat in a daze, clutching the empty teacup in his hand, lost in thought. This year is the most important year to compete for the head of the family! He remembered the news that the elder had sent secretly not long ago, and his heart was churning. If you don't fight at this time, I'm afraid you won't even have a chance later! Episode 5 Section 421 Ma Hu Walking on the road, Chen Mu asked Angel, "How many places did you have in the last match?" Angel, who has always been very calm and sophisticated, blushed in a rare way and said, "No.58." "Fifty-eight." Chen Mu pondered: "It's more difficult." Although he did not know the intensity of the so-called Dongrui match, he did not think it was an easy thing to go from the 58th place to the top four. There are sixty teams in all. Tai Shuying, who was following behind, added a sentence, and Jiang Ling, who was beside her, covered her mouth and snickered. Tai Shuying's little face looked very discontented, and he muttered, "What is it? It's the third from the bottom!"! Dad was scolded by grandpa because of this. Hum,liquid bottle filling machine, Ma Hu is a muscular man with big breasts and no brains! Angel's face turned green all of a sudden, and he quickly corrected: "Miss, big breasts and no brains are talking about women." "Isn't Ma Hu's chest big?" Asked Tai Shuying? It's bulging. I think it's bigger than Aunt Mary's chest. The chest is so big, still so stupid, is not the chest big without brain? Jiang Ling was already laughing so hard that she couldn't stand up and just rolled on the ground. Chen Mu could not help smiling. Uncle White Mask, you must help Dad get a good place this time! Hum, you can't be looked down upon by those people! Tai Shuying clenched her little fist and said angrily. Chen Mu smiled and did not speak. A group of people came to the training area. Tai Shu's family really deserves to be rich and powerful. The facilities in the training area are very advanced,water filling machine, much more advanced than Chen Mu's training ground in the valley. There are many special training rooms in the training area, such as strength training room, flight training room, shooting training room.. However, in such an advanced training area, it was empty and no one was seen. Don't they usually need training? Chen Mu is a little strange. Such a situation will never happen in the valley, no matter when, the training ground in the valley is always a hot scene. Even in the middle of the night, Carthew consciously practiced more. And here, from Chen Mujin to now, he has not seen a single person. The boss has a lot of work every day and has no time to take care of them. Angel felt his face burning badly. Dad doesn't understand. Tai Shuying unceremoniously debunked it again. She didn't feel anything wrong with what she said: "Dad doesn't like fighting since he was a child. He doesn't have any man's breath." "Miss, how can you say that about your father?" Angel expressed his dissatisfaction. I'm just stating a fact. Tai Shuying doesn't care about the tunnel. If someone else had said such a bad thing about his boss, liquid bottle filling machine ,CSD filling line, Angel immediately went to argue with the other side, but it was the young lady who said this, and he could only smile bitterly. The bell laughed even more happily, but she soon drew the eyes of Tai Shuying: "You don't have to be so happy!" "Giggle, I wonder what kind of expression Uncle Cheng will have when he hears this?" Tai Shuying shrugged. "I'm sure he'll agree." Chen Mu understood that the third son of Tai Shuyong was not interested in managing Carthew, and that Carthew, who was usually named Ma Hu, was in charge. However, it is clear that this Ma Hu does not have this talent, these Carthew is very laissez-faire. Before he thought of a better way to see Tai Shuyong, his best way was to break the situation in front of him. Fortunately, he has such senior talents as Bagnell and Jiang Liang, and it is not difficult for him to deal with these problems. Order them. Assemble in five minutes. Chen Mu said to Angel in a flat tone. Before Angel could give the order, Chen Mu turned to Sang Hanshui and said, "Get ready for battle. If you don't obey, knock him down." Sang Hanshui nodded, indicating that he understood. Angel's heart jumped. "It looks like these guys are going to suffer." Don't hit too hard, don't kill it. Chen Mu still ordered lightly. Angel several people feel a chill in their hearts, and the phrase "Don't kill it" makes these people who are used to living a comfortable life feel a little jumpy. Only too Shu Ying excited unceasingly: "Yes, hit hard, hit dead also does not matter!"! These losers. I don't like them anymore! Five minutes passed and no one arrived. The expression on Angel's face was very ugly, especially when Miss Chiang was still watching, which made him very embarrassed. It took ten minutes for Carthew to arrive sparsely. Some Carthew had seen Chen Mu four people, suddenly pale, and those who had not seen Carthew, is very strange to look at a few people. Angel, of course, they know each other. Why did Miss come to the training area? And a beautiful girl! Many people looked at Jiang Ling with shining eyes. Jiang Ling smiled and was unaware of it. The strong man beside her snorted coldly. If there were not a few people around him, he would teach these lustful guys a lesson before morning. Carthew was getting more and more, and one of them came up to Angel with a salivating face. "Lord Angel, what's the matter this time?" Angel felt that his face had been completely lost by these guys. Naturally, he didn't have a good look. "Stand back," he said coldly! I'll announce something later! The Carthew returned resentfully, but this time the crowd was quiet, and everyone knew that Lord Angel was in a bad mood, and there was no need to touch the bad luck at this time. It took a good twenty minutes for a big man to arrive late. The big fellow was very tall, almost two meters, very fat, and stood there like a mountain of meat. Only then did Chen Mu understand why Tai Shuying would insist that he had a big chest and no brain. His chest was indeed exaggerated, like two big balls of meat hanging. This is Ma Hu. Ma Hu said in a loud voice from a distance, "Lord Angel,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, what's so urgent? I'm at a critical moment."! You almost broke my dick by shouting like that! When the other Carthews heard this, they all took the hint and kept laughing. Tai Shuying and Jiang Ling looked suddenly cold. Angel was furious: "Ma Hu, how dare you say such a thing in front of the young lady!" 。 gzxilinear.com