The Villain's Wife Dressed as an Overlord

  • Her voice directly made Wanlixun's eyebrows stand up. She pulled her collar back and opened the car door and stuffed her in. Before closing the door, she dropped a ferocious sentence: "The year your mother gave birth to you, she had a difficult birth and ascended to heaven!"! Eat your father's big pig's feet! Mu Xiaotu never thought that the mother of this body was already gone. She wiped away her tears in an instant and quickly rolled things over in her mind. First of all, she can not tell Wanli Xun she is Mu Xiaotu, otherwise it is estimated that he will continue to pursue the matter of commercial espionage, she has not yet figured out what the situation is? So it seems that her own body is unconscious at present is also a good thing, can temporarily escape a disaster, before she does not understand, can not go back, and with her mother's King Kong Dharma, she should not have to worry about the real organ dealers to plot against themselves. Secondly, she had to get a sum of money first. Xia Manxi Nima looked bright and beautiful, but in fact she was a poor man. She didn't know where her clothes came from. Originally, she wanted to find out where Xia Manxi's parents were in a few days. She couldn't go home and cry poor. Now, when she heard that her mother had ascended to heaven, her father still had a lot of debts. Forget it. Excuse me! At present, the most urgent task is to solve the problem of survival, so when Mu Xiaotu learned that Wanlixun was going to divorce himself,pietra gray marble, he was so excited that he could not control himself. This divorce is not marriage, but RMB! She couldn't wait to tell Chen Lanhua about the smoke in her ancestral grave. So when Wanlixun got on the bus, Muxiaotu raised his long legs and pretended to be calm. In fact, he asked anxiously: "General Manager Wan, I mean …" Xun, after careful consideration, I think it's really necessary for us to divorce. Since our feelings for each other have faded,Calacatta Nano Glass, we don't have to wait until three months. Short pain is better than long pain. It's better to hit the sun than to choose a day. I'm just free tomorrow. Or you see, we're going to do it? Wanlixun suddenly turned sideways, holding the steering wheel with one hand and putting his hand on the back of the co-driver's seat at will. The narrow space made Muxiaotu a little flustered and leaned against the door. I heard Wan Lixun's voice saying, "Ah Xun?" Mu Xiaotu heart a surprised, is not Xia Manxi usually do not call him, then how to call? Weakly, she turned her head sideways and shouted tentatively, "Husband?"? Darling? Dear? Little Zhuangzhuang? What the hell is Xiao Zhuangzhuang? Wanlixun gradually narrowed his eyes, and the look in his eyes was like an X-ray, which made Muxiaotu nervous for no reason! She leaned her back against the car door and looked at him with a defensive face. Wanli Xun's eyes were like his own beautiful pupil line, and his thick eyelashes were as deep as Asian hybrids. In fact, Mu Xiaotu wanted to know if his blood was pure? But the atmosphere at this moment does not seem to be suitable for small talk. Wanlixun just stared at her inquisitively for a while, then straightened his back and started the car again, Granite Slab Supplier ,Silver Travertine Slabs, saying, "My grandmother will celebrate her ninetieth birthday in three months, and I will implement this as soon as possible." Mu Xiaotu pulled the seat belt and muttered, "How much money can I get then?" Wanlixun said in a cold voice, "You can't get a dime. The property before marriage has been notarized. I thought it was clear when you got married." "Shrimp?" Mu Xiaotu suddenly felt dizzy, in front of ten thousand grass mud horses galloping past, the great joy and sorrow of life is really exciting! It seems that she still has to find a way to go back, at least to gnaw on the old or something. After getting home, Wan Lixun left her at the gate of the mansion and drove into the garage. As soon as Mu Xiaotu came in with his shoulders hanging down, Aunt Wang stood at the door and said, "Madam, you're back at last. Mr. Wan said he just asked you for a divorce. You can't bear it for a while. You're too sad.." “……” I hurt your sister. I've never seen such a narcissistic person. She shuffled listlessly past Aunt Wang and suddenly remembered something and turned to stare at her. "Let me ask you, what kind of person does Mr. Wan hate most?" Aunt Wang thought for a moment and said, "Sir, I hate people who are immoral and have bad conduct." Mu Xiaotu immediately rekindled his confidence and patted Aunt Wang heavily on the shoulder. He had a long way to go and clenched his fist: "I will try to be that kind of person.". ” Aunt Wang was so frightened that she shivered and thought she had auditory hallucinations. Muxiaotu ran upstairs excitedly and felt that he had learned a new skill. He rushed into the room happily and began to take off his clothes and take a bath. In the middle of the bath, the door of the room was knocked. Muxiaotu ran to open the door in a hurry, wrapped in a bath towel, and saw Wanlixun standing in the doorway in a navy blue flannel nightgown. His short and thin broken hair was a little wet. His long eyelashes were slightly raised, and the fragrance of the bath came through the crack of the door. Mu Xiaotu said in a panic, "Wait a minute. I'm not dressed." As soon as the voice fell, Wanli Xun stretched out his hand to push the door and slowly walked in. Muxiao Rabbit was only wrapped in a bath towel. His slender and well-proportioned legs were white and shining. Under his perfect collarbone, the shadow was full of bewitching taboos. His nose was slightly wrinkled, and his face was too frightened. Wan Lixun did not let go of any expression on her face and heard her voice trembling and saying, "What are you doing here?" Wanli Xun sat at the end of the bed with a calm face, patted his side, thin lips slightly pursed out a pondering radian, so he looked at Muxiao Rabbit. Mu Xiaotu is nervous and afraid. The whole person is going to be a mess. I didn't expect General Manager Wan's beast. Desire comes so suddenly. She is now occupying the body of Xia Manxi. Isn't it normal for General Manager Wan to circle with his wife? How can she refuse? If she refuses now, will General Manager Wan think that she says no, but her body is honest? The key is that she can't be honest. She has no experience in this field. If Xia Manxi lives well and has strong skills, then she will go up. The bed is exposed. 。 Just half a minute, Mu Xiaotu's face showed red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, and the atmosphere was eerily awkward for a moment. Wanlixun has been staring at her, that kind of visual strong sense of oppression, so that Muxiaotu gritted his teeth, slipped into bed into the quilt, and then threw the bath towel out of the quilt, a death-defying expression lying on the bed with his eyes closed and shouted: "Come on!" Wanli Xun stood up from the end of the bed and watched her quietly,Agate Stone Price, one second, two seconds, three seconds.