Huanzhu Landlord _ Shushan Swordsman Biography

  • As soon as Dongfang Hao saw the sorcerer's second act, he stopped attacking the enemy. On the one hand, he secretly captured his mind to prevent the evil method from sneaking in. On the other hand, he took out a magic weapon from his side and turned it into a blue light wall, which cut off the black light demon arrow and the pink demon fog together. The camera stopped. On the one hand, although Chou and Li appeared to be in harmony with the four, on the other hand, because Wei, Xin, and the other four were originally enemies, and at this time they were in a hurry to unite, they had no choice but to do so, which was definitely not their original intention. Moreover, they had accidentally injured one of his accomplices, so they had to be more careful. On the other hand, they wanted to observe the depth of the magic power of the four, so as not to get out of trouble, but to deal with it when. At the same time, however, they were afraid that the night would be long and there would be many dreams, or that Xin and Wei were not the enemies of the demon party, so they looked on for the time being. Although they did not come forward, they were really on guard in the dark and were eager to try. The heir saw that Dongfang Hao had suddenly broken the evil law, and the demon party had done something, so he couldn't bear to see the naked evil form. Both of them were ill, especially Ying Qiong. Seeing that Dongfang Hao could only cope with it for the second time and did not gain the upper hand, he could not hold back his anger and waited for a move. Listen to Sha Liang again, observe the expression and meaning, it is not false. Thought: "Although Wei and Xin return good for evil, they are too selfish. After all, they are well-known figures in the Kunlun Sect. They can't be too ignorant and shameless.". The one who fought with the two sorcerers of men and women, the sword light magic weapon,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, the expression and movement, are not like the people in the left way. Only this person, eager to see the way, but the words are very pleasant to hear, magic power also seems not weak. The holy aunt forbids the law, the demon corpse already omnipotent use, in this stalemate finally is may consider. It is better to listen to this person's words and join forces to rush out. Fortunately, Wei, Xin and the other four even took advantage of the gap to plot against him, and they were not afraid of him even if they put their swords together and added the Muni Pearl, the treasure of Buddhism. Thinking of this,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, he felt that the two sorcerers of men and women were abominable and wanted to go again in addition to the harm, but he did not take the first half of Sha Liang's words to heart. The two men motioned to each other slightly, and fiercely tightened the light of the two swords, Ziying and Qingsuo, and turned them into a rainbow. They flew forward and passed through the blue light. Even the sorcerer, with the demon arrow and the demon fog, circled them head-on. The two sorcerers used their hearts to lure the enemy into the net, as Sha Liang had expected. As soon as he saw someone flying with the light of his sword, although he felt that the oncoming force was strong and unusual, he still relied on the change of Xuangong in the Naked Body Sect and thought that he could not kill them. However, he was also afraid that the enemy's flying sword would be so powerful that there would be any loss. Regardless of waiting for all of them to fall into the trap, he hurriedly launched a demon method to lure the enemy into the net, but he didn't know that the evil penetration was already full, and the oncoming force was more powerful than electricity. The two swords were the nemesis, and they were not allowed to do anything. They had already rolled up. Only then did he know that it was not good, and it was too late. The woman also screamed, the man did not even make a sound, even with the demon arrow and the demon fog buried together, the sword light slightly moved, and the smoke disappeared. Zhou and Li were not satisfied, and they were still sweeping away the atmosphere. When Sha Liang saw that the two of them did not listen to what they had said, he flew his sword straight up and felt that it was going to be bad. When he saw such a situation, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, he could not help but be surprised and happy. Thinking about the future, frowning, listening to the wind and thunder, with anger, Dongfang Hao has taken back the blue light, Zhou and Li are still flying up and down in the residual atmosphere. Knowing that the crisis is imminent, without the joint efforts of these two people, they can not get away. By this time, he had no time to think of anything else. "Two Taoist friends," he said, "the Guishui escape method has already come. There must be a response outside. Please come back quickly and find out the direction to go out." Zhou and Li also heard that the wind and thunder were different. When they heard this, they were alert and quickly retired, regardless of the atmosphere of sweeping away the remnants. As soon as the light of the sword was withdrawn and the two met, Sha Liang raised his eyes and looked around. Before he could speak, the scene in front of him suddenly darkened, followed by a series of flashes of five-colored lightning, and he entered the dark world. Although people are wise eyes, they can only be seen in the light of the protective sword. Sha Liang and Dongfang Haoqing knew that it was difficult to deal with them. They shouted in unison, "The Five Dun Forbidden Systems will all be launched. The demon corpse is not yet present. It is either more sinister or it has been tripped up.". All the Taoist friends must get together and use their magic powers. Wait for her to launch the Five Dun Forbidden System together, and then try to rush out. Don't act rashly. As soon as he had finished speaking, the blue light suddenly brightened, and then he saw that the place where he lived was no longer the same place. The upper and lower places were all green and misty, and even more boundless. I don't know how many blue light pillars, two or three thick and thin, were squeezing each other. Surrounded by thick and light blue smoke, they rushed up like angry waves in all directions. In Jingqiong Valley, Zhou and Li watched Shangguanhong practicing Yimu's escape method. Yi Jing once persuaded them to learn from him, and they had the treasure of restraining Yimu around them. Ying Qiong first thought, "These four people in the new union were originally enemies. Among them, only Wei Xianke and his wife were born in the Kunlun Orthodox Church. The other two Taoists could not figure out their ways.". In particular, the one who repeatedly issued warnings seemed to have a high level of knowledge of magic, but his appearance and expression did not look like a serious monk. Know each other at this time, because the situation is imminent, not necessarily the heart, know what he means? Again, according to the tone of his speech, everywhere shows that he is a head taller than others, and invisibly brings out a tone of contempt for himself. If you depend on him completely, you can't get out, and you will fall together; if you get out of danger at one stroke, you will think it is his knowledge. The other side was originally relying on their own and light cloud magic weapon, flying sword to help, together out of danger. Just practice for a long time, have more knowledge, know a little about the generation and restriction of the five elements, and be able to distinguish the entrance and exit. Oneself and light cloud person use, gave great efforts, the end also makes the other side to know the way old horse, all rely on him to know the opportunity to guide, only to escape from danger. If you are a serious senior monk, or if you have a little relationship with your teacher, it's all right. If the evil spirit of the left way is first-class, people's hearts are unpredictable, and they suddenly have different aspirations outside, or they are said a few cheap words by him, they are not particularly wronged, and they lose the dignity of the school. Now the two swords, the orb protect the body, and the treasure of restraint given by the holy aunt, I am confident that I can get away with any powerful situation. At most, it takes a lot of effort, and it is not impossible to go through the mountain and break through the wall from the depths of the cave. It is better not to be forceful than to be driven by it, and the result may not be easy to be insulted by it, so why not exert your best efforts and try to force it? If things go well, let the other side see the power of Emei and win glory for their own school. Even if it is not good, what should be done is still what should be done. These swords and magic weapons are all used, and if they are ineffective, the other side is expected to be helpless. If you still have to rely on his advice to help, then it is not too late to rely on him. After all,ultrasonic extraction cbd, it's better to have your own opinion than to follow it blindly. For example, if you don't meet this person, what should you do? 。