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  • "Wind and rain, a long song, today can finally be a point of superiority!"! Let's see if it's the flying sword of the Central Demon Sect or the sword fairy of the Emei Sect! Where desolation suddenly burst out with an amazing momentum at this time, and the seven flying swords around him "whoosh" into a string, as if the Milky Way was pouring down, shining with silver light and flying out, and collided with the sword light like seven light dragons after the sad upstream river urged Emei Sword Jue. Intense! A violent collision! Burst out a day of Mars, fierce and incomparable flying sword collision! Seven to seven, fourteen six-order flying swords seem to have the old enmity of past lives and the old enmity of this life. With the momentum of no return, they bring all their strength into full play. Under the command of their masters, they constantly strike each other vertically and horizontally, piercing back and forth. Every stab seems to be a flash of thunder in the clear sky, and every oblique cut seems to be able to split the sky. Every strangulation seemed to be an angry dragon fighting for nine days, which made all the onlookers, together with a group of masters, intoxicated and sweaty. Look, they have a new flying sword! Someone in the crowd exclaimed, but it turned out to be a river of sadness and desolation. They both felt that the pressure on the seven flying swords had reached the extreme, so they did not hesitate to fly out a group of seven flying swords, which converged with the previous seven, and attacked their opponents fiercely. The twenty-eight flying swords were flying in the air at the same time,Slate Wall Panel, and the explosion and sparks caused by the impact of the flying swords were more than twice as violent as before, forcing the onlookers to take two steps back, making the battle circle expand a lot. This is not the end, but a moment of time, two people are continuously increasing the number of flying swords, from twenty-eight to forty-two, and then to fifty-six, seventy,Marble Projects, until two sets of flying swords a total of 126 flying swords were all used by two people, the crowd around has been unable to avoid, unable to retreat, so two people simply rose from the sword. Into the air to continue their duel. The fight in the air is more intense than the battle on the ground. The quality and power of the 126 flying swords are almost the same, and the speed is almost the same. Even compared with the Sword Jue of Emei Creation, which is learned by the Sad River, and the Sword Jue of the Central Demon Sect, which is learned by the Desolate Place, no matter what the grade of the sword Jue is, The level of skill and the power that can be attached to the flying sword are exactly the same, and even the level of free control of two people is the same, which can only be operated by the computer itself. But in this way, those flying swords are at the same level in terms of the change of moves and the power of speed, so although both of them are trying their best to urge the magic power on the sword, stimulate the sword formula, Carrara Marble Slab ,Calacatta Quartz Slab, and even a mouthful of original True Qi can not stop spraying on the sword, until two huge ones are formed on the side of the body. Composed of more than 100 flying swords, the spherical sword cover, which is constantly flashing with sparks and the sound of impact, fights fiercely, but still has no way to defeat the opponent at one stroke and win the final victory. Looking at the moon in the water, she raised her neck to see the cold sweat in her hands, but she could not see whether Sadness could win. Those who had the ability to open their mouths and talk nonsense had already died. She had to turn around and ask herself, who was not very familiar with March 9, "Hey, do you think Sadness can win?" On March 9, he frowned and was quite unhappy with the stiff attitude of the moon in the water. However, he was embarrassed to break out, so he had to reply: "I can't see it for the time being. The strength of the two men is too close. Anyone can win." The eyesight of March 9 is much better than that of ordinary people, and what he said is also true. There is no water at all. However, Mochizuki in the water is concerned about the river of sadness, and she has always been used to being casual. She thought she was now under the protection of her elder brother. After hearing this, she was very dissatisfied and said casually without scruple: "Aren't you talking nonsense?" An idiot can tell which of them is likely to win. Humph, it's useless! As soon as these words came out, his face changed again on March 9, but the moon in the water no longer looked at him, but continued to look nervously at the river of sadness in the sky. "Well, this woman is really." Worried about the identity of Mochizuki in the water, on March 9, I pressed down the anger in my heart, thinking that if the three alliances didn't have a big plot, I would kill you with this attitude. ::,! On the ninth day of the third month, while talking to the moon in the water. The air form changed again, but the two men saw that the flying sword could not help each other, and used another powerful stunt in their respective sects. They rubbed and released their hands, threw out a large area of extremely violent thunder and fire, and hit each other fiercely. The Central Demon Sect and the Emei Sect are not only excellent in swordsmanship, but also extremely powerful in thunder. In addition to the Kunlun Sect's thunder, they are tied for the second place in all sects of the world. They are also very proficient in thunder. At this time, where is desolate, they throw out a lot of white innate Taiyi God thunder, while where is desolate, they use the black Nine Secret Demon Thunder. Two kinds of mutually reinforcing thunder and fire constantly collided and exploded in the gap of the spherical sword cover, and the black and white light kept shining in the light of the sword. I don't know how many times the two men fired thunder and fire, but they didn't even hurt their opponents at all. It's just that in this situation, Hugh sees that both of them have only consumed a lot of magic power until now, and they haven't been hurt at all. It seems that they have done useless work for a long time. In fact, they are not. These two people now seem to be walking face to face on a wire rope on the cliff. No matter who they are, they have done their best to resist the attack of their opponents. If you want to keep a point of strength or add a point of strength, you can't get it. If you want to win, you have to clench your teeth and hold on, hoping that your opponent can't hold on first-as long as one person can't hold on first, or the other person can exert a little more strength,grey marble slab, then the balance of power will be broken, and the weak side will be strangled by the common strength of both sides, and die a miserable and sad death.