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  • From a distance, I saw a slender figure competing with the wind and rain, her hair was blown out, her skirt was also crazy, as if it could be blown away at any time, but she was still stubbornly walking forward step by step. Another gust of wind passed through, and Qingzhi did not notice it for a moment, and the umbrella in his hand was swept away. She wanted to chase her, but the heavy rain drenched her mercilessly, so she had to hide under the tree first. Qingzhi looked longingly at the umbrella, not knowing whether he should pick it up or not. Finally, the wind rolled her umbrella farther away, and even if she wanted to pick it up, she couldn't. Green Gardenia was pitifully encircling her chest, and her body was almost soaked through, but her upper body was better. A black luxury car came out of the rainy night and slowly stopped in front of Qingzhi. Qingzhi retreated to make way for him, but the car did not continue to move forward. Where is your home? I'll take you. The window was lowered to reveal Mu Yan's iconic ascetic face. The author has something to say: Green Gardenia: Not to be envied is a mediocrity! Chapter 4 "Getting on the Bus" Ji Hong has not yet recovered from the shock, just the boss told him to stop, and now let an unknown girl get on the bus, this is simply too mysterious. He has been with his boss for several years, but he has never seen him care so much about any woman except the elders in his family. He glanced curiously from the rearview mirror, saw the appearance of Qingzhi, and breathed. Could it be. Is it because the other person is too good-looking? In the past,smart whiteboard price, the vulgar powder could not get into the eyes of the boss, but now when you meet a girl like a fairy, you will treat her differently? Green Gardenia raised his eyes, but did not move, very hesitant. Mr. Mu, I can myself. "Get in the car." Without waiting for her to finish, Mu Yan interrupted her directly, his tone full of command and unquestionable. If someone else spoke to Qingzhi in such a commanding tone, she would certainly be very unhappy,thermal imaging camera, but Mu Yan's words were exactly what she wanted. Progress plus one percent! Just now she felt the light of the headlights and deliberately loosened the umbrella, just gambling. She noticed Mu Yan's action of extinguishing the cigarette and guessed that although he was indifferent, he was still a gentleman. Now look, she won the bet! Green Zhi deliberately hesitated for three seconds, nibbled his lower lip, revealing a little thin shellfish teeth, and looked in the direction of the umbrella being blown away, but there was no chance to pick it up. Then he thanked Mu Yan in a low voice and shyly: "Thank you, Mr. Mu, for your trouble." If she refuses again, she will really be hypocritical, and she will lose this opportunity. She should grasp the degree of reserve and affectation. Perhaps because her clothes were a little cold after being wet by the rain, her face was a little paler than before, and she was so delicate that she could not help giving birth to a desire for protection, and it was easy to satisfy a man's self-esteem. After getting on the bus, Qingzhi leaned against the window and put a fat man of two hundred catties away from Mu Yan. His hair was wet and sticky on his face, digital signage kiosk ,interactive kiosk price, and he pulled it up behind his ears one by one. The light inside the car was dim, and the side face of Qingzhi softened a little under the light. Her movements were very natural and serious, but when her green and white fingers and black hair were interspersed together, there was a kind of ambiguity. Suddenly, her eyes darkened, and she was covered by something on top of her head. She reached out and touched it. It was a towel. Mu Yan gave it to her. Ji Hong saw his boss's movements in the rearview mirror and was surprised again. He never gave his personal belongings to others. Although it was new and unused, it was too good for the girl! Green Gardenia took off the towel on her head and covered her body. She turned to look at Mu Yan. At first, she was stunned. When she understood, her starry eyes were filled with gratitude. Her lips curved with a shallow radian, revealing two small pear vortexes on her cheeks. "Thank you, Mr. Mu." The most she says to him now is thank you! Mu Yan nodded to show that she knew and asked her first words after she got on the bus, "address." Qingzhi instantly understood that he was asking for the address of his home, and she struggled for a moment, or chose to tell the truth. Ningkong Community, Jianye Road. This is the house she rented. It's a medium neighborhood. The facilities are safe. She sold the old house and planned to buy an apartment here for her mother to live in, but the plan could not catch up with the change. After Mu Yan asked, he stopped talking and looked at something with his tablet. The cold light of the screen shone directly on his face, illuminating his excessively good-looking face, which was as cold as a perfect sculpture. From the angle of Qingzhi, you can just see the sharp lines of his side face. The sideburns are cut like a knife, the brow bone is slightly convex, the eye sockets are slightly deeper than ordinary people, and there are two points of mixed taste; the bridge of the nose is straight, the cheeks are thin, the thin lips are slightly pursed, the line of the lower jaw is clear, clean and neat, showing a momentum that does not reveal itself, and then down, there are sexy Adam's apple and broad shoulders. This appearance is enough to kill the little fresh meat in the entertainment circle, not to mention that he has the identity of Mu's heir. He deserves to be known as the "national husband"! Green Gardenia took a look and took back his sight, wiping his hair carefully with a towel. Embarrassed to wipe off her skirt, she only wiped her upper body, then covered her shoulders with a towel to keep warm, and sat quietly as a vase without popularity. The space inside the car is not narrow, but if there is no girl's fragrance, it always comes up. Mu Yan used to hate the fragrance of women, but unexpectedly did not hate the fragrance of jasmine. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the girl sitting aside wrapped in a towel, her eyelids slowly drooping, her thick and beautiful eyelashes fluttering like butterfly wings. Seeing that she was about to close her eyes, the next moment she suddenly opened them again, trying to stare at them so that she would not fall asleep, but her eyes were still confused. It's a little vigilant! And a little.. Cute! Green Zhi is really a little sleepy, but not to this point, but by the way to play a big brother to see, she saw on the Internet a boy said to see his girlfriend doze off in class is very cute. She didn't know if it was really cute, but it must be cute for her to do it. In the evening, there were fewer cars, and in less than an hour, the driver sent Qingzhi to the gate of the community. It was raining cats and dogs just now,face recognition identification, but now it has cleared up. The weather in summer is changeable, and Qingzhi is very grateful for such impermanence. Qingzhi got out of the car and bowed gently to Mu Yan in a light tone. "Thank you, Mr. Mu." 。