Bad star

  • Bright eyes, moist lips, small nose bridge, and gentle eyebrows. That kind of gentle temperament, people can not help but want to severely ravage after seeing it. Broken army some strange thought, before how can feel the fog long ordinary? I don't know how attractive such a face would be when it was moved on him. The broken army thought so, and the hardness of his crotch could not help but grow up again. Xuanyuan Xiaguang could not help but hum out, her face that kind of absence of expression, immediately let the fog hidden in the heart of a burst of envy. Wu Yin felt that she was in a very strange situation, she did not know what was going on with her, her body was feverish for no reason, and her mood became a little impatient. She remembered the appearance of the animals she had seen before when they were in spring, and she now looked very similar to those animals when they were in spring. Wu Yin thought strangely, is this because her estrus is coming? A scream interrupted the fog hidden thoughts, she hurriedly looked for the sound, but only saw Xuanyuan Xiaguang powerless collapse in the water, originally she was unable to bear the passion of the broken army, after the end of the past actually fainted. Seeing this, she felt like a kitten in her heart,White Marble Mosaic, and she almost didn't want to show her figure and walk into the water. Fog hidden is the guardian God beast, although she has turned into a human form, but after all, is different from human beings, think of what to do. After waiting for broken army to place Xuan yuan Xia Guang, she says bluntly: "I also want you to do the same thing to me like good." There was a trace of curiosity in her expression, and more firmness and stubbornness. Confused by this beautiful look,Porcelain Marble Slabs, Po Jun gently pulled Wu Yin into his arms and whispered, "As you wish, my baby." Wu Yin quickly took off his clothes and rudely pulled off the bath towel around the waist of the broken army. After seeing his behemoth, Fog could not help but gasp. The broken army was almost overwhelmed by her lovely expression, and the weapon under his crotch stood up even more proudly. After a burst of tenderness and caress, the fog was panting, and there was a trace of confusion in his eyes. She felt the broken army marching into her body, and though it was painful, she didn't want him to stop. Wu Yin was puzzled by her reaction, but she imitated the appearance of Xuanyuan Xiaguang and wrapped her body tightly around the broken army. When the heat wave came, the hot spring water kept making a "rushing" sound, like playing some music. Wu Yin felt that he was gradually floating up, and even had the feeling of flying away from the world. The broken army felt her path tighten, Grey Marble Slab ,Artificial Marble Slabs, he quickened his body, a thick and hot liquid spurted out of the misty flower pot, and then the broken army released himself into her body. A surge of energy along the two combined parts of the broken army into the body, originally in his body to ride roughshod over the force of the canthus, instantly by this energy into the most basic particles. The two gray currents in the broken army felt the energy and sent out a message of joy. In just a moment, their strength is more than ten times stronger than before. The primordial spirit in his body, which had not yet recovered, radiated a compelling brilliance in an instant. A burst of surprise in the heart of the broken army, he understood that all this should be inseparable from the fog. Between the mist, the two white and tender arms of the mist were looming, so that he could not help but see the index finger move again. When the broken army's eyes fell on her face, she was slightly stupefied. The broken army is used to seeing all kinds of beauties, and now there are not many women who can make him stunned. Fog hidden face or her original face in the same facial features, but there is a different charm, originally she is like the roadside everywhere small white flowers, at most people feel very comely, and become a woman's fog hidden, but a little more lazy temperament, the whole person is emitting a dazzling brilliance. Perhaps her appearance does not have any characteristics, but other people stand beside her, but there is no sense of existence. People can't even notice her existence, so how can they care about the beauty and ugliness of her appearance. For the first time, the broken army knew that beauty was not divided into appearance. He gently lifted the mist from the water and carefully dried the drops of water on her body. As for how to place the fog hidden, he did not think for a moment. There was only one super bed in the house they lived in now, and it was absolutely impossible for the broken army to let the fog hide in the water, so he could only put the sleeping fog and Xuanyuan Xiaguang on the same bed. He couldn't imagine how the two beauties on the bed would react when they woke up. Thinking of the possible consequences, he simply left the two of them here and walked out of the room without mentioning it. At this time, the highest sky was already in the middle of the moon, and the broken army carefully felt the flow of the two strange gray gases in his body. He did not know exactly when the two currents appeared, as if they had been in his body since they used the void to devour and absorb all the energy in Ksitigarbha's body. He had never quite understood what the two currents did, but now that he had nothing to do, he could study them carefully. Unconsciously, the broken army gradually came to the vicinity of the hide-and-seek forest. He looked at the boundless forest and suddenly thought of Lao Jiao. With only his soul left, he stayed in this place all the time, and he turned his body into a pearl and knocked it into the golden scissors. After thinking about it, the broken army marched with firm steps to the area where the broad was located in the depths of the forest. He still coiled his body on the branch as before, and he was still lifeless and unable to lift any spirit. Seeing this, Po Jun felt a little sad. He sat under the tree and said in a low voice, "I went to the cemetery of the ancient gods and saw your body. It's just that there was an accident, so I couldn't bring your body back. I'm sorry." When he heard the broken army say that he had gone to the tomb of the ancient gods, he fell down from the tree in surprise. But at this time he was already in the state of soul, so he could not stir up even a little dust. After thinking about it,Agate Slabs Countertops, Po Jun took out the golden scissors from his body. He pointed to the pearl on the golden scissors and said, "This pearl is made from your body, but I may not be able to return it to you now." 。