The 70's life with space to eat and drink

  • "Oh, it's so obvious that you have to guess!"! Must be brought by that man, Ling Jiao has such a foxy face, that man can not be fascinated to death? "She must have brought everything to her house," a woman exclaimed. "A good-looking one is really not a good thing!"! "Oh, no wonder, I think last time that wild boar is also a man to send it, otherwise she is a woman, a little bit of strength, can fight the wild boar?" As soon as sister-in-law Lin patted her thigh, she opened her mouth and came. "When you say that, I think it's very possible, otherwise you can't be so generous to give us something to eat." "It must be generous to get it in vain. Even if you send it out, it's not your own thing!" "Losing money, such a cheap woman should be immersed in a pig cage!" "Soak the pig cage?"? Are you stupid? Now it's called free love, and the object can be their own place! "But I don't dare to have a daughter-in-law like Ling Jiao. If I marry her, I won't know how much face I'll lose!" "Who says no?"! I have to go back and tell my son and husband to stay away from this fox spirit, otherwise it will be difficult to get into a coquettish way! "That's the reason." It was getting late, and the gossip had been received, and the people scattered to their homes. So, from that night, the village began to spread a rumor: Ling Jiao a person can not bear loneliness, to hook a man at home! The married men in the village began to be watched by the women in the family, in their words, in case they were hooked up by the Ling fox spirit. Those who have a son of the right age are also strictly forbidden to stay away from Ling Jiao. If they are found to go up, the family will punish them, such as not giving them food to eat, and the girls are not allowed to play with Ling Jiao, so as not to be corrupted and have a bad reputation, and they will not be able to get married later. For a time, Ling Jiao became the representative of indiscretions in the eyes of women in Yunshan Village. But those loafers, men who can't get a wife, are beginning to stir in their hearts! Of course, these Ling Jiao do not know, even if she knows, she probably does not care, as long as she did not come to her door to look for trouble, disturbing her quiet life. When Ling Jiao came back from watering the vegetable field, she saw that the pheasant had been handled by Yu Zhan, the scallion, ginger, garlic, and sweet potatoes were all washed clean and put in the basin, the stove was on fire, and there was a pot of hot water in the pot. Ling Jiao praised Yu Zhan in her heart for doing things thoroughly and carefully. While there is hot water in the pot, would you like to take a bath first and then cook? Yu Zhan, sitting in front of the stove, asked. He had never been with a girl, and he had always lived with the rough men in the team. I didn't notice whether it would be offensive to say such a thing as taking a bath in this age. And Ling Jiao, with the thoughts of later generations, did not care much. Okay, I'll take a shower first. You boil another pot of hot water, and you can clean it when I cook. Ling Jiao is also not polite, explained well, then turned to look for clothes to go. Yu Zhan looked at Ling Jiao who went out, her back was tightly attached to her body by sweaty clothes, and her slender waist was as thin as a palm. Quickly do not open your eyes, ears in the stove under the reflection of the fire, red as if to drop blood. Ling Jiao, facial recognition thermometer , who had taken a bath, rushed Yu Zhan to take a bath and began to prepare dinner. In the evening, I ate stewed chicken with Dictyophora and sweet potato rice, which seemed not appetizing enough. Ling Jiao planned to fry another spicy mustard. Stewed chicken with Dictyophora, Ling Jiao used pheasant, winter bamboo shoots, Dictyophora and ginger. First, put the chicken and chicken in a clay pot, add enough water, boil over high heat, skim the foam, then turn to medium heat and simmer. After half an hour, add the sliced winter bamboo shoots and continue to simmer over medium heat. Remove the Dictyophora soaked in light salt and cold water, cut it into long sections, then put it into the almost stewed chicken soup, turn to low heat and continue to simmer for about ten minutes. Put the chicken soup to continue stewing, Ling Jiao will have been processed mustard into boiling water, then scoop up the cold water after cooling and chopping; hot oil in the wok, put the scallion, ginger, garlic and pepper into the stir-fry until fragrant, add mustard stir-fry, then add seasonings, an appetizing spicy mustard is ready! Delicious and tempting, mixed porridge and rice are appetizers! "Eat!" Ling Jiao brought the stewed bamboo shoot chicken soup to the table in the hall and called Yu Zhan, who was cooling his clothes outside. Okay, I'll be right there. "Then Yu Zhan quickly hung out his clothes and went to the kitchen to help with the bowls and chopsticks and carry things." Today's Dictyophora stewed chicken is very fragrant. You can taste it. As soon as the lid of the pottery pot is lifted, the fragrance of Dictyophora is accompanied by the meat fragrance of pheasant and the fresh fragrance of winter bamboo shoots. Ling Jiao filled Yu Zhan with a bowl of stewed chicken with bamboo fungus. Very fresh and delicious, "Yu Zhan really praised, this period of time with Ling Jiao's feeding of all kinds of good things, Yu Zhan has felt that he has gained a lot of weight, the wound is almost good." Delicious to eat more, tube enough "for their own cooking was praised, Ling Jiao is really happy." "I want to say something to you," Yu Zhan looked at because of drinking hot soup, the face became more ruddy Ling Jiao to hide the depth of the fundus. "Well, you say," Ling Jiao swallowed the soup in her mouth and looked at Yu Zhan. Today, a middle-aged woman suddenly broke in, as if she was looking for you, but when I asked her what was wrong, she said she had gone wrong and left. But I look at the look in her eyes, feeling not good, afraid that she will give you trouble, "Yu Zhan will tell Ling Jiao things carefully, tightly staring at her face, afraid to miss a look." Puff, do not need to care about her, soldiers will block the water to cover, as long as not to disturb my life, care about her, "Ling Jiao looked at Yu Zhan that nervous look, funny.". She didn't care who broke in. She could also imagine the woman's reaction afterwards, and probably went out to gossip about her. She has always had a lot of gossip in the village, and more women have scolded her for being a fox spirit. However, she is not a person, the mouth is also long on others, she will not be angry for these, that is simply abuse themselves. Eat quickly, or it will be cold and not delicious. You see, Xiao Bai is almost finished eating. Yu Zhan did not know what the indescribable emotion in his heart was, and his eyes were imprinted with that face, saying, "Good." Chapter 24 "Ding-Dictyophora Stewed Chicken, Spicy Mustard Mission Completed!"! Rewards have been distributed! The system sounds.