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  • Huang Zicong turned around and walked over slowly: "Actually, I didn't intend to do anything. I just suddenly missed you and came to renew the old with you." Zhou Ruolin saw him lean over and frowned, but did not do anything. Huang Zicong walked up to her and took her hand. Then he put his arms around her waist and said, "As long as you listen to me, I promise I won't hurt Yang Xiwen.". What I'm really interested in is you, ha ha! Huang Zicong's hands swam on Zhou Ruolin's rather full body. Zhou Ruolin frowned more and more deeply: "Huang Zicong, how can you let me go?" "Linlin, don't you understand that I treat you." Huang Zicong said here, his face suddenly showed the color of surprise, his eyes looked behind Zhou Ruolin, suddenly said. How did you wake up so soon? Zhou Ruolin Wen Yan body a meal, heart upset, hurriedly looked back at Yang Xiwen, but saw her still sleeping on the sofa, where to wake up? There was a flicker of doubt in her mind, but she felt something hit her neck so hard that her head suddenly hit forward, her brain seemed to pause suddenly, and her eyes were full of stars. Zhou Ruolin reacted, should be Huang Zicong's hand, just want to turn his head to fight back, her neck artery was again heavily cut by Huang Zicong a knife. Zhou Ruolin only felt black in front of her eyes, and then one. . Unconscious. Fuck Huang Zicong rubbed his palm and scolded, "Why is your neck so hard?" Then,Agate Slabs For Sale, Huang Zicong grabbed Zhou Ruolin's clothes and pulled her up, slapped her twice again, and was completely relieved to see that she was really unconscious. Bitch, how dare you threaten me! Huang Zicong rudely dragged her aside and began to focus on Yang Xiwen. Tut, Yang Xiwen ah Yang Xiwen, you arrogant bird ah, now is not in my hands! Huang Zicong remembered the last time at her birthday party, Yang Xiwen embarrassed him in front of so many people, his face was somewhat ferocious,white marble mosaic, "betrayed by his sister, this taste is very uncomfortable?"? Hey, hey. As far as I know, Han Feng that silly X should not have been on you, is really a waste of natural resources ah, upside down unexpectedly do not want. ***ing! Speaking of the back, Huang Zicong could not help but scold with some jealousy. After scolding, feel to did not scold again satisfy a craving, continue to scold then: ",!" He was so jealous of Han Feng that it seemed that all the favor of God was concentrated on that boy. Huang Zicong stared at Yang Xiwen, on the one hand, he had long coveted her, on the other hand, in order to retaliate against Han Feng, because he believed that his own and family affairs must be done by Han Feng, even if he did not do it, Marble Granite Price ,white marble slabs, but also related to him! Yang Xiwen, who has always been high above the masses, is now lying quietly in front of him. Huang Zicong is particularly excited at the moment. He has been waiting for this moment for a long time! Licking his lips, Huang Zicong walked toward Yang Xiwen. "Xiwen, you can't have anything happen to you!" Han Feng is now driving a Yamaha motorcycle that has just been stolen on the road. He has just received a message from the pirates that someone is going to harm Yang Xiwen. There are phrases such as "drug", "man" and "danger". Han Feng was secretly meeting with Liu Hao, the other side to find him, said there is important information to provide, the results of the two just met not long ago, did not start to talk, pirates sent a message. See the pirate's information, Han Feng where still sit still, said sorry to Liu Hao, then immediately rushed out. He first took out the PDA from his pocket, the GPR function located the location of the pirates, then grabbed a motorcycle on the road and began to move at full speed towards the location of the pirates. The pirate side has the signal to come unceasingly, Han Feng passes through it to come over a few words, also gradually inferred that looks for Yang Xiwen's woman, should be that Zhou Ruolin. Yang Xiwen and Zhou Ruolin are good friends. How can she be in danger at Zhou Ruolin's home? Although Han Feng is very strange, but he absolutely believes that the pirate's information is true, it has not yet reached the level of mischief. As soon as he received the information, he came immediately, but because the distance between the two places was too far, it took him at least half an hour to ride his motorcycle at full speed. Especially, because of his speeding, he also met the traffic police tracking and blocking the road. But now Han Feng can't care so much, ignore them directly, or go straight to the past. Or use their superb driving skills to leave them far behind. Han Feng couldn't wait to fly there. More than half an hour later, Han Feng finally arrived near Zhou Ruolin's home. He aimed the motorcycle directly at a green belt in front of him, and then jumped up. The speed of the motorcycle did not decrease. It hit the green belt and fell to the ground after passing a layer of green belt. After landing, Han Feng ran a few steps forward quickly, slowed down smoothly, then turned and ran directly to the building. Instead of ringing the doorbell, he had already calculated the best way to climb up the building quickly in his mind, and then, like a wild monkey in the deep mountains, he climbed up the balcony smoothly three times and two times. Then he dodged into the open window he had been looking at. He looked up at the watch on his wrist, which showed that the pirate was in the house, and turned his ears to the maximum. He heard a noise in the living room, so he no longer hesitated, took out five silver needles in his hand, and quietly touched the living room downstairs. Just walked halfway, but heard someone send out a pig-killing scream, Han Feng a listen, his face suddenly more livid up, because he recognized, the owner of this scream, it is Huang Zicong who has disappeared for a long time! Chapter 220-The Mystery To Huang Zicong's screams, Han Feng's heart could not help but suddenly sink, what Huang Zicong will appear here, but what kind of person Huang Zizong is, he knows very well. Thinking of the information sent to him by the pirates before,Stone Honeycomb Panel, Han Feng's pace was further accelerated. As soon as Han Feng came out of the stairway, he saw Huang Zicong shouting with his back to himself, and it was Yang Xiwen who was lying on the sofa in front of him.