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  • With that, Qi Yue walked out of the study alone. Looking at his back, Hai Ruyue clenched her fists. This guy, why can he always provoke my anger. If he hadn't been Kirin, I would have punched him. As he walked back to his room, Qi Yue felt very happy. He was always thick-skinned and a muddle-through person. He didn't worry about what would happen to him at work tomorrow. Anyway, the probation period is only three months, and it's a big deal to quit. Hai Ruyue was just trying to play with herself, so come on. I'm a ruffian. I'm barefoot and I'm not afraid to wear shoes. He had just walked back to his room, and before he could sit down, Hai Ruyue had already followed him in. Qi Yue said with some amusement, "Even if you enter the bridal chamber, you don't have to be so impatient." With a cold hum, Hai Ruyue floated up and landed directly on the inside of the bed. "Practice." Qi Yue shrugged his shoulders. He naturally understood that he could not be stimulated any more when the active volcano was about to erupt. Without saying anything more, he sat down cross-legged one meter away from the sea like the moon. Perhaps because of the anger in my heart, Hai Ruyue's breathing is somewhat unstable, and her plump chest fluctuates up and down with her breathing. From the small fluctuation range, we can see how elastic the full double peaks are. I really want to touch them! Qi Yue swallowed saliva secretly. Think of their own understanding of the time is not long to grasp the milk dragon claw hand, and then look at the cold face of the sea such as the moon, or give up the idea in the heart. Hai Ruyue didn't open her eyes. "Are you going to look at me all the time?" "Uh.." How do you know I look at you if you don't look at me? I didn't see what your eyes were doing, but I could feel the fluctuation of your breath. If you dare to *** me again, believe it or not,ultrasonic welding transducer, I will make you unable to be a man in your life. "You don't have to be so cruel." Qi Yue subconsciously covered his treasure. Hai Ruyue said in a cold voice, "Don't talk nonsense and practice." "All right, all right, I'll practice." Qi Yue took a look at the sea like the moon, the heart can not help but feel a little proud, he has been hiding his strength in front of the sea like the moon, also did not tell her how far he has progressed, in order to be able to see the sea such as the moon one day in the future surprised to find that he has become strong. As soon as he thought of the possible achievements of mixing pigs and eating tigers, he immediately began to practice happily. Qi Yue closed his eyes,ultrasonic dispersing machine, Hai Ruyue opened his eyes instead, and at the moment Qi Yue closed his eyes, she clearly felt that the breath on the man in front of her had changed from scattered to orderly, and that the breath on his body was full of vitality and domineering, like a huge whirlpool attracting the power of the rising dragon in his body, without deliberately running. The speed of cloud propulsion has increased a lot. Hai Ruyue is the first time such a close observation of Qi Yue, looking at the eyes of this is not outstanding face, she can not help but some confused. Compared with the first meeting, Qi Yue's shoulders seem to be broader and stronger, and his stature gradually becomes taller, making him look more like a man than a boy. Although his appearance is not handsome, but I do not know why, every time I see him, there will be a different feeling, from the beginning of disgust, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, to not so hate, and then to the present habit, he seems to be constantly changing, every time I see him, there will be a new feeling, it seems to be an invisible charm, and Kirin's breath has nothing to do with it. It's just that after the combination of appearance, tone and other characteristics, Qi Yue naturally formed a special charm. Even Hai Ruyue could not tell what kind of feeling it was. She just knew that if she had changed it before, Qi Yue had told her that he wanted to sleep together, I'm afraid he had already started, but now he had no such intention at all. She has begun to pay attention to maintaining the dignity of Qi Yue. Qi Yue did not know all this, he entered the state of practice very quickly, perhaps, this is related to the heart of the ruffian habits. It is obviously much easier to mobilize two cloud forces with your mind than four. When the cloud force completes the cycle of the first cloud cycle in a short time, he has entered the state of meditation. Green, red two rays of light hovering in the body, after using the unicorn arm, until today the fire attribute cloud power and wind attribute cloud power reappeared, but Qi Yue found that the two cloud power recovery speed is very fast, each cloud week will produce clear changes. Kirin eight treasures, all are the treasures of the world, Kirin beads can be ranked third, naturally has his reason. In fact, the auxiliary role of Kirin is not entirely clear, it communicates with Qi Yue's body, with the strength of Qi Yue, the role is also increasing. The next morning, when Qi Yue woke up from his deep sleep, he was surprised to find that his two cloud powers, wind and fire, had recovered 70%. From the wind, fire two kinds of cloud power appear, only a night of time ah! It has only been four or five days since the use of the unicorn arm. Qi Yue did not know that the reason why he was able to blow away the dark level devouring soul with one punch that day was mostly due to the blue sea thunder beads. Because the thunder attribute cloud power and the water attribute cloud power in the body are extremely sufficient, when he uses the unicorn arm, the thunder, the water two kind of cloud power release obviously must be more than the wind, the fire two kind of cloud power. But the thunder cloud strength and the fire cloud strength have the restraint function to the evil attribute energy, therefore only then can let in the panic the dark level devour soul be unable to resist in front of the overbearing unicorn arm. After using the unicorn arm, the nine blue sea thunder beads soon filled up Qi Yue's thunder cloud power and water cloud power, while the wind and cloud power and fire cloud power were released relatively less, so it was still easier to recover. However, as he said, when the strength of the Kirin arm is not enough, it is not only the relationship between cloud power, but also the load on Qi Yue himself. When Hai Ruyue watched Qi Yue eat the fourteenth oil cake, she finally couldn't help opening her mouth, "You must have been a pig in your previous life." Qi Yue was busy stuffing something into his mouth, holding an egg in one hand. "Then what are you?" He asked vaguely? A sow? "Do you want to die?" "Huh?"? I didn't hear you. "Miss," said Uncle Chou to Hai Ruyue in a low voice,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, "will he eat himself bad in this way? He has eaten fourteen fried cakes, nine tea eggs, six bowls of soybean milk and seven bowls of chaos. This is almost the amount of food for seven or eight people. 。 fycgsonic.com